Simplify Mac Calculations: A Guide To Using Numi

Simplify Mac Calculations: A Guide To Using Numi
Numi is an incredibly intuitive and user-friendly calculator app for macOS. It can take your calculations to the next level by simplifying them. The Mac calculator application lets you carry out calculations in plain English. There’s no need to punch in the numbers because you can write them down and let the app give you an output that can be copied and pasted elsewhere.
Numi is designed to handle date and time, conversions and integration with Alfred. However, the most significant selling point of the application is its part notepad and part calculator. It utilizes natural-language processing and is a worthy alternative to the default calculator.

How Is Numi Different From The Default macOS Calculator?

All computers come with a default calculator app, and Macs are no different. While the macOS in-built calculator is acceptable and can handle simple calculations, it tries too hard to recreate the experience of an actual calculator. Although it manages to help users calculate and get their work done, the default calculator applications fail to leverage the medium entirely. Also, it is seen as a significant disadvantage to have to use the mouse to get calculations done.
On the other hand, you don’t have to click on buttons when using Numi. The app’s interface is similar to a text editor and enables you to calculate anything, anywhere. You can perform several calculations at once, and all you have to do is ask the app. So, forget punching numbers or buttons. Continue reading to know how Numi makes it easier to perform calculations on your Mac.

Getting Started With Numi

  • Type The Calculation You Want An Answer To
Open the Numi application and enter the calculation you seek an answer to. Whether you need to perform unit conversions, time conversions, or even simple and advanced math, everything is supported by the program.
On the left side of the app’s window, you’ll find the terms of your questions, and on the right side, you will find the answer in green text. You can even go ahead and play around with the phrasing of your question, but it won’t impact the answer. For example, if you have written 30% of $100 or 30% off $100, it won’t yield a different answer because the app uses NLP.
Similarly, the app does a fantastic job converting time and currency. For example, when you need to convert time zones, you can type San Francisco time and get the current time. It is even possible to conduct time calculations using references like now or next Tuesday.
Currency conversions also work similarly. The app is capable of handling phrases like a pro. Even if you have switched currency units and symbols like $10 or 10$, it will give you an accurate answer.
The conversions and calculations done on this app are user-friendly. Once you start using this app, you’ll stop turning to Google for such answers.
  • The App Supports Custom Variables In Calculations
Numi supports the creation of personalized variables in calculations. You can utilize the initial lines of a calculation to create the values, names, and relationships between variables. Then, you can have the application use the custom variables for performing complicated complications.؎
  • Saving Calculations Is As Easy As A, B, C
If you wish to create a new saved calculation, you have to open the app and click the plus button. Then, you’ll find the button at the top right of the app’s window. Enter a # and type a name of your choice to name your new calculation page.
When you want to open or find a saved calculation, you need to click the All Calculations button and browse through the list. You can also use the search bar. When you see the name of your saved calculation, click the name, and it will open in the primary window. 
  • Easily Copy And Export Your Calculations
The answers found in the app can be used for other purposes. For example, when the green-text result appears, it will be automatically copied to your clipboard when you select it. Then, you can paste it wherever you want, such as a document or another application.
You can even share or export the entire calculations. But, first, you need to click the arrow at the bottom of the app’s window and select from the pop-up menu.

The Bottom Line

Numi stands out from the other calculator apps you’ll come across for macOS. The app truly shines when it comes to handling language. Most of the operators can be written using symbols and words. So, while the regular subtract, percent, and add symbols work, you can also provide commands in plain English, and the app will perform the calculation on your behalf. 
You can use the app for free to check out its features but to unlock its powerful features fully, you need to pay for the premium version.

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