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how to play gomoku

In order to win in Gomoku, you have to formulate a strategy after holding down the basic rules such as winning patterns and forbidden hands. The key to winning in Gomoku is to actively make 43. In this article, we will introduce patterns and apps for practicing, so please refer to them.

What is Gomoku?

What is Gomoku

We have touched on winning patterns, forbidden hands, and tips for advancing the game in an advantageous way, but here we will also touch on what kind of game Gomoku is.

Gomoku is a board game played by two people. This is a simple game that uses Go tools to place stones alternately on the board and compete for which one will arrange 5 stones in a straight line first. Similar to Go, two players alternate one black and one white stone on the board.

There is basically no problem where you put it. However, once placed, the stone cannot be moved or removed. The winner is to arrange 5 stones of your own color in a straight line (vertical, horizontal, or 45 degree diagonal) first.

What are the tips for arranging Gomoku?

I think there are many people who have done Gomoku once at school. Gomoku is a play that is surprisingly deep and requires tips to win.

The first thing to keep in mind when arranging Gomoku is to stop when three opponent’s stones are lined up. If you leave the three stones side by side, the fourth one will be placed in the next turn, and even if you stop one side in a hurry, the game will be next. If three opponent’s stones are lined up, you need to put your own stone on one end of the triple stones to block it.

There are various patterns in Gomoku, and the trick to increase the winning percentage is to keep in mind that there is a pattern called joseki.

how to win gomoku: Winning method

The winning method of Gomoku is to make the shape of 43 so that the opponent does not understand it. The trick is to make 43 relatively diagonally. It’s a good idea to remember, as it makes it harder for the other person to notice.

The trick to remembering this shape is to be aware of the four parts. Inevitably, white has to prevent four, so put it in four places. Then, Kuroishi will be completely free with no white stones on either side, so he can win.

One thing to keep in mind when making this shape is that if you focus on making the forty-three, you may miss the completely free three or four.

gomoku pattern

gomoku pattern

When arranging Gomoku, there are some patterns that can give you an advantage in the game if you keep it in mind. Making the forty-three shapes mentioned earlier is also a commonly used pattern.

This forty-three is very important, and the trick is to make “flying fourty-three”, making “fourty-four”, and making “flying fourty-four”, and it will be a winning pattern. Gomoku is also a basic pattern, so be sure to remember and practice it when you play against each other.

Keep in mind that the tricks of these patterns are that they are placed relatively diagonally so that they are less likely to be noticed by the other party.

gomoku Kinjite

gomoku Kinjite

In Gomoku, there is a way to place stones called Kinjite. In addition, it is provided on the black on the play, which is advantageous for Gomoku. What kind of stone is the forbidden person?

First of all, it is a forbidden person called “Sansan Ban”. This is to make two or more three at the same time. In addition, there is also a forbidden hand called “four-four forbidden”. This is to make two or more fours at the same time. Whenever you make these forbidden moves, the first move, Black, is forbidden to win.

The first move must be careful, as the forbidden move is provided only in the case of the first move that is advantageous. It is also important to note that if the forbidden hand and the forbidden hand are established at the same time, the forbidden hand has priority.

If you become an intermediate player or above, there is a technique to successfully invite the forbidden move of the first move as a trick to win even if you are behind, so practice it if possible

What are the basic rules of Gomoku?

What are the basic rules of Gomoku?

The basic rule of Gomoku is that one of them wins by arranging 5 stones in a straight line first.

Before starting the game, decide the first move and the second move. After that, the game starts from the place where the first black is placed. There is a forbidden move because the black on the play is advantageous when placed in a row of five.

However, there is no forbidden hand in white, which is behind. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if the white one makes 33 or 44.

If the game progresses and you can no longer place stones on the board in both black and white, the game ends in a draw. In addition, it will be a draw if you cannot win or lose even if you advance the game further.

What are the tips for winning in Gomoku?

how to win gomoku

The key to winning in Gomoku is not only to prevent four, but it is also important to block one or the other at the time of three. If you leave the third in the free state, there is a possibility that the fourth in the free state will be created without noticing it.

In addition, if you can make the stone into a square shape, or more specifically a diamond shape, the winning percentage will increase, which is a necessary trick to win in Gomoku.

However, when it comes to white on the play, black on the play is inevitably advantageous. Therefore, the key to victory is to actively make 33 and 44, which are forbidden in black on the play.

What are the tips for choosing a Gomoku app for beginners?

In recent years, Gomoku apps have been enhanced, and there are apps that teach you while practicing winning patterns and tips from the basic rules.

There are several recommended apps, “Gomoku Beginners-Introduction to Gomoku Starting from Zero”, “Gomoku Master”, and “Gomoku-Standard Board Game”. What kind of function does each app have? I will also introduce the tips for making good use of the app.

Gomoku For beginners-Introduction to getting stronger starting from zero Gomoku

“Gomoku Beginners-Introduction to Gomoku Starting from Zero” is an app for beginners who want to start Gomoku. Its features include rules and functions just for enjoying the classic board game Gomoku. In addition, there is also an interpersonal battle function that allows you to play against two people, so you can also play against your friends.

In addition, since it is equipped with a weak AI, you can practice Gomoku in a little time, and it is an application equipped with functions for those who want to learn the basics of Gomoku.

The trick to making good use of this app is to play Gomoku in your spare time. It is also recommended for those who want to know the basics of Gomoku and those who want to practice with weak opponents.

Dr. Gomoku Master

“Dr. Gomoku Master” is an app that lets you play online rather than practicing the basics. Opponents are available not only in Japan but all over the world, and you can play against various opponents.

In this app, the Go board and Go stones are very realistic, and you can feel something close to the feeling of actually arranging Gomoku. The trick to making good use of this app is to play a lot of battles and get some sense.

Gomoku-A classic board game

Unlike the two apps introduced earlier, “Gomoku Free-Go-Standard Board Game” allows you to select up to 9 levels of CPU strength, and you can play against each other according to your level. Of course, you can also play interpersonal battles.

Other functions are perfect for practicing, as you can click on waits, hints, etc., and even if you feel you made a mistake, you can go back once.

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As an app for beginners, it has a high reputation and you can change the strength of your enemies as you level up. The trick to making good use of this app is to gain the ability to beat CPU level 9 at first, and then to engage in interpersonal battles. The nice thing about this app is that you can fight players from all over the world, saving you the trouble of searching for other apps.

To learn the tips to become stronger with Gomoku

Gomoku looks like a simple game at first glance, but it’s actually a very deep game, and you can discover different ways to enjoy it by playing it.

There are winning patterns such as 43 to win in Gomoku, and as a knack, if you remember the procedure, you can advance the game to your advantage. In addition, black on the play is advantageous, but there is a forbidden move on the play, and white on the play may be enough to win.

Some people use the app in their spare time to strengthen Gomoku. Recent apps have a lot of functions such as basic parts, pattern practice, and interpersonal battles, so if you want your opponent to be surprised, we recommend practicing with the app.


What is the goal of Gomoku?

The goal of Gomoku game is to form an unbroken chain of five stones of your color in one line. So the winner is the first player which connects a line of five stones either horizontally, vertically or diagonally

how to win gomoku?

The winning method of Gomoku is to make the shape of 43 so that the opponent does not understand it. The trick is to make 43 relatively diagonally. It’s a good idea to remember, as it makes it harder for the other person to notice.