What Good Can A Refurbished Laptop Bring to You

If you’re not ready to cash in your money, you’ll have no option but to buy an entry-level laptop with basic features. However, that’s not the end of the road—a refurbished laptop is a good find for your budget purchase. These laptops are available at a fraction of what you would pay for a new laptop with the same specifications. 

Besides affordability, refurbished laptops have many other benefits. They have better specifications for the same price or even less. They are also environment-friendly and offer warrant protection.

This article outlines what goods you should expect from a refurbished laptop. Read through.

What Is a Renewed Laptop? Are They the Same as Refurbished Laptops?

Renewed and refurbished laptops are usually used interchangeably by many people. However, they differ slightly—in the process of bringing them to the market for sale.

Renewed laptops are laptops that a manufacturer or a third party upgrades to meet the standard of its equivalence in the market. The components may be original or third from third parties. After upgrading, the team conducts a thorough professional inspection to ascertain if they function correctly. They repair any defective parts and perform a full diagnostic test before supplying the laptop to the market. 

On the other hand, refurbished laptops are the laptops that the manufacturer or third party repairs, restores, and later supplies to the market for sale. Any defective component, be it a hard disk, battery, or RAM, is repaired or reconditioned according to its condition. After the restoration process, the refurbished laptop will have almost the same standards as a new laptop. However, they might have minor cosmetic imperfections. 

What Are the Benefits of a Renewed Laptop?

Refurbished laptops have several benefits, as follows. 

Refurbished Laptops Are Cheaper.

One of the reasons most individuals prefer to buy a refurbished laptop is its affordability. Getting a new laptop requires you to spend more cash. However, refurbished laptops of the same standards are available at 50% off or even more. 

People need to learn that the value you can get from a refurbished laptop can be the same as the value you would get from a new one. Someone might have bought a brand-new laptop, opened it but got unsatisfied with, let’s say, its features. If they decide to return this laptop, it won’t be a brand new one, but a refurbished one. Mind you, it is still new and hasn’t deteriorated in value. 

High Performance

Most individuals avoid buying a used electronic because they think it might perform poorly. However, this isn’t always true. You should be assured of better performance if you buy a refurbished laptop from a trusted dealer. 

Before taking a refurbished laptop to the market, it goes through rigorous professional testing. Any component not working correctly is repaired or replaced. Therefore, the laptop will have the same or even better performance than the newer model.

Warranty Protection

Many people are hesitant to buy used laptops because of the risks they associate with them.

However, buying a refurbished laptop from a trusted dealer is a bit different. You’ll be sure of warranty protection when you buy a refurbished laptop from a reputable company. Warranty protection cushions you from the risks you may run into with the refurbished laptop. Besides, you’ll get a replacement or repair service if the laptop develops problems. 


A refurbished laptop is a good component for the environment. Thus, when you opt for a refurbished laptop, you’re helping protect the environment.

Every year, people replace their electronics, laptops included. Therefore, tons of computer parts and other electronics pile up in landfills. As a result, the environment degrades and can pose health risks if there are harmful components.

Thus, when buying a refurbished laptop, you’re reusing it and saving the environment from hazardous waste. 

Refurbished Laptops Pass Through a Professional Testing

Before any laptop is taken to the market as refurbished, professionals run it through a rigorous testing process. This process is essential to ascertain if the laptop works properly. If the team finds any component not working appropriately, they may repair or replace it. Thus, no refurbished laptop sold on the market is malfunctioning. 

The case is different for brand-new laptops in sealed boxes. These laptops do not go through any testing. So, you might get one but realize later on that it malfunctions. 

Better Specs

Refurbished laptops may have better specs than what you would get when you buy a brand-new one. During the repair and restoration process, the repair professionals may decide to replace a 500GB hard drive with a 1TB hard drive. They may also replace the HDD storage with faster SSD storage. Therefore, you will get higher specs that would not have fitted your budget had you bought a brand-new laptop. 


How Do I Identify a Refurbished Laptop? 

You may identify a refurbished laptop by comparing the chassis and the BIOS serial number. A brand-new laptop should have the same serial number, while the serial numbers for a refurbished laptop are not the same. 

To find the BIOS serial number, go to the command prompt and enter c:>wmic bios.

What Are the Downsides of Refurbished Laptops?

Despite refurbished laptops having many benefits, they have some downsides, as follows.

  • Refurbished laptops may lack warranty coverage, especially ones refurbished by third parties.
  • Refurbished laptops may come with minor cosmetic imperfections, including scratches and dents. 

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