why can’t i unblock someone on instagram

why can't i unblock someone on instagram

Did you block someone by mistake on Instagram?

Maybe you blocked a member of your team inadvertently or wanted to prevent someone from receiving notifications of your posts for a while

Regardless of the reason, this post will help you answer the following questions:

How to unblock someone on Instagram

How to unblock someone on Instagram from pc

To unblock an account from the computer, follow these steps:

1. Enter the Instagram website from the browser
2. Log into your Instagram account
3. Enter the search bar
4. Enter the account’s username or the person’s name

Be careful! Instagram can show the account as unavailable. In this case, you have to unblock the account from the Instagram application
instagram profile where the blue button is shown to unblock someone
instagram profile where the search bar is displayed

5. Select Unblock and confirm that you really want to unblock that user

6. Done! Now you can follow the account you just unlocked

What happens if you unblock someone on Instagram?

When you unblock an account on Instagram, the restrictions associated with blocking someone are lifted.

The account will again be able to:

  • ✔- Find you in the IG search engine
  • ✔- Send you direct messages
  • ✔- View your posts and stories
  • ✔- Follow you again (but this will not happen automatically)

Clarification: The account will not be notified when you unlock it.

If you have previously received MDs, and then unlock it, the thread of all messages received will appear again.

How to unblock someone on Instagram from your phone

◾ Option 1

  1. Touch the Search icon (🔎), in the bottom bar of your profile
  2. Enter the Accounts tab and type the username
  3. Press the blue “Unblock” button
  4. Now you can see the user’s profile and decide if you want to follow it or not

unblock a user from the mobile

◾ Option 2

  1. Enter your Instagram profile (👤)
  2. Touch the button with the 3 lines in the upper right corner of your profile
  3. Enter “Settings
    why can't i unblock someone on instagram
  4. Select “Privacy
    why can't i unblock someone on instagram
  5. Touch “Blocked accounts
    How to unblock on Instagram
  6. Double tap on the account you are interested in unblocking
    How to Unblock someone on Instagram
  7. Touch the blue “Unlock Button”
    How to Unblock someone on Instagram

After Click On blue button unblock Your Blocked instagram Account Is Unblocked Now,

Can I see a list of all the profiles that I have blocked on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram keeps a list of all the profiles that you have blocked.

To access the list, follow the steps explained in the previous point ( Option 2 )

Atenti! You can only see this list from your mobile, as it is not available in the web version of IG.

How long does it take to unblock someone?

Instagram will unblock the user almost instantly.

Depending on internet speed and server load, it may take a few seconds, but not much longer.

After unlocking someone, do I have to follow them again to receive updates?

If you have blocked someone on Instagram and have also unfollowed them, you will not see their new posts or stories, unless you enter their profile and follow them again.

You also cannot follow a locked account until you have unlocked it.

To follow an account again after it has been unblocked:

  1. Enter the user’s profile
  2. Touch the blue button “Follow”

This can be done both from the computer and from your mobile.

Can I unblock or delete blocked accounts that no longer exist?

Depending on whether you do it from the app or on the website, you may not be able to unblock Instagram profiles that have deleted you since you blocked them.

Their names will appear in your Blocked Users list without the possibility of interacting with them.


If you can’t do it, try entering the Instagram application from a different platform (Android, website or iOS)

Another thing you can do is report suspicious accounts and activity to Instagram:

1. Touch the 3 dots in the right corner of your profile
2. Choose Report > as spam or inappropriate content

What is a restricted account

It’s an IG option that protects you from unwanted interactions without having to block or unfollow people you know.

Note: The account will not be notified when you include it in “Restricted accounts”

How does it work

  1. When you apply a constraint, temporarily limit the interaction with an account
  2. Only you and the restricted account will be able to see the comments that said account makes on your posts
  3. You can approve comments from said account individually, and they will be visible to everyone.
  4. Your activity status is hidden
  5. You will not be able to see when you are connected or if you have read their messages,
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