how to see hidden information on facebook marketplace

how to see hidden information on facebook marketplace

Facebook is one of the most famous social networks that currently exists in the market, which has endless options to achieve distraction in different ways, such as viewing publications, talking with your friends regardless of where they are and playing. Currently this application has Marketplace.

This section of Facebook is very useful for all businesses and for those who need to sell their products. For this reason we will give you the necessary information so that you know how to use this Facebook tool, we will also help you to see the Hidden Information.

Why does the Hidden Information statement appear on Facebook Marketplace?

Marketplace, is the Facebook site that gives users the opportunity to create a business , promote their product or sell personal items, it has great functions that will help you develop, obtaining more customers. You can use it from your PC or your phone, you just have to activate it.

The Hidden Information statement appears in the publications of the products, this serves as a security measure, protecting the personal information of the seller, since it hides telephone numbers, identification, email, address or other important information.

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For this reason mentioned, is why this statement comes out , the bad thing about it is that it can cause problems with customers, because they will want to know more information about buyers, verify if it is reliable or not, which can be done annoying for some users who use this app.

Rest assured that this is not a problem, rather it is a means of security that Facebook adopts to protect your information, if it comes to your preference not to provide this data.

How to view the Hidden Information on Facebook marketplace

how to see hidden information on facebook marketplace

The main thing that is recommended when viewing this ad is to write directly to the buyer , to ask all the necessary information that you want to know. On the other hand, the seller will have to answer these questions, what he can do is create automatic responses , which will allow the buyer to receive a quick response.

To see the information that Hidden Information hides you must enter the Facebook application, look for the product publication where this statement appears, then press “Share”, select “Copy link”, then we go to “Google Chrome”, once here We paste our link, you wait for the page to load and you will see that the Hidden Information statement no longer exists, now the information you need will appear.

This happens because the Facebook application is the one that gives the security of hiding your personal information, when entering through your browser this statement is removed, allowing you to observe all the information of the seller.

If you as a seller, when you publish an item, you see this message, what you should do is change the description quickly, in this way the message will not appear to your buyers.

Recommendations to prevent Hidden Information from appearing

This statement is only responsible for hiding information, if this error happens it will be due to the influence of the seller and the data that this public. In order for the statement not to appear, you must follow the following recommendations:

Do not publish a phone number, to add a number do not specify with any word (WhatsApp, and phone), another way is to put a special character to the number as a period; You could also put the number in parts. 

You should not publish your emails or you can add it in parts, try not to publish addresses, the best thing you can do is give this information to your clients privately, that is, by Messenger.

Other recommendations that you can implement are: At the time of publishing you can write that your data will be provided to customers interested in the product who write to Messenger, this will avoid this statement, it will also avoid inconveniences between your buyers, you can also do an image, where you deposit all this information.

You can also review the other publications in Marketplace and guide yourself in them, in order to make your own publications without errors, the best thing you can do is update Facebook in its latest version , so you will see everything new that this application offers and the advances of the posts you make.