how to report Instagram account

how to report Instagram account

Users certainly often encounter several Instagram accounts that are considered spam, fake or online fraudsters. With an account like that, you have to immediately bother with Instagram so that it will be burned immediately.

Even so, it turns out that there are still many Instagram or Instagram users who don’t know how to report an Instagram account, even though if the user knows how to do it, it’s very easy.

Instagram is currently one of the most popular photo and video sharing social media applications around the world. Its users also vary from children, teenagers to adults.

In united states alone, more than 115 million active users have used Instagram. With such a large number, it is not impossible that the use of Instagram will be misused by some people.

Therefore, if you find several Instagram accounts that are considered spam, fake / fake and online shop fraudsters, it’s a good idea to report them immediately so that there are not many victims.

There are many methods you can do to report someone’s Instagram account, if you are still confused about how to do it, please see how to report Instagram account below.

How to Report Instagram Account to Lost

Before you report someone’s Instagram account, there are several things you need to pay attention to, namely you must have a strong basis or reason to report the account so that it will be immediately taken down.

Because when you just report someone’s Instagram account without a clear reason and evidence, then the impact is that your IG account will be at risk of being banned.

You have to really make sure that the Instagram account that will be reported is really problematic, such as spam comments, fake accounts, accounts used for fraud and so on.

Report instagram Posts Violating Policies

At this stage, you can report some Instagram posts that have span elements and contain some negative elements such as pornographic posts, SARA or violating several other policies.

Here’s how to report an Instagram account that violates the policy:

NOTE: Please Update Your Instagram App First,

  1. First, tap on the 3-dot-icon at the top next to the post
  2. Several options will appear, please select Report.Report instagram Posts Violating Policies
  3. Then, you select a number of reports that if appropriate to the violation committedReport instagram Posts Violating Policies
  4. For example, if it is Spam, then you select Spam and so on
  5. After the reporting process is sent, Instagram will first check it
  6. If it is considered a violation, then the post will be deleted
  7. Done

Report Fake Instagram Account

The next way to report Instagram accounts is specifically for fake or fake Instagram accounts. So what if you see a fake Instagram account, you must immediately report it so that Instagram will immediately delete it.

Here’s how to report a fake Instagram account:

  1. First, please visit the fake Instagram account profile that you are going to report.
  2. Then tap the 3-dot icon in the upper right corner.
  3. then please select the Report to report fake Instagram account
  4. Click On the Report Account OptionReport Fake Instagram Account
  5. Next you select It’s Pretending to be Someone elsehow to report Instagram account
  6. If the Instagram account is a fake that fakes your identity, then select MeReport Fake Instagram Account
  7. Done

Then wait for your report until Instagram checks the report you did. This method is very effective for reporting Instagram accounts such as online fraud and fake or fake accounts.

Report Spam Instagram Account

The last way to report an Instagram account is if there are posts that comment spam such as promotions or selling some products that are considered disturbing and unrelated to the post.

Or even you want to report some comments that are considered to violate the norms such as expressions of hatred, harassment, containing adult elements, bullying and several other things.

Here’s how to report a spam Instagram account:

  1. First, please open the post of some comments that you want to report.
  2. Then select the comment you want to report
  3. Then press the exclamation mark at the top right.
  4. Next, please select Spam if you think the comment is spam and violates the policy.
  5. Finally, please wait for the reporting process because it will be checked by Instagram first
  6. If successful, the spam  comment earlier will be deleted immediately
  7. Done


So, that was the discussion about how to report the Instagram accounts of fraudsters, spammers or fake accounts so that they are lost and forfeited, how easy is it, isn’t it? That way you don’t have to be confused anymore.

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So, hopefully this discussion can be very useful for all of you and don’t forget to share this post on social media so that other Instagram users also know this. Thank you

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