22 best mobile phone multiplayer games 2022

We bring you a compilation with the 22 best mobile multiplayer games, so that if you have a good mobile and want to play with your friends or other people from all over the world, you have a few titles to start with. The games in this article are all cross-platform, so you will be able to install them on both an iPhone and an Android mobile.

The 22 best mobile phone multiplayer games

We are going to try to make the list as varied as possible, so you will have several proposals from different genres, from card games to Battle Royale, through MOBAs and various other genres. You should also know that the vast majority of them use the same monetization system, that of offering the game for free but with internal micropayments.

Creating one of these lists is not easy, because we all have our personal tastes. We have tried to include the most essential ones and that they are native and installable on the mobile, without cloud play. However, if you think we have left out a game that is worth recommending, we invite you to leave us your suggestions in the comments section so that other readers can benefit from the knowledge of our Techpkers.

List Of The 22 best mobile  phone multiplayer games

Among Us

The 22 best mobile phone multiplayer games

One of the last great hits of multiplayer games. The game starts with you inside a ship with other players. All on the same map. And here, one of the players has been assigned as an impostor, and the rest are the crew. The crew members have to go through various missions, and the impostor must kill crew members.

The idea is that the impostor kills crew members without being discovered. Crew members can request a vote, in which they vote on who is believed to be the impostor and expel them from the ship. Here, two things can happen, that the match is hit and the game is won, or that another crew member is eliminated while the impostor is still free.

Ark: Survival Evolved

The 22 best mobile phone multiplayer games

ARK Survival Evolved is an action and survival game, in which you will be on an island plagued by dinosaurs and a game mode that will increase in complexity as we find new objects, enemies and allied tribes. We will have a character that will level up as he collects resources, builds new weapons and defeats enemies.

The game is initially designed for player in single player mode, but we can also ally with a tribe to form a group and enjoy the cooperative mode. It all depends on how you prefer to play and face the 80 unique dinosaurs and primitive creatures that you will be able to capture and tame.

Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile‘ is a free-to-play, open world, massively multiplayer online RPG. Black Desert is one of the heavyweights in this genre of multiplayer games, and this is a fully adapted version for mobile. Inside, you will have realistic graphics, and a wide world to explore full of missions that you can complete alone or with other players.

Players can choose from five character classes: warrior, ranger, giant, mage, or valkyrie. Each of these classes has its own abilities, and once you choose your character you will be able to customize it down to the last detail, being able to change everything in its physical appearance. This makes your character feel like yours, and the immersion is greater.

brawl stars

The 22 best mobile phone multiplayer games

‘Brawl Stars’ is a brawler shooter inspired by PC MOBAs, but adapted for mobile. It is a game in which a team of three people faces another of three others, all in a scenario in which you are going to have to move looking for cover and shooting at the rivals.

The title offers almost twenty characters with their different abilities, and you have several game modes to compete. It is a game especially suitable for lovers of eSports. Each of the characters has its own main and secondary ability, so one of the secrets to play is to choose the one that best suits you.


The 22 best mobile phone multiplayer games

If you like Nintendo’s ‘Super Smash Bros’ franchise, similar Brawlhalla, in which you will face other players in crazy battles with two-dimensional graphics and cartoon style. There’s everything from characters you know from other franchises to more unique ones.

In this title, play up to 8 people at the same time in your custom games with cross-play. You can also play its 1v1 or 2v2 online modes, as well as all against all. Its cast is made up of several dozen characters, which grow as special events and new additions take place.

Call of Duty Mobile

The 22 best mobile phone multiplayer games

‘Call of Duty Mobile’ is the mobile version of this mythical saga, a game that comes to try to convey the spirit of the franchise on the screen of your mobile. It’s a free to play shooter with customizable controls, voice and text chat to chat while you play, 3D graphics, and good sound.

It is a multiplayer game with several game modes, and divided into seasons to release content and customizations to give the game variety over the months. In the game, the longer you play, the more content and characters you can unlock, and in terms of gameplay… well, it’s CoD.

