How to Turn off Instagram Video Autoplay

How to Turn off Instagram Video Autoplay
Do you feel that Instagram social media takes up a lot of internet quota? This is very reasonable, because Instagram arranges for videos to play automatically. To fix this, you can use how to turn off autoplay videos on Instagram easily.
Instagram was previously a social media for sharing photos and videos. Since being purchased by Facebook, Instagram has continued to strive to provide interesting features, and the video autoplay feature is one of them.
Autoplay is a feature that is able to play videos automatically without the need to press the play button. You must have had when you opened the Instagram homepage, a video would play automatically, right?
This feature is indeed very practical, but not a few Instagram users want to stop videos on IG from playing automatically.
Most of them complain because it will make the internet quota run out quickly and make the quota wasteful. In addition, all videos on Instagram will play automatically including videos that we may not want.
If you don’t know how to turn off video autoplay on Instagram, then you don’t have to worry. There are two methods that will be explained to you in this article.

Disabling Autoplay Video on IG

How to Turn off Autoplay Videos on Instagram

Actually, Instagram itself has provided a feature to set videos on IG not to play automatically. So, you just use the Instagram application to do it.
How to Turn off Autoplay Videos on Instagram
How to set autoplay videos on the latest Instagram:
  1. Open your Instagram application.
  2. Then go to profile then go to Settings.
  3. Select the Account menu option > Cellular Data Usage.
  4. Activate the Use less data or Use less data option.
  5. Now videos on IG won’t autoplay.
  6. Finished.
With just 5 steps, you have successfully disabled videos on Instagram so they don’t play automatically. The Instagram video autoplay feature will not work after you activate this setting.

How to Stop Instagram Autoplay Video

The next method that you can use to stop autoplaying videos on Instagram is to set the network on your smartphone.
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Lowering the network can be an alternative way to turn off autoplay videos on Instagram. The reason is, Instagram will run slower so that videos on IG can’t play automatically.
For example, your smartphone network is 4G, so you have to downgrade the network to 3G. If the IG video still plays automatically, then lower it again to 2G.
How to Stop Auto Video on Instagram
If you manage to stop a video on IG from playing automatically, a play button will appear in the corner of the video. You can play it manually by pressing the play button on the video.


You can try the two methods above for your IG account which often plays Instagram videos automatically. That way, you can pause videos on Instagram so you don’t have to worry anymore that your internet quota runs out quickly when you open the Instagram application.
So many reviews regarding how to turn off Instagram autoplay that you can try so that videos on ig don’t autoplay. If you experience problems, please write in the comments column.

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