The Internet’s Most Luxurious NFT Art Auctioneer: Foundation.App

One of the most popular social media applications of the last few months was Clubhouse. This is the platform where you can participate only by invitation .. now meets NFT. Ethereum is the currency unit in, the platform created for NFTs, where we see sales of works for large amounts of money.

What is Foundation.App
In today’s world, it was inevitable that NFTs, which are used to trade everything quickly, will form their own markets at some point. is also moving forward to create its own brand as one of the pioneers in this field.

What is Foundation.App?
How to work 
How to use
How to create account?

An invitation is required to login invention
There are two different ways to login to One of them is to go and become a direct member, another is to receive an invitation from the developers or someone in the application on the platform’s Discord channel. The second option, of course, more applicable to artisans.
In the first option, when you say that you become a straight member, in the real sense, straight membership is the subject of speech. You can browse the platform and see the works, but it is not possible to share content under any circumstances. If you only set out to buy something, then it is the other.
However, the artists in the system do not have unlimited invitations. Artisans are given one invitation per each sale they make. Thus, a situation of stability is achieved between buyers and craftsmen.

The rise of Crypto Art

Crypto art web
First of all, the artists who decide to put works here have to sacrifice an amount of 150 dollars due to the gas costs in Ethereum. Naturally, it is difficult to find an invitation to enter this platform where NFT works are located, but buying is very valuable and risky even if you can.
As we are familiar with, the auction model is used in the sale of NFT works on the platform. You become the new owner of the work, compared to the price or deadline set by the artist. Although there will be new alternatives in the future, is currently on its way to becoming the new sensational platform for the NFT market.

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