TOP 8 video recording apps for Android and iOS

Cameras of modern smartphones allow you to take not only amateur photos and videos, but also shoot more serious videos. So that you do not waste time searching, we have collected the best similar applications that make phones a full-fledged professional tool for recording video.

Best 8 video recording apps for Android and IOS


TOP 8 video recording apps for Android and IPhone

MAVIS is a serious application for professional video shooting up to 4K resolution. Here you can set the desired frame rate, bit rate (up to 100 Mbps), image modes and presets. If desired, focus and exposure, shutter speed, color temperature and photosensitivity are set by hand.

Through MAVIS, you can connect various headphones and microphones via 3.5 mm or Lightning, monitor sound, record it in stereo or mono, set auto or manual settings. The app is currently only available on iOS. Download Here

2. ProMovie Recorder

TOP 8 video recording apps for Android and IPhone

ProMovie Recorder is another serious and free app for shooting videos on your smartphone. It has an interface of medium complexity, so first you have to figure it out a little. When recording in the free version, there will be a watermark, and to remove it, you will have to buy the Pro version, where the only difference is this.

But there is manual or auto shooting in 4K and with sound recording, support for various microphones, steadicams, lenses and other accessories. If desired, through this program, you can connect an external screen to your smartphone (via VGA or HDMI adapters) in order to professionally control the shooting process. Download Here

3. FiLMiC Pro

TOP 8 video recording apps for Android and IPhone

FiLMiC Pro is considered an even more serious application for shooting videos. The program allows you to carry out detailed manual shooting settings, there is a three-dimensional histogram for signal control, a zebra for tracking the brightness in the frame, an image stabilizer, and so on.

We did not forget about the choice of frame rate and video format, video encoding modes, bit rate and more. There is support for various popular models of microphones and electronic stabilizers. FiLMiC Pro costs money and for an application its price is decent, but the program is very popular even so.

Download For Android AND Download For IOS

4. ProShot

TOP 8 video recording apps for Android and IPhone

If you want a cool paid video app for a fraction of the cost, there’s ProShot. This program is available on Android and iOS, it has a nice minimalistic interface, an abundance of automatic, semi-automatic and manual image settings.

With ProShot, you can shoot videos in 4K at 60 frames per second, of course, if your smartphone supports these values. Available bitrate up to 175 Mbps, time-lapses, aspect ratios, white balance, exposure, focus, and more. If you want, you can make several presets for different lighting and save them to be used constantly.

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5. MoviePro

TOP 8 video recording apps for Android and IPhone

MoviePro is very similar to FiLMiC Pro in terms of interface and other features, but it is cheaper and only available on iOS. There are many shooting settings available to users, including control over ISO, exposure, shutter speed, focus, and so on.

MoviePro contains various presets and filters for different shooting conditions and video styles. Here they give you a choice of encoding, bit rate, frequency and codec, there is monitoring of sound recording through headphones, support for steadicams, different models of microphones and other gadgets for recording video and audio. If desired, you can simultaneously shoot with the main and front cameras. Download For IOS

6. Hyperlapse

TOP 8 video recording apps for Android and IPhone

Instagram has a separate Hyperlapse app for iOS for capturing cool time lapses. Users can record video at a reduced frame rate in order to end up with a beautiful cinematic clip with slow phenomena in an accelerated mode.


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Through the application, it is excellent to shoot the sky, sunset or sunrise, the movement of people or cars in the city, flowering plants and more. To create a time-lapse via Hyperlapse, you need to put your smartphone in the right place, select the acceleration rate and click on the record button. Download For IOS

7. Rarevision VHS

TOP 8 video recording apps for Android and IPhone

For shooting retro videos in the style of the now fashionable 80s and 90s, there is the Rarevision VHS app for Android and iOS. The program is easy to use, it has a deliberately old, but simple menu, and the recording of clips and even sound is distorted, as if everything was filmed on an old VHS camera. Optionally, you can add titles and shooting date just like on old home recordings.

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8. 4K Camera – Pro Camera Recorder

TOP 8 video recording apps for Android and IPhone

And this is a powerful camera for Android with a user-friendly, pleasant interface, detailed manual image settings, hybrid and automatic smart settings when needed. Users can set white balance, ISO, exposure, focus, frame rate, bit rate and so on. There is a zebra for tracking excess brightness in the frame.

4K Camera – Pro Camera Recorder is equipped with variable zoom, can shoot video up to 240 fps, if your smartphone supports it, can shoot fast and slow motion videos, shows shooting histograms, grids, aspect ratios and more Download For Android


As you can see, using smartphones and the applications presented above, you can shoot vlogs and other videos at a decent level, maintain a YouTube channel and even make your first short films. Yes, you will have to pay for some of the programs, but this is not a high price tag for the opportunities they provide.

How and through what do you shoot a video? If you are using a smartphone, write the model and the application used in the comments. Share your mobile photography experience and other useful programs.