what does smite do in minecraft

what does smite do in minecraft

Enchantments are an important part of Minecraft, as they offer many different ways to enhance an aspect of the game. They become especially useful if you want to get into later game activities or just be more efficient and powerful in general.

what does smite do in minecraft?

Smite is an enchantment that increases the damage dealt to undead mobs in Minecraft. The Smite enchantment is fairly simple and is used as a damage buff on swords and achas.

 There are 5 levels to the Smite enchantment, and it can only be applied to swords and axes. Each subsequent level after the first level increases the damage by 2.5, which ends up giving a rather considerable boost to the damage against undead mobs.

If a diamond sword is used as the base for metrics, the weapon starts at a base damage of 8 in the base edition. With Smite I, he moves up to 10.5 damage. With Smite V added to the sword, it deals a total of 20.5 damage to undead mobs.

Smite enchantment details

Now that you have found out what the smite enchantment is for in minecraft, here is a table with the technical details.

Maximum levelV
Primary itemsEspada, Acha. (Solo Bedrock Edition)
Secondary ItemsAcha (Solo Java Edition)
Enchantment Weight5
IncompatibilityArthropod Curse, Sharpness, Cleaving

What mobs does punishment affect?

There are a large number of undead mobs in Minecraft, and it can be easy to forget which ones are exactly considered undead. The undead mob list is as follows:What mobs does punishment affect?

  1. Skeletons
  2. Zombies
  3. Zombie villagers
  4. Husks
  5. Ghosts
  6. The drowned
  7. Zoglins
  8. Wither
  9. Wither skelerons
  10. Zombie piglins
  11. Skeletal horses
  12. Zombie Horses
  13. Strays

Clearly, there are a ton of undead mobs players are sure to encounter in a Minecraft match, and that can make the Smite enchantment very valuable and convenient when moving around at night. However, before players can apply Smite, they need some lovely setup.

What mobs does punishment affect

What will you need to create the enchantment?

To create an enchanting table in Minecraft, players will need 4 obsidian blocks, 2 diamonds, and a book. With a bit of mining, getting the lovely table can happen pretty quickly.

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Players will then need to place book shelves around the table, essentially like a wall. Each shelf, up to 15 shelves, increases the maximum enchantment level to 30.

Players will need to use the XP and levels they earn in the Minecraft world to apply enchantments like Smite to their supplies.

Enchanting itself is more of a late-game Minecraft part due to the materials needed to create a lovely table, the bookshelves around the lovely table, and many XP levels that are needed to complete the enchantments themselves. One enchantment players may want to pay attention to is Smite.