Clash Royale

The 22 best mobile phone multiplayer games

This game has been one of the highest grossing games in the industry for years. It is a title that began timidly as a new proposal in which the dynamics of protecting and building villages of Clash of Clans were changed for a card fighting game, in the style of Hearthstone.

Therefore, it is a game in which you have to fight battles by using different warriors and weapons that we use in the form of cards in order to destroy the enemy’s towers while maintaining our own. To use them you need to have enough elixir, which decreases as you use each card and increases over time.

Dragon Ball Legends

The 22 best mobile phone multiplayer games

The first thing you should know is that ‘Dragon Ball Legends’ is not the latest rehash that retells the well-known story of the main Dragon Ball characters, although they do appear in the game, but rather a new adventure within that universe in which that we will control an unknown saiyan with a mysterious past, and that it has been created by Akira Toriyama himself exclusively for this title.

For the rest, it is a fighting game with several game modes, ranging from a story mode to another in which you can face other players from all over the world in single combat, showing who of the two masters the best fighting techniques. title match.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

The 22 best mobile phone multiplayer games

Battle Royale have been one of the reference genres in online games for years, also on mobile phones. Hence, few resist trying their luck. Square Enix does it with this excellent ‘Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier’, which is a Battle Royale set in the world of its most popular franchise in which you not only have to face all the other rivals on the island you descend, but also the monsters that inhabit it.

Therefore, we are talking about an Action JRPG with games developed under the rules of the Battle Royale, but also a competitive experience that seeks to evolve season by season, with a background plot, and an authentic festival of action and survival with swords, spells and bullets.

Genshin Impact

The 22 best mobile phone multiplayer games

‘Genshin Impact’ is one of the great bombshells in terms of online games in recent years. It is an online role-playing game with an open world and manga-style graphics, with a graphic aesthetic strongly influenced by ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ and has become the best launch in the history of a Chinese IP.

The game is also a resounding success on mobile . In this title we will wake up in Teyvat, a fantasy world where the seven elements flow and converge. The game can be played solo or cooperatively, and stands out for its well-crafted action-packed combat system and how beautiful it looks.


The 22 best mobile phone multiplayer games

Hearthstone is one of those games capable of marking an era, and for this reason, after being released in the distant 2014, today it is still in top form . It is a multiplayer game that offers the possibility of facing other opponents using cards. Each one has their own deck, which has been improving through the games, and you face one against one.

Here, like all these types of card games, each of the cards in the deck has its characteristics and functions, in addition to the hero that you can choose. And then you have to design a strategy based on your knowledge of the cards, thinking about the ones that can come to you or the ones that the opponent can have, and evolving your deck in the direction that is closest to your way of playing.

Magic The Gathering

The 22 best mobile phone multiplayer games

And if we’ve talked about competitive card games in this list, we can’t leave ‘Magic: The Gathering’ . Basically because it is by far one of the most popular collectible card games in the world . We could say that if Magic had not existed, possibly the rest of the card games would not have either. Or at least not as they are now.

It is a card game in which everyone creates and builds their own deck, with dozens of rare and special cards, and each one with its own abilities. Therefore, in order to win in one-on-one combat, you need a good deck adapted to your way of playing and a good strategy. And don’t underestimate it, because it is such a complex game that not even the machines and artificial intelligence algorithms know how to win.

mario kart tour

The 22 best mobile phone multiplayer games

Although initially the sensations were not as good as expected, ‘Mario Kart Tour’ continues to be an entertaining multiplayer racing game set in the world of Mario. The biggest difference with the rest of the Mario Kart games is in the controls, since it is played vertically and the car accelerates on its own. For this reason, all you have to do is drive the car by sliding your finger on the screen.

In it, you will carry out races for which you will earn stars that you can then exchange for characters and cosmetic elements. There are also micropayments, which are used to acquire these characters and elements beforehand, as well as special prizes in the seasons. In everything else, it is a Mario Kart specially designed for mobile.


