How to take iPhone screenshots

How to take iPhone screenshots
The most useful and frequently used feature in smartphones like the iPhone is screenshots. But despite being a very common feature, many iPhone users are confused about how to SS or screenshot iPhone when they have changed smartphone series.
Because usually every series of iPhone always offers new features, including how to take screenshots. So it is very important to know how to screenshot.
Here Howto360 will explain in full about how to take SS or screen image display on iPhone without an application or without the help of an application.

How to take iPhone screenshots

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Sleep/Wake button

How to take iPhone screenshots
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The Sleep/Wake button on the iPhone turns out to be one of the best ways to take screenshots. Apart from being very easy, this method is quite fast so it doesn’t take much time.
Follow the SS iPhone method below:
  1. First, unlock your iPhone.
  2. Navigate the screen to the part you want to take a screenshot of.
  3. If so, press the sleep/wake and Home buttons simultaneously.
  4. Then the process of taking screenshots begins to run.
  5. Make sure the iPhone screen flashes for a while.
  6. Finished.
Now you have successfully taken a screenshot on the iPhone screen. In addition to the screen flickering, the hallmark that the iPhone is successful in taking screenshots is the appearance of the camera snapping sound.
If these characteristics are visible, then next you can check on the Photo application to see the results of the screenshot.

Power Button

How to take iPhone screenshots
In addition to using the Wake/Sleep button combination with the Home button or Touch ID, you can also take screenshots with the Power combination with Touch ID.
Here’s how to ss the iphone screen:
  1. The first step that must be done is to open the iPhone.
  2. Then point the screen to the view you want to screenshot.
  3. Make sure the screen is in the desired view,
  4. Press the Power button and Home/Touch ID at the same time.
  5. Then the screen will flash and a snap sound appears.
  6. That is, the iPhone has run the screenshot process.
  7. Finished.
You can check the screenshot results in the Photo application. This method is the most commonly used method of taking screenshots on iPhone.


how to screenshot iphone without buttons
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You can practice this next iPhone screenshot method when the main buttons such as Home or Wake/Sleep are damaged. Of course, this method will not use buttons at all, but with some special settings.
Follow how to screenshot iPhone with assistive touch below:
  1. Open the iPhone then enter the Settings menu.
  2. Then press General and select Accessibility.
  3. Select Accessibility Shortcut. Assistive Touch menu.
  4. After that, turn on the AssistiveTouch feature.
  5. Go to the Customize Top Level Menu.
  6. Change one of the command icons to Screenshot.
If you have successfully made changes, then you can try it by pressing the screenshot command. That way, the screen display will be directly in the screenshot.
Also make sure that the iPhone displays the characteristics that the screenshot screen is like a flickering screen and also the sound that is like a photo snap. You can see the result through iPhone storage.
If you want to return the Assistive Touch menu to its original state, then you can repeat the above guide, to change the screenshot menu to what you want.

iPhone Screenshot Application

In addition to some of the ways above, if you want to take iPhone screenshots without the power button, then you can use the help of third-party applications. Here are some of these applications:

Record It!

The first application you can try for iPhone screenshots is Record It!. Indeed, from the name alone, you might have thought that this application is actually not specifically for taking screenshots.
It’s true that this application is basically for recording screen views directly such as for making iPhone tutorial videos. But in the Record It! Here, a feature is available to take screenshots on the iPhone.
So you can get two features at once in one application, namely screen recording videos and screenshots.

Pinpoint: Screenshot Editor

Next there is Pinpoint which is also highly recommended if you want to screenshot iPhone with the help of third-party applications.
There are many features in this application, such as a special gallery of screenshots, screenshot editing and others. For editing features, you can add some special symbols such as arrows or squares.
In addition you can also provide some text in the screenshot and of course make the process easier and more concise.
The Pinpoint – Screenshot Editor application is recommended because it has a very friendly application display for all people. The interface is very easy to understand and makes the features in it easy to use.

Skitch – Snap

You can also use this application as a reference if you want to take screenshots through third-party applications. Many like this application because it has a very easy and fun way to use it on an iPhone smartphone.
You can also enjoy other features in it such as adding several supporting components to the screenshot image before sending it to a friend.
After knowing several different ways to screenshot iPhone, now you can solve if the condition of the iPhone is in trouble such as an error button.

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