How to Permanently Delete WhatsApp Account

Do you intend to delete your WhatsApp account? Before doing so, it’s good to know the terms and what happens after the whatsapp account is deleted. Here, you will also find out how to completely delete a WhatsApp account via phone.
How to Permanently Delete WhatsApp Account
As we already know, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application on mobile devices today. WhatsApp is capable of sending text messages, images, videos, and even being able to send files to each other.
In addition, WhatsApp’s easy-to-understand features make this application very popular with many people from easy to old. No wonder the number of WhatsApp users in the world has crossed 1.5 billion.
However, behind the popularity of WhatsApp, there may be some users who want to stay away from WhatsApp for some reason. Therefore, WhatsApp itself provides a feature to delete a WhatsApp account as a solution.
However, before you make a decision to delete a Whatsapp account, it’s good to know the important points of deleting a WhatsApp account. Starting from what the effects are to the conditions that must be met first.

What Happens After Delete WhatsApp Account?

Although according to some people, how to delete a WhatsApp account is very easy, but unfortunately there are still a few who don’t know what effects occur after the WhatsApp account has been deleted.
Here are the effects after deleting a whatsapp account:
  • Remove membership from all your WhatsApp groups.
  • Delete the message history in WhatsApp.
  • Delete account info to WhatsApp profile photos.
  • Delete all WhatsApp backups on Google Drive.
  • The number will not appear on WhatsApp.
After you already know the effects that occur when the WhatsApp account has been deleted. You should also understand the terms and conditions for deleting a WhatsApp account, including the following:
  • WhatsApp number must be active.
  • WhatsApp account cannot be opened and accessed again.
  • Delete the WhatsApp account will not affect messages that have been sent before.
  • The process of deleting a WhatsApp account can take up to 90 days.
  • Your personal information residing on Facebook will also be deleted.
  • WhatsApp numbers that have been deleted can be re-registered.
If you already know the effects, terms, and conditions regarding deleting your WhatsApp account above and want to decide to do it anyway. The following are the steps for deleting a WhatsApp account below.

How to Permanently Delete WhatsApp Account

Deleting a WhatsApp account must use the WhatsApp application on mobile devices such as Android phones, iPhones and iPads. Also make sure your device is connected to a stable internet network so that there are no problems.
Here’s how to delete a WhatsApp account:
  1. First open the WhatsApp app on your phone.
  2. Then select the Settings menu > Account in the upper right corner.How to Permanently Delete WhatsApp Account
  3. Select the Delete My Account menu at the bottom.
  4. Enter WhatsApp number with country code.
  5. Fill in the reason for deleting the WhatsApp account (you don’t have to fill it in).
  6. The last step is to press the Delete My Account button. 
    How to Permanently Delete WhatsApp Account
  7. Provisions will appear when the WhatsApp account is deleted.
  8. Done, the whatsapp account has been successfully deleted.
The WhatsApp number is inactive and makes it unable to receive messages and even be opened by other people. All chats in the WhatsApp application and backup files on Google Drive will be deleted. You will also leave all WhatsApp groups without exception.
You can use the same number to register a WhatsApp account again. But all the data stored on the Whatsapp number has been deleted so you will start from scratch.
This method is often used to reset a WhatsApp account to return to like new or the beginning of creation. The reason is that after