The 22 best mobile phone multiplayer games

Minecraft is like playing Lego on your mobile or your computer, and it has been a benchmark in creativity games for years. You can play solo or on a server with other people, and decide if you want a living world where you interact with creatures and monsters, or prefer a relaxing creative world.

Minecraft is an open world game where everything is made up of terrain tiles and items. You go in there with nothing, and you have to start cutting down trees and digging, combining items to build other items, exploring the world, and building. There are also animals that you can breed and from which you get resources. A survival sandbox that you can play in many ways.

pokemon unite

The 22 best mobile phone multiplayer games

‘Pokémon Unite’ is a MOBA game based on the Pokémon universe. It is one of the most important and representative genres in the world of eSports, and all the games take place on the same stage, the same arena that all players are already familiar with. And in it, you can choose between the different Pokémon to fight, each one with its own abilities.

It is a free game with paid elements, and with crossplay and crossplatform functions, allowing crossplay between the different mobile operating systems and the Switch, which are where the game has arrived. Its mechanics are simple, you play on a map against another team, and each team has three bases. Your character heals at your bases, and you earn points when you deliver the Pokéballs you pick up at enemy bases.

PUBG Mobile

The 22 best mobile phone multiplayer games

The PUBG mobile version of one of the great precursors of the Battle Royale genre, and which has been released this 2022 by switching to Free-to-Play. The mechanics is as follows: 100 participants are thrown on an island and only one can remain. Once on the ground, you will have to explore and collect weapons and equipment, while trying to see the rivals and kill them before they finish you off first.

All this happens with a time limit, because to prevent it from becoming eternal, as time goes by the playable area is reduced, so you also have to calculate the strategy so that you are in the playable areas before the map will crop next time. For the rest, it is an all against all with several game modes in which anything can happen.


The 22 best mobile phone multiplayer games

Roblox is another one of those games that has redefined the industry. Well, actually it’s like a metagame, Roblox is the foundation on which anyone can create their own games or servers, and then the rest of the people can join in multiplayer to play in each of those worlds. Therefore, the mechanics and how it is played will depend on each creator.

Legends of Runeterra

The 22 best mobile phone multiplayer games

Legends of Runeterra is one of the best games of the first half of 2020. It is the League of Legends card game, one of the best-known installments worldwide. With the aim of competing with rivals like Hearthstone, the proposal manages to hook you from the first moment, with complex but fun game mechanics.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Probably the game of the year. The ‘LoL’ can finally be played on mobile, even if we have a humble Android mobile. It is an adaptation of the original PC game, with fewer characters, smaller maps, and somewhat simpler mechanics to make games shorter. However, it maintains the essence of League Of Legends, so fun is guaranteed.

Pokémon GO

The 22 best mobile phone multiplayer games

Pokémon GO served in its 2016 launch to resume the momentum of the franchise among the oldest who had forgotten it and the youngest who had not approached the Pokémon universe. With some frequency, news is coming to a game that also made augmented reality fashionable .

If you’ve never played before and want a quick summary, let me tell you that in Pokémon GO you’ll be able to experience a real adventure of capturing and battling Pokémon, having to physically move around for it and fully playing the aforementioned augmented reality. It is also multiplayer, so it also has good role-playing game essences.

Fortnite Mobile

The 22 best mobile phone multiplayer games

We couldn’t leave Fortnite out of our compilation with the best free Android games, it’s an almost essential title for shooter lovers. The best known Battle Royale can be played without problems on Android as long as the mobile has enough power

It is not necessary to explain too much what Fortnite offers: 100-player games, arsenals at close range, a huge stage that is updated with each season, high-quality 3D graphics and all for free. You can enjoy 100% of Fortnite without paying a penny.

Sky: Children of the Light

The 22 best mobile phone multiplayer games

An impressive and imaginative game from the creators of Journey that follows a multiplayer and exploration mechanic. Unique universe to explore, full of mysteries, a graphic quality that overflows the screen and an experience in itself.

Sky: children of the light is one of those games that, when you discover it, you regret not having played it before. If this is the case, our recommendation is clear: download it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.