how to see posts you’ve liked on Instagram 2023 (Latest update)

Many are surprised and ask how to see posts you’ve liked on Instagram 2023. Because this feature suddenly disappears as users update the Instagram application used.

Who doesn’t know about Instagram? One of the most popular social media among young people, it has been the most used social media for several years.

Not only the general public, even artists often use Instagram as a forum for interaction with their fans.

Even if an artist doesn’t have an Instagram account, it’s as if it’s incomplete. Because Instagram is now able to make which accounts are original or verified and which are not.

Instagram also has a Story feature where you can upload photos or videos in a predetermined duration with a variety of filters that have been provided. When creating a video, some people use video captioning to grab more people’s attention on their stories in order to increase the number of views.

Instagram states that you can only view the 300 most-liked posts. You can’t view someone’s most liked posts on Instagram because of privacy reasons.

Let’s now see how to find the posts you like on Instagram 2023 for iPhone or Android.

Update (Jan 2023): The steps for finding liked posts on Instagram 2023 has been completely rewritten following the latest update. Here’s how to see the Instagram posts you like in 2023 if you have the latest version of Instagram.

Liked Posts on Instagram Disappear

On Instagram, users can do things like comment, share posts, like, create stories, reels, or InstagramTV that we can watch.

And usually, so far we can see posts that we have liked or liked will be stored in our Instagram account through the menu of posts that we like.

In the menu, we can even see various posts that we have liked at a certain time. The goal is for users to be able to return to seeing posts they’ve liked.

However, it is a shame that this feature is now suddenly gone. Then what is the cause? Is it because we are updating or is it because the feature has now been removed?

Why Are Liked Posts on Instagram Lost?

The menu for posts that are liked on Instagram is missing makes Instagram users confused as to why it doesn’t appear and the menu suddenly disappears. Though it is very helpful for some users to check again.

However, it turns out that the menu of posts that are liked on Instagram is missing and is not caused by an application error or what is commonly referred to as a bug. Or also because the feature has been removed, but because the menu layout has moved.

So when we want to check the menu, suddenly it’s gone. Even though it’s not an error, it’s just that the menu placement has been moved or changed.

how to see posts you’ve liked on Instagram 2023

You don’t need to worry about this problem, because here we will provide a tutorial on how to see the posts you like on the latest Instagram 2022.

  1. First, update your Instagram app.
  2. Open the Instagram app.
  3. Go to your profile menu.
  4. Select the menu in the upper right to see posts you've liked on instagram 2022
  5. After that select “Your activity“.
  6. Then select the “Interaction” to see posts you've liked on instagram 2022
  7. Select the menu to be checked such as Comments, Likes, and Reply to see posts you've liked on instagram 2022

In that menu, you can check to start from posts we’ve liked, comments and also reply to stories we’ve done.

In fact, in the latest update this time according to the admin itself, it is easier to find and has also been grouped with the right menu, making it easier for users to find it.

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Hopefully, with this article, you can find a menu of posts that you like on the latest version of Instagram 2023. This is a feature that our partner likes, because that way, couples can check if we like anyone’s photo, right?

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