how to post multiple photos on instagram

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If you are a true fan of Instagram, you will fully know the possibilities of the social network of the moment. One of the most successful is multiple image uploads. But do you know exactly how to post multiple photos on instagram Here we give you all the clues.

Instagram allows you to upload several photos to the same publication. Sometimes, a moment can not only be explained with an image, renouncing the philosophy of the “instamoment”, and more photos are needed to be able to express everything that is behind: the experiences, the emotions, the feelings, what is not known. go…. Instagram realized this and wanted to offer this new possibility to all its users.

If you still don’t know how to do it, don’t worry, we’ll tell you about it step by step below (with video included).

how to post multiple photos on instagram

The reality is that uploading multiple photos to the same Instagram post is very simple.

You just have to select the “Multiple selection” option that appears when you are going to upload a photo, that is, when you click on the “+” that appears in the middle of the options on the bottom bar of Instagram.

How to upload multiple photos to Instagram?

The “Multiple Selection” option is activated by clicking on the third icon that appears when uploading images. Although if you press for 2 seconds an image from the mobile gallery, as you can see in our video later, the option is automatically selected.

How to upload multiple photos to Instagram?

On Instagram you can apply filters to images or edit them individually.

By clicking “Next“, you will be in the next step, time to sort the images if they have not been selected in order as we said. But it is also time to decide whether to apply any of the free Instagram filters to the images in the “Filter” option or if you want to edit the snapshots in the “Edit” option. Both options appear in the bottom bar of Instagram.

The social network allows you to apply your favorite filters and editing tools to the entire publication as a whole or to each photo individually. These multiple posts not only support photos, but can also be made with videos.

The last step comes after selecting the “Next” option again. It is time to write the copy or text that will accompany the image gallery. It will also be time to tag other users, if you want, in the option “Tag people” or enter the location by clicking on “Add location“.

It is important to know that Instagram allows you to apply your preferred filters and editing tools to the entire publication in its entirety or to each photo individually. These multiple posts not only support photos but can also be made with videos. A perfect solution for those who need to maintain a more audiovisual feed.

Instagram allows you to select up to a maximum of 10 photos to post in a single post as a carousel.

How many images can be uploaded to Instagram in a single post?

The application allows you to select up to a maximum of 10 photos to publish in a single publication as a carousel or gallery. At the time of selection from the gallery you decide the number of photos you want and their order. This means that the first selected photo will appear as the cover of the carousel, the second in second place and so on… Although, if you prefer, in the next step you can also change the order. Of course, in our opinion the selection in the first step is much more comfortable since it is more visible and you can see all the thumbnail images.

How to make a collage of images on Instagram

As we mentioned before, a single photo is not always enough to express all the meaning of the moment. For those cases, carousel photos are the best alternative.

But if you are one of those who prefers to use a collage or montage of photos, on Instagram you also have the possibility. To access the functionality, select the “Layout” option. With it you can combine images and share them directly on the social network.

How to make a collage of images on Instagram

These types of publications are very useful for a type of DIY content, Do It Yourself, so fashionable lately, since they allow you to tell step by step how to do something by giving the possibility of adding images as a montage. In this type of content, the visual image is necessary for the user and having this material is interesting to understand the process in its entirety.

How to upload videos with a “boomerang” effect

And the last option for uploading images on Instagram is “Boomerang“. To access the option to create boomerang videos, you have to select the “infinity icon” that appears among the options offered by Instagram.

How to upload videos with a "boomerang" effect

How to delete images on Instagram

Sometimes we take a look at the feed and discover images that are no longer to our liking. Photos that we would rather not have there. Well now, with Instagram you can delete those photos that you regret. Whether it is an individual image or a gallery, there is a solution.

How to remove images from a carousel? You simply have to select the photo and activate the “Archive” option in the drop-down menu.

Since Instagram took off in 2010, its growth has been unstoppable, and it still is today. Instagram has managed to react in time to all changes. The incorporation of Instagram Shopping has been a great success for the company. Like the stories and advertising on Instagram.

How to make adjustments to multiple images at once on Instagram

Once we have selected the multiple images that we are going to upload to our post, we can adjust the size of each one of them before clicking “Next“.

Once we have clicked on “Next“, it shows us the strip of images that we have selected and we can apply a filter and / or edit them.

At the moment, Instagram only allows you to publish square format images, it does not accept landscape or verticals.

How to publish several images in the same Instagram post

When you click on the “+” option to publish a post, three images will appear as metaphors: the “Boomerang” option, the “Layout” option (you have to download this option before you can use it) and the “Multiple Selection“. The latter will appear as two almost overlapping squares.

Remember! You must have the application updated so that it always shows you the latest news.

How to edit a post on Instagram

Attentive because… Instagram already has the option to edit your publications incorporated! Sometimes it happens to us that we publish on Instagram and something does not convince us or we discover that we have made a mistake. Now you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

As simple as it is intuitive: you just have to go to your Instagram feed, select the post you want to modify, click on the menu, which will be displayed as a metaphor with three small dots in a vertical row, and select the option “Edit“.

