What to Look for in Earbuds? 5 Things to Know

What to Look for in Earbuds? 5 Things to Know

Earbuds, the tiny gadgets available to amplify entertainment and music experience, are one of the best things you can have in your digital toolkit. When buying a pair of earbuds, you probably consider five major aspects – brand, design, quality, color, and price. 

You may or may not consider all these aspects when buying earbuds, but some of them are vital to getting an amazing device. However, being an intelligent buyer, you might not always consider brand or design to be the major aspects. 

So, what are the things that you must keep in mind while purchasing earbuds and top-up entertainment? Let’s find out below.

Earbud Specifications

When looks, price, and brand doesn’t really matter, quality is the only feature that you cannot neglect. The earbuds you invest in must be of good quality; make sure to check the specification displayed on the product packaging. 

When purchasing earbuds for Apple products, check compatibility to ensure you won’t get issues with macbook sound later. 

Also, when buying online, don’t forget to read through all the details and visit the manufacturer’s website for clarity. Some of the specifications that you need to know about earbuds are:

  • Sensitivity

The sensitivity feature implicates “how loud your earbuds can go.” These specifications show how electric signals will be transformed into acoustic signals. The sensitivity is measured in SPL (Sound Pressure Level). Pick earbuds with mid-level sensitivity for a safe purchase. 

  • Impedance

The level of opposition that a circuit provides on applying voltage. The higher the impedance, the lower will be the flow of current. To achieve the best sound quality, make sure that the impedance of the source must match the impedance of the earbuds. 

  • Drivers

The drivers are responsible for creating the sound inside the device by turning the electrical signals to the sound pressure. Therefore, the larger the drivers, the better will be the sound quality. 

Drivers are the key components that boost bass, treble, and mids to deliver an outstanding audio experience. 

  • Frequency Response

The FR value or the frequency response is measured in Hz (Hertz), which is the range of audio frequency that the earbuds are capable of repeating. 

Understanding the frequency response will enable you to pick the right earbuds. Buy low bass frequency if you are fond of listening to music with a lot of basses. 



The cost of earbuds varies depending on the brand, design, and technology it integrates. You will get a lot of variety at a low price, but you must ignore it. 

Due to budget constraints, if you are not able to purchase a high-end earbud, go for mid-range models that you will get at a reasonable price.  

Good wireless earbuds come at a price and deliver an unmatched sound quality that amplifies your listening experience. 

You will get a high-density battery that will give you hours of backup. With a little more spending, you will get more durable, reliable, and sturdy earbuds with a decent feature set.


Since you are planning to buy BlueTooth earbuds, an understanding of the codec is important. 

A codec is a component that determines how the audio signals will be transmitted via BlueTooth. The codec encodes and decodes digital signals to ensure reliable and faster wireless audio transmission. 

Most cheap wireless earbuds support a low-complexity subband codec (SBC), where the frequencies are divided into multiple bands. 

The process is time-consuming and delays audio transmission from source to earbuds. High-end earbuds support codecs, including LDAC 900, aptX, and aptX HD that are considered better than SBC due to faster bitrate and lower latency. 



When you are purchasing earbuds, the design matters to most users. These compact devices come in many designs, sizes, and shapes; it’s important to pick the right one that best fits your needs. 

Some of them include silicone ear-tips, while some are a snug fit. The new AirPod Pro comes with silicone ear-tips and integrates noise-cancellation features. 

Having control built-in into the wireless BlueTooth earbuds gives you sheer comfort while listening to the music, as you can adjust the sound right from the earbuds. 

Some high-end earbuds allow you to give voice commands, adjust volume, and receive voice calls easily. On receiving a call, some earbud models automatically pause the music so that you can easily shift to the call. 

Noise Cancellation 

Noise cancellation is a must-have feature, but only a few models sport it truly. 

The feature cuts down the outside disturbances and turns down the volume to a comfortable and enjoyable level to give you an ultimate listening experience. You feel isolated from the world while listening to music or attending a call. 

Wireless earbuds are a great accessory that you must include in your gadget list as it gives you the comfort and control you need to enjoy music to the fullest. 

One major advantage is that you don’t have to deal with the wires and can easily move around in proximity. They are ultimate devices that add comfort and flexibility when you exercise or travel.