how to reload chunks in minecraft

how to reload chunks in minecraft

Chunks in Minecraft are the 16×16 blocks of space that help the game’s map generator manage world generation. However, sometimes problems can occur, for example B. Biomes not loading correctly. Also, snippets may not display well on your screen when you join a server.

You can simply reload the shards to get rid of such issues and keep your game running smoothly. If you don’t know how to reload shards, you can follow the guide below to reload shards in minecraft. 

How do I reload chunks in Minecraft?

Reloading snippets in the Java edition is very easy. You can hold down the F3 key and press A on your keyboard. Shards will reload immediately if the key combination forces Minecraft to reload previously loaded shards.

The process is very useful when your snippets break on a server. If reloading shards doesn’t resolve your error, exit the world and rejoin. This will reload the shards and hopefully clear the error.

How do I reload chunks in Minecraft

It’s best to remember that the above process is unique to Java. There is no shortcut or command to reload shards in Minecraft. So the best approach is to exit and re-enter the game or server you are on. You can also restart the game if you exit and enter the world or if the server is down.

Other useful shortcuts

Some other keyboard shortcuts may prove useful for your adventures in Minecraft Java. Listed below are the shortcuts and their functions:


open Debug screen

Hold Shift and press F3

open Debug screen with profiler graph

Hold Alt and press F3

open Debug screen with frame-time graph

Hold F3 and press S

reload all client resources loaded from the web

Hold F3 and press T

reload all textures

Hold F3 and press D

clear chat history

Hold F3 and press F

increase render distance

Hold Shift and press F3 + F

decrease render distance

Hold F3 and press P

toggle auto-pause when another window is focused

Hold F3 and press H

toggle detailed item descriptions

Hold F3 and press B

toggle hitboxes for mobs

Hold F3 and press G

toggle chunk borders in the world

Hold F3 and press N

switch between Spectator and Creative game modes

Hold F3 and press I

copy block or entity data to clipboard

Hold F3 and press Esc

pause game without opening pause menu


How can I see the chunks in Minecraft?

You can see the shards around you in Minecraft by holding down F3 and pressing the G key. You can see borders around the shards that help you distinguish the different shards in your world.

A red vertical line at all corners separates the pieces. But the block he is on has blue lines on the corners and yellow and blue horizontal lines on each block, in a cage-like pattern.

How can I see the chunks in Minecraft

How big are the chunks in Minecraft?

As mentioned, shards are 16 by 16 block spaces that the map generator uses to create the world. However, the block contains all blocks vertically, including air, so it is 384 blocks high. In addition, it has a total of 98,304 blocks.

What are minecraft spawn shards?

Spawn Chunks are the chunks around the spawn point of the world. You can set it with a command, or it will automatically set itself to the place where you generated it first. The unique thing about the spawn point is that it always stays charged no matter how far you move.

For example, if your config is set to load 12 shards and you move 20 shards from the first shard, it will delete all previously loaded shards. The process helps the game make more room for new shards. However, the spawn shard is an exception to this mechanic, which is always stored in memory.

So if you have a Redstone compartment in the spawn shard, it will still go wherever you are in the overworld. Unfortunately, a lot of activity in the spawn chunk can cause your game to lag as it consumes additional RAM.

How do you keep a piece charged in Minecraft?

The easiest way to keep a shard charged is to continuously dump items and entities into that shard using a nether portal, dispenser, and redstone circuit. However, this can be quite tricky.

Another way to keep one or more fragments loaded is to create a circuit that starts at your spawn fragment. However, the biggest drawback is that the snippet you want to keep loaded can be quite far from the spawn snippet. All chunks in the way must also remain charged.


The best thing to remember is that loading a chunk takes up more memory. So, the more chunks you load, the higher your memory usage will be, which in turn will overheat your PC and make the game stale.

Can I reset shards in Minecraft?

There is no way to reset your shards directly in Minecraft. However, you can do this by installing third-party apps. Also, keep in mind that resetting your shards will mean erasing everything you’ve ever done in the world. Your world will be reset to the way it was originally created.

You can back up your world beforehand so you don’t lose your progress if something unexpected happens during the reset.

How do I remove fragments in Minecraft?

Clearing shards can be very useful in Minecraft, especially if you’re playing an older version and continuing your progress. You can remove previously uploaded snippets and regenerate them into newer versions.

Unfortunately, Minecraft does not have a built-in function to remove fragments. However, you can use third-party apps and plugins, such as MCEdit and MCA Selector. However, each one has its unique process and in some cases it is quite complicated.

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Therefore, when using these apps to remove and regenerate fragments, it is better to check the detailed tutorials beforehand. You can also back up your world so you don’t accidentally lose progress.

Why are my Kibbles charging slowly?

If you have a maximum viewing distance for snippets (16 snippets, more if you use OptiFine), your snippets may load very slowly. In some cases, they may not load at all. It mainly happens because you are trying to load maximum chunks at a time.

Why are my Kibbles charging slowly

You can easily avoid such circumstances by reducing the chunk processing distance in the settings. If you think you have a minimum render distance, try giving Minecraft more access to RAM using the Minecraft Launcher. You can do this by using the Edit option for the game version and changing the JVM argument Xmx2G (defaults to use 2GB RAM) to Xmx4G. Switching 2G to 4G in the argument allows Minecraft to use 4 gigabytes of RAM instead of 2 from your PC.

However, if you are still experiencing shard loading delays, try reloading the shards by pressing F3 + A. Restarting the world will also reload the shards in your game.

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