What can you do from here? Modify the caption text, incorporate hashtags, add or change the location and tag other users in the image. Once you have made the changes you consider, you just have to click on the blue tick and your post will be automatically modified.

The only downside? At the moment, Instagram does not allow you to edit the images already published.

How to edit photos posted on Instagram

Unfortunately at the moment it is not possible. As we mentioned just above, at the moment it is not possible to change or edit an image already published on your Instagram account.

Yes, you can edit text, locations, hashtags, etc, but you can NOT change or modify the image. You could only delete it if you don’t want to continue viewing or archiving it.

Why is quality lost in Instagram stories?

Instagram stories are the ideal format to share content with your audience. It is a very attractive way to increase the awareness and engagement of your target audience. Therefore, it is essential to check that the images or videos you publish are optimized for the application.

There is nothing that bothers more than posting a story on Instagram with all the illusion in the world and realizing after a lot of quality has been lost. That photo looked perfect on your phone, right?

If you want to avoid blurring your photos, here are 3 essential tricks you can use to minimize the problem.

Update the Instagram app

Although it seems very basic, the first thing you have to take into account is to check that you have the updated Instagram application. Normally, the app itself does it by default, but it is essential that you check it because you will notice an improvement in the quality of the photos.

Use the Instagram camera

Surely, your mobile camera is much more powerful than Instagram’s own, but the latter is better optimized for the format that the application needs. Choose to take photos directly from the Instagram camera to avoid getting pixelated or distorted.

Use photo editing apps

Instagram limits the size and quality of photos to a maximum of 1080 × 1920 pixels. Therefore, if your camera has the capacity to take photos with a higher resolution, the application will automatically compress them, since it will not be optimized for Instagram. 

The solution? Use photo editing applications to adjust the resolution or compress the image to fit the Instagram format, without losing quality. Not only will they help you solve this problem, but they are also fun to use and allow you to customize your stories.

HERE you can find the top 5 apps for editing photos on iOS and Andriod!

How to upload photos to Instagram from PC or Mac

Thanks to the help provided by one of our readers, we have found out that, indeed, you can upload photos to Instagram from your PC with a few tricks. There they go! 😉

  1. First of all you must make sure you have the latest version of your browser updated.
  2. Then go to and log in from your PC or Mac.
  3. Now, click with the right button of the mouse and select the option to “inspect”: this way you can access the customization menu of your browser.
  4. At the top left, in the “Toggle Device Toolbar”, the icon of two different sized phones appears. Select this option to view Instagram in its mobile version or press the F12 key. Here it is in blue in the image.
  5. Next, press F5 to update the changes in the browser.
  6. The “+” icon will appear. Ready to publish your photo or your story!

In short, we are “entering” Instagram from the mobile by the device configuration even though we are actually using the computer. He will ask us if we do not want to use the app, we say no 😉

If the “+” does not appear to upload the photo, refresh the screen with the F5. Sometimes it costs him a couple of times, but you will see how in the end it appears.

Now that you know how to upload the photos to Instagram from your PC, it is time to make the modifications you want, add filters, write the caption, add the location and tag people…. exactly the same as if you did it from your mobile phone.

Our specialists tell us that this functionality is, in reality, a bug (error) of the Instagram platform and that it could be modified at any time.

Other questions from Instagram users

Here we leave you some of the questions that you leave us in our comments and that we think may be useful to other readers. We thank you all for your collaboration.

The “multiple selection” button has disappeared, how do I upload multiple photos to Instagram?

Although the multi-select button disappears, if you choose an image to upload and hold it down, you are given the option to select several more images. In the event that the button disappears, try this trick.

Can I upload photos to Instagram from a laptop?

Yes, you can do it with the trick that we have explained above of going to “inspect” your website and select the mobile device. Once you have selected your mobile, you will find the button to upload images to your Instagram account.

How to change your username on Instagram

Enter Instagram and select your profile icon at the bottom right of your mobile screen.

Once inside the main page of your profile, where you see your publications, you can choose the “EDIT” option. When you click edit, a new screen opens where you can:

  • Change your profile picture
  • Change your name (the one shown as primary name)
  • Change your username
  • Modify your website
  • Change your bio

In addition, on this same screen it is allowed to modify public information of the company such as:

  • Page
  • Category
  • Contact options
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Profile view

A quick and easy way to modify all the information in your account.

How to change your Instagram (main) profile picture

To modify your Instagram profile photo and change it for another, you just have to follow these simple steps.

  1. Enter the Instagram app
  2. Select your profile in the lower right part of the application
  3. Hit EDIT
  4. At the top of the new screen that has just opened, click on “Change profile photo.” This opens up several options:
  • Delete current photo
  • Import the image from Facebook
  • Take a picture
  • Choose photo from your mobile library

That’s how easy it is to change your profile picture on Instagram.

Instagram is the preferred social network for millennials and not so millennials. And it seems that it will continue to be for a long time.

If you want to get the most out of it, in addition to learning how to upload several photos to Instagram to improve your business, contact us: we will develop a Social Media Marketing strategy together so that your company has the best content on Social Media. Contact us!

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