How To Speed Up Android Phone

How To Speed Up Android Phone
A slow Android phone will certainly make you very annoyed because it will interfere with all daily activities. No wonder many are looking for ways to overcome slow Android so that it can still be used smoothly to support daily routine activities.
Actually, you can do several ways so that the already slow Android can run smoothly again. Usually, this problem is very common when Android has been used for several years.
This is quite disturbing, especially when we are in need of an Android Mobile Phone for daily purposes or activities. So, it’s a good idea to know how to deal with it.

How To Speed Up Android Phone

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When your Android is slow there are actually a lot of factors that are the main cause. But if you are confused about what the cause is, you can try some of the ways to deal with slow Android below:

Reduce Memory & RAM Usage

How To Speed Up Android Phone
One of the most important parts of Android that can make performance run smoothly is the internal storage and RAM. If both of these memory are full and you never clean or pay attention to it then the result is Android is very slow.
Actually, the smooth use of Android cannot be measured only from RAM memory. Because if the RAM is very loose and the internal is full, then it will also cause the Android you are using to be very slow.
Therefore it is very important to reduce the use of internal memory and RAM when using Android everyday. Another way you can pay more attention to internal and RAM usage.
So that the available capacity can still be monitored properly so that there is no excess storage that impacts Android’s performance to be very slow.

Delete Unused Apps

how to fix slow android
How to overcome this next slow Android is still related to the previous method, namely adjusting the internal storage capacity and RAM. You only need to delete applications on Android that are very rarely used or you don’t even use at all.
This will reduce the huge amount of internal memory usage and can make your Android run smoothly again.
Because sometimes Android users unknowingly leave certain applications in an installed state even though they are never used. If you are a busy person, it is possible that the unused application forgot to delete it.
So from now on when Android is slow, you have to select any applications that are never used and delete them.

Install Protection Apps

How To Speed Up Android Phone
Well, it’s not wrong if you want to protect Android from the risk of viruses that can be attached to files that come from the internet. But the mistake you should avoid is not to install more than one antivirus application.
Because it will cause your Android to be slow because the internal storage capacity used is getting bigger. Moreover, the antivirus application usually runs in the background and of course it will take up quite a lot of RAM.
Just install one of the best antiviruses to deal with a slow Android phone. In addition, Android performance will be smoother for daily use.

Regularly Updating the System

how to speed up a slow android phone
This is probably very rarely realized by most Android users, namely regularly updating the smartphone system. Usually the developer will periodically provide system updates for the smartphone you are using.
The purpose of this update is of course to improve Android performance and also improve security. If you’ve never done an Android system update it can be very slow.
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Because the system used is considered to be very outdated or an old version and is no longer suitable for use. Update your Android system regularly or if there is a notification to keep the performance good.
By updating the system on an Android Mobile Phone, you can overcome a slow Android so that it can be used smoothly again.

Clear Cache Periodically

For those of you who don’t know cache, this is a temporary data created by applications on Android. The existence of this cache will make the process of opening the application easier because there is already data that was previously stored.
However, it should be noted that storing cache for too long has a very bad impact on your Android’s performance. Cache that is never cleaned will take up a very large internal storage capacity.
Therefore, you must be diligent in clearing cache or cleaning cache files from Android. Take it easy, deleting the cache will not eliminate the main data because the nature of this cache is temporary data that can be directly regenerated.

Reduce Widget

The existence of widgets is usually very helpful and can also make Android look more attractive. But actually if you use too many widgets, it can cause Android to be slow.
Basically every widget that you install takes time to display. In addition, the installed widgets will also eat up RAM which can result in slow Android.
Just use some important widgets that you use frequently. But if Android doesn’t feel slow, you can still use other widgets if really needed.

Selecting Auto Sync

Another cause of Android being sluggish when used is overworked tasks such as Auto Syncing to multiple accounts. Indeed this will make it easier for you when you need something urgently.
But if left in the long run, Auto Sync can make Android performance very heavy. Because every time everything that is synchronized must be run by Android which can cause tasks in RAM to accumulate and become slow.
Try to select or choose what should be synced automatically and turn off Auto Sync on accounts that are rarely used.
How to overcome the slow Android above you can do very easily. If it’s still sluggish then the only way is to return to factory settings, but first try some of the ways above to reduce sluggishness.

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