10 Best and Complete Name Meaning App For Phones

In the past, when parents wanted to find a name for their prospective baby, they would look for names through other family references or through name meaning books.

However, in this modern era, finding the meaning of a name is not as difficult as it used to be. You can use your Android OR iPhone or tablet at home to find the meaning of your own name or of your future baby. Yes, everything is already available on your smartphone, you can even find a matchmaking apps on your smartphone.

Want to find the meaning of someone’s name or our own name? Come on, take your Android and IOS device and immediately download the best name-meaning app, recommended by Techpk, from the Google Play Store And Apple App Store. This app can also be used to have fun with your friends.

List Of The 10 Best Name Meaning App

1. Name Meaning

Name Meaning app

Want to know the meaning of a name easily? Then you should try this app made by Dexati. The reason is, to find out the meaning of the name, you only need to type your full name in the column that has been provided. Then, wait a few seconds until the meaning of your name appears according to Name Meaning.

What’s interesting about this app is not only about the meaning of the name, because every meaning of the name that appears you can edit. Well, you can upload the edits to social media.

In addition to having a sharing feature, this app also has a child name recommendation feature. So, if you are confused about finding a good child’s name, then Name Meaning has a complete list of child names and their meanings.

App Features

  • Enter your name to get the meaning of your name.
  • Chose one of the many photo backgrounds that you want your name to appear on.
  • You can Choose Text Color to make the name’s meaning appear in different colors.
  • You change the meaning of the name by Selecting different words for each alphabet.
  • Create Best-looking Name Posters.
  • Save and Share your Name Meaning with friends and family.

2. Your Name Facts

Your Name Facts

Your Name Facts is an app that can generate facts or the meaning of your name. As written in the description, the motive of this app is just to make people smile.

Your free use of Your Name Facts will help you to check what is behind your name, what is the official meaning of your name, or what is your surname.
download Your Name Facts app, Android & IOS

3. Firstname: Names and Meanings

Firstname: Names and Meanings

Want to know the meaning of the name? You can try it with the Firstname: Names and Meanings app. This is a free app where you can find out the meaning of your name easily.

You just need to search for the name you want to know the meaning of and Names and Meanings will automatically display a complete description of the meaning of the name.

There are more than 30,000 names that can be searched for meaning here. You can search for names in English, Korean, and even Thai.

Well, another advantage that this app has is that you will be guaranteed the completeness of name meanings around the world, fast name-meaning searches, and a simple interface. So, this app is also suitable to be used as a reference to find a good child’s name.

App Features

  • more than 50,000 names and meanings, name definitions;
  • a very quick Search for Names and Meanings;
  • complete offline access, No Internet connection required;
  • massive database of Names;
  • email any of the terms instantly;
  • unlimited Book Marks;
  • compatible with all versions of Android Devices;
  • very efficient, fast, and good performance;
  • automatic free updates when new Names get added;
  • application is designed to occupy as much less memory as possible.

4. Name Meaning

Name Meaning

There is another good app to know the meaning of the name, Name Meaning. One of these free apps is pretty good for those of you who are curious about what someone’s name means. Not only does it display a complete description of the meaning of the name, but Name Meaning will also provide a suitable gematria number for the name.

To find out the meaning of a name from Name Meaning is quite easy, you only need to type your full name and this app will automatically display the meaning of the name, including the gematria number of your name. Also, you will be notified of the traits that go with the name. Pretty complete

5. Baby Name Together

Baby Name Together

For those who will soon have a baby, you can try using this app to get a reference to the name of your future baby. In this app, there are more than 30,000 baby names for boys and girls.

In this Baby Name Together app, you can also find useful information about given names (name meaning, statistics per country, popularity & average age as well as celebrities with that name). Pretty interesting, right? Download Baby Name Together App. Android & IOS

App Features

    30,000 baby names and counting! New names are added each day. Find original, cool, unusual, and unique girl & boy names.
    Advanced filtering menu to get only the baby names that YOU love. Sort by gender (unisex / boy/girl names), first / last letter, length of first names, or compound names.
    Ready, set, glow! Announce the arrival of your baby with customizable baby announcement cards for gender reveal parties, baby showers, and the birth of your baby!
    Find useful information like name meanings, statistics per country, popularity, average age, and celebrities with that name.
    Listen to the pronunciation of each name in different languages.
    Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, French Polynesia, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden, United Kingdom, and USA names.
  • NEWS
    Stay tuned for the latest news about baby names (celebrity baby names, top trending names, gender-neutral and unisex names, etc).
    Does your daughter or son want to help name Baby, too? Share your list & collaborate with 4 people! How about adding a middle name or last name? What about theme names or special names? All of that and more is unlocked in our PRO version.
    Use your lists on all your devices at the same time (smartphones & tablets). (PRO only)
    Your name list is saved online and can be retrieved for your next baby. (PRO only)

6. Muslim Baby Names and Meaning

Muslim Baby Names and Meaning

If you have an Islamic name and don’t know what it means, try to find the meaning of your name in the Muslim Baby Names and Meaning app.

To find out the exact meaning of the name, you only need to look for the Islamic name in the column provided. Just type the name and Muslim Baby Names and Meaning will look up the meaning for you. However, the description of the meaning of the name itself is not very long and complete, only a brief description.

Well, if you want to add the baby names to your favorites list, just press the star icon at the top right of the screen. Oh yes, the good thing about this app is that it can be accessed offline. So, you don’t need to be connected to the internet. Download Muslim Baby Names and Meaning app. Android & IOS

App Features

  • Completely Offline and Free!!
  • Muslim names are provided for both boys and girls.
  • Meaning of names detailed in English, for every Muslim name.
  • A way to search via an alphabetic listing of popular baby names (Islamic).
  • The search box provided a fast search to quickly find Islamic names and meanings.
  • Quick access buttons for previous, next, and random names options are given in this name finder, along with the fluidic swipe option.
  • List of names by gender, distinguished by meaningful backgrounds; pink background for Muslim girl names & blue background for Muslim boy names.
  • Add to favorite option.
  • The largest collection of popular Muslim Baby Girl names & Muslim baby Boy names.

7. My Name Facts & Meaning

My Name Facts & Meaning

Well, this one app is suitable for those of you who are looking for a name-meaning app with a complete description.

Yes, this app itself will provide a description of the meaning of your name, such as mentioning the character of the owner of the name. How to use this app is fairly simple. You just need to type the name you want to find the meaning of, select the gender, then press the ‘Meaning’ button.

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After that, the meaning of your name will appear on the screen. You can even share a photo with the meaning of your name on social media. Try the My Name Facts & Meaning app here

8. Baby Names by Nametrix

Baby Names by Nametrix

The Baby Names by Nametrix app has a fairly complete collection of names, from A to Z. These names can also be searched by gender, where and when the name is widely used, or how popular the name is.

You can even search for the meaning of names according to specific categories. Unfortunately, not all names here have complete descriptions. However, the number of names equipped with descriptions or meanings is also quite a lot. If you are interested, the app can be downloaded directly here. Android & IOS

App Features

  • Thousands of baby girl and baby boy names
  • Name meanings and origins
  • Name lists by theme
  • Audio pronunciations
  • Recommendations based on your favorites
  • Countries where each is most common
  • Popularity graphs
  • Suggestions for brothers/sisters
  • Variations
  • Tags (e.g., Unisex, Vintage, Biblical)
  • Political party leanings
  • Profession leanings
  • Male vs. female percentages
  • Save and sort your favorite boy and girl names
  • Share via Facebook or Twitter

9. Islamic Baby Names and Their Meanings

Islamic Baby Names and Their Meanings

Especially for those of you who are looking for the meaning of Islamic baby names, Sakkarupa Dev released the Islamic Baby Names and Meaning app. The names in this app are very complete, they can even be searched according to the letter prefix.

Well, you can search for the meaning of the name according to gender as well. Once searched, a list of names will appear along with the meaning of the name itself. You can copy the name to the clipboard, or add it to your favorites list by pressing the heart key.

Not only does it collect lots of names and their meanings, this app also provides useful articles about babies and pregnancy. You can use this app without an internet connection too.

App Features

  • Completely Offline and Free!
  • Top 4500+ Muslim boys and girls names with meaning.
  • List of Muslim names are separated by gender; separate list is for Muslim girls & boys names.
  • Edit Search box provided for a fast search to quickly find Muslim names and meanings.
  • Quick jump for the particular alphabet.
  • Add to favorite feature to save the best names for your baby.
  • Share names with meanings with your friends and family through famous social media like whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Muslim Names – Al Qalam Islamic Apps

Muslim Names - Al Qalam Islamic Apps

This application presents a collection of Islamic names and their meanings in English. The description of the name itself is quite short, similar to most name meaning apps on Android.

However, you can translate the meanings of existing names into various languages. You can also listen to how certain names are pronounced through the audio provided.

In the app, there is not only a collection of names and their meanings. However, there are also 99 Asma Allah and their meanings. Muslim Names from Al Qalam Islamic Apps can be used for free. However, there are many ads that are quite annoying when the application is used. However, if you don’t mind, please download the app at this link.

App Features

  • Islamic Baby Meanings also has an in-app feature that allows you to save your favorite names for future reference.
  • Muslim baby names with meanings is the perfect app for Muslim parents who are in search of an Arabic name for their newly born babies.
  • Large collection of cute baby names for Boys and Girls with meanings.
  • In the Islamic names meaning app, you can find both Arabic and Urdu unique baby names with meanings.
  • The baby name app is easy to use. It features a search bar for easy navigation and quick finding of cute names for girls and baby boy names. The app also includes cute baby names suggestions for girls as well as boys
  • Can create a list of your favorite unique baby names.
  • Can customize the names text color, size, font, etc.
  • Can search the baby boy name in different windows.
  • Can search the baby names for girls in a different window.
  • Can Share cute baby names on Facebook and different social apps.
  • You can search for the baby name with an alphabet.

Do you know the meaning of the name yourself or someone else you want to find? If you haven’t already, freshly download the name meaning app we mentioned above via your Android or ios device. Make sure you choose the best name remembering the name is a prayer

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