iOS 15 Vitamin FaceTime with cool new features

iOS 15 Vitamin FaceTime with cool new features

iOS 15 is here. Apple has decided that the first novelty to be presented at WWDC 2021 is the fifteenth major update of its operating system for the iPhone. The update focuses on four basic pillars of which are connecting with other people, the world around us, and avoiding distractions. The big news started with the facetime switch adding a very interesting option that was customized to keep up with other video calling services.


Share your iPhone screen with FaceTime and iOS 15 and more

From now on, FaceTime calls on iOS 15 will be much more comfortable, natural, and realistic. A spatial audio option , where the voices of all participants will be integrated and will sound as if we are in the same room, with the aim of increasing the realism of the video call. It’s been noted how the pandemic has affected our routine and Apple wants to take advantage of it.
An option has also been included to cancel out outside noise or what prevents us from being heard properly, so we can filter our voice and enhance it clearly. You can also soak up all the audio with Broad Spectrum, another great feature of this new iOS 15 on FaceTime.
In addition, FaceTime is becoming more and more like a video calling platform. The grid is merged with all participants where it is highlighted who is speaking at all times. A way to blur the background is also included, which they call Portrait Mode.

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