Vega Huawei Theme For Emui 11 / Emui 10.01 / 10 [Emui Themes]

Hi Huawei EMUI Users,
This is a Vega Dark theme for Huawei and Honor Phones, and it compatible with EMUI 11/10/10.01 and MagicUI 4/3/2 which are the most recent Huawei and Honor phone UI.
With this Vega Dark theme you can decorate your device with awesome look and style, personalize your phone and make it different with others.
Vega Huawei Theme For Emui 11 / Emui 10.01 / 10 [Emui Themes]
Like our other beautful themes, Vega Dark theme also bring you the new well degined icons, fresh wallpapers, popular fonts, cool lockscreen, stylish AODs(Always On Display for EMUI 11) and many other great changes which you’ll love using on your Emui Based smartphone’s.
So check it out the Vega Dark theme details and previews bellow, then download and apply it making a good feeling everyday.

Vega Dark Theme – Features

  • Dark Theme
  • Vega Dark Wallpaper
  • Vega Dark Icons
  • Custom Lock Screen
  • Custom Dropdown Menu
  • Custom Dial Pad
  • Custom Font
  • New Widgets
  • Smooth Interface
  • New layout
  • New Weather widget
  • other More features
Some features may not be visible on the EMUI 10/9/9.01 running device due to the latest updates, this update breaks some of the features of the theme.

VEGA Huawei Emui Dark Theme – Preview

Vega Huawei Theme For Emui 11 / Emui 10.01 / 10 [Emui Themes]
VEGA Dark Emui Theme Download
After Downloading File From Mediafire
Rename the: To Theme_name.hwt, Just Remove (.Zip){alertInfo}


            {getButton} $text={DOWNLOAD THEME} $icon={download} $color={#2605ff}

  • File name: VEGA Dark.hwt
  • Size: 23. M
  • Compatibility: EMUI 11/10.1/10 & Magic UI 4/3/2
Please check your Huawei phone’s EMUI version before proceeding to download and applying it.
Download Huawei Theme VEGA Dark for Free


Guide to install .hwt EMUI Themes ON Huawei / Honor phones

1. Firstly, you need to download a third-party theme which you want to install on your Huawei / Honor phone. Make sure the theme file is in .hwt format.
2. Once done with download, you need to transfer the same file to device internal storage under “THEMES” folder.
3. Next, come back to app drawer and launch Huawei Themes App.
4. Go to “Me” section of the Theme app. Here you will find .hwt theme file which you have downloaded and save it to internal storage.
5. Simply, select the theme and tap on ‘Apply’. This will start applying the theme.
6. Once done, you need to restart your device for the theme to take full effects.
Turn on “Dark Mode”
If you have problem doing this, restart your phone or look at this tutorial How to manually install a EMUI & Magic UI Theme?
That’s it! I hope the above guide was helpful in downloading and installing .hwt EMUI theme on your Huawei / Honor smartphone. For more such EMUI tips & tricks, do visit our EMUI section.
If you have any query, you can leave comments in the comment box. And also, share this article with your friends. And social media Thanks

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