Which is better for beginners WordPress or Blogger (2022)

Which is better for beginners WordPress or Blogger

In the past, when it comes to creating a blog, of course it is very complicated and can only be done by programmers. But in this growing era, there are now many blog platforms to choose from so that anyone can have a personal blog. It’s just that if asked to choose, obviously there are two platforms that are most popular and often compared, namely Blogspot or WordPress.

Before comparing which one is better between Blogspot or WordPress as an online writing platform, you certainly have to know at a glance about these two platforms. Blogspot, which is currently known as Blogger, is a blog publishing service developed by Pyra Labs and officially purchased by Google in 2003.

Meanwhile, WordPress is an open-source CMS ( Content Management System ) that can be accessed free of charge. Introduced on May 27, 2003, this platform controls the world CMS market by more than 60%. There are two services offered, namely WordPress.com with hosted free and WordPress.org which is self-hosted.

For those of you who are learning how to create a blog from scratch, it’s good to know which one is superior to Blogspot or WordPress. Like what? Here’s the full review!

Strengths and Weaknesses of Blogger or Blogspot

Which is better for beginners WordPress or Blogger

The main advantage that makes Blogspot very suitable for beginner bloggers is that you don’t have to bother paying for hosting fees, aka a place to store blog content . Why? Because Google, as the owner of Blogger, eliminates hosting services with a maximum capacity of 15GB. Just make a Gmail account, you can directly access Blogger.

Because you already get free hosting from Google, you just have to buy a domain if you want to convert your blog to a TLD ( Top Level Domain ). To be able to use Blogspot, you don’t need to be confused, because the settings are so simple that you can even post articles from your cellphone.

Finally, the advantage of Blogspot is that it is very easy to monetize. Again, because it is a Google platform, you can install AdSense without being complicated. Thanks to Google too, Blogspot users benefit greatly from smooth loading performance and of course security.

Meanwhile, from the shortcomings, Blogspot is very weak in terms of customization. The absence of plugins makes Blogspot content often inferior in terms of SEO. Even the absence of a maintenance feature makes you have to understand HTML so you can modify the appearance of the blog .

Pros and Cons of WordPress

Which is better for beginners WordPress or Blogger

Switching to WordPress, of course, the main advantage of this CMS is that you can have full control because you are required to rent a hosting service if you use a TLD domain . But because of that hosting, WordPress storage capacity can be really spacious and spacious. There are thousands of plugins that can be used to create quality content.

WordPress authorship editor which is much more complex than Blogspot makes you much more comfortable and maximal when writing. Not to mention that the dashboard appearance is more professional and elegant, making WordPress very suitable for online business managers.

However, because it takes more budget to buy a domain as well as rent hosting , the budget for creating a blog on the WordPress platform is indeed more expensive, but of course the quality of the templates provided is much more diverse and attractive. If WordPress uses a quality hosting service , it’s clear that its performance could be more satisfying than Blogspot.

So, how? Can you decide which one to choose between Blogspot or WordPress? The point is that each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. You just need to adjust to the needs and abilities of the budget, then stay consistent in producing quality content to be a successful professional blogger.

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