iphone 13 colors: iPhone 13 wins by colors

iphone 13 colors (iPhone 13 wins by colors)

For Apple, 2021 is a special year, because this is the first time that Apple has released a color-matched iPhone alone.

As we all know, Apple released the iPhone 12 last year. Compared with the previous generation, the number of the first color matching was one less. Unexpectedly, the missing sixth color of the iPhone 12 would appear at the 2021 Apple spring new product launch.

This wave of Apple’s operations makes people think of Nokia’s “technology based on shell replacement.” But there is one thing to say, Apple does have a set of color matching for mobile phones. From the data of major e-commerce platforms, during the pre-sale period of the purple iPhone 12, the number of reservations has exceeded 100,000+. It is not difficult to see that the purple iPhone 12 is still very popular with consumers.

However, Apple seems to have tasted the sweetness brought by the new iPhone color scheme, and plans to increase the number of iPhone 13 series color schemes. According to foreign media newsbeezer, a well-known digital whistleblower recently exposed a set of renderings of the iPhone 13 series in different colors. There are a total of 8 different color versions. If the news is true, it also means that the iPhone 13 series will become the most color-matched generation iPhone in history.

The whistleblower revealed that in addition to the black and white versions, the iPhone 13 series will also offer a variety of color combinations, including sunset gold, rose gold, pink, green, purple and red.

iphone 13 colors (iPhone 13 wins by colors)

Although these color schemes have also appeared in previous iPhone versions, Apple will carry out different levels of color toning every year to bring a new visual and feel experience. Take the purple iPhone 12 as an example. Compared to the purple of the iPhone 11, the purple iPhone 12 will have a darker color.

iphone 13 colors (iPhone 13 wins by colors)

Apple, the color master in the mobile phone industry?

When it comes to mobile phone color matching, in fact, early Apple rarely introduced new color matching for the new iPhone after it was released. Like the splicing color of the original iPhone, most of the body is silver-gray, only a small part of the bottom is black, and the back cover is mainly made of aluminum.

iPhone 3GS

In 2008, Apple launched the second-generation iPhone, the iPhone 3G. Only black and white colors are available for users to choose from. The material of the back cover is replaced with plastic from the original aluminum metal. The iPhone 3GS, which was launched later, adopted the color scheme and back cover material of the previous generation.

iPhone 4 generation

In the iPhone 4 generation, it was also black and white, but the material of the back cover was changed to glass. The iPhone 4’s color scheme and back cover material are consistent with the previous generation.

Similar to the original iPhone, the iPhone 5 also uses a splicing design, but there are still only two colors: black and white, and the back cover is replaced with anodized aluminum metal material.

iPhone 4 generation

Until Apple launched the iPhone 5s, it broke the traditional black and white color scheme and added a champagne gold color scheme. The iPhone 5c, released in the same year, was the beginning of the iPhone’s colorful phones . The C in its suffix is ​​the abbreviation of “Colorful”, which is translated as colorful. There are five colors of yellow, green, white, blue and pink. Since the iPhone 5c is positioned as a low-end entry-level model, the middle frame and back cover of the fuselage are made of plastic.


iPhone 5c

What’s more interesting is that with the iPhone 6 generation, the color scheme has returned to black and white. On the contrary, it is a slightly upgraded version of the iPhone 6S series, which adds a rose gold to the iPhone 5S color scheme. As for the back cover material, the iPhone 6 series uses 6000 series aluminum alloy, and the iPhone 6S series uses 7000 series aluminum alloy.

iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 series basically follows the color matching of the previous generation, but Apple has made some adjustments to the black and upgraded it to bright black. As for the body material, the 7000 series aluminum metal is still used, but Apple uses a new process and uses a special compound for the first time. The bright black shell is rotated and polished in 3D to remove blemishes, so that the body material can be seamlessly connected, showing a brighter surface effect.

Following the color matching of the iPhone 7 series, Apple added red to the iPhone 8 series, and the back cover returned to glass. At that time, many netizens believed that Apple did this to regain its original intention. In fact, compared to iPhones that used glass in the past, Apple has added some new ways to play, such as aluminum metal with double-sided 2.5D glass, the overall look gives a sense of luxury.

iPhone 8

As Apple’s 10th anniversary mobile phone, the iPhone X’s colors are not only streamlined, but also return to the classic black and white colors. The back cover also returns to the glass material of the iPhone 4 era, and uses a stainless steel middle frame design that looks even more Gorgeous.

iPhone XS

Compared with the iPhone X series, the iPhone XS series has added gold, and the iPhone XR is similar to the iPhone 5c. The colors are expanded to six, black, white, yellow, blue, red and coral. But this time, the material and performance of the iPhone XR did not shrink like the iPhone 5c. Coupled with a lower price, it became the best-selling iPhone model at the time.

Iphone 13 release date

Starting with the iPhone 11 series, Apple has simplified the naming method of the iPhone. The models representing Apple’s high-end flagship models will be named in the form of a combination of “digital + Pro”, and the second flagship will directly use the digital nomenclature.

Compared to the iPhone XR, the iPhone 11 (aluminum metal + glass material) also has six colors, but the original blue and coral colors are replaced by purple and green, while the iPhone 11 Pro (stainless steel + glass material) is compared to the iPhone XS , Added army green.

Iphone 13 pro max

As for the iPhone 12/12 mini (glass back panel with aluminum metal frame) and iPhone 12 Pro (matt texture glass back panel + stainless steel frame), the former is consistent with the previous generation in terms of the number of colors, and the new blue has replaced it. For yellow, other colors have been adjusted accordingly; the latter is navy blue instead of army green.

Finally, the iPhone SE is the most overlooked model. The original iPhone SE was released in 2016, following the design of the iPhone 5S and inheriting the color scheme of the iPhone 6S. After a lapse of 4 years, Apple has launched a new iPhone SE (second generation). The appearance pays tribute to the classic design of the iPhone 8. In terms of color matching, the new iPhone SE is less gold than the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8

After reviewing the color matching and body materials of the past generations of iPhones, you will find that Apple’s method of color matching for mobile phones is relatively fixed. Basically, they are all those colors. By reducing the color saturation, and then matching different body materials and productions Craftsmanship, iPhone will become completely new.

We can see that even the colors that have appeared on iPhone models in the past can still play new tricks after Apple’s second improvement. It is undeniable that Apple has a solid foundation in the color matching of mobile phones.

As we all know, the appearance design, color matching, material and craftsmanship of the fuselage are the most able to experience the difference between the product and the previous products and bring the visual impact to consumers. After all, no matter how powerful the mobile phone hardware is, consumers will only know after actual experience. Therefore, Apple’s more effort on color matching of mobile phones does help increase iPhone sales. But for consumers, color matching is only one aspect, and price and configuration are also important indicators to increase iPhone sales.

iphone 13 colors (iPhone 13 wins by colors)

From the current point of view, colorful color matching has gradually become synonymous with “fashion” in the mobile phone circle, which is more in line with the aesthetic standards of modern young people. If the simplified color scheme represents the “high-end, atmospheric, and high-end” of the mobile phone, then the colorful color scheme gives the mobile phone a young and energetic temperament.

Almost every year on the Internet, someone asks the question of which iPhone color is good-looking, which is enough to prove that “good-looking” has become one of the criteria for consumers to purchase a machine. If this year’s iPhone 13 series really launched 8 colors, then what choice would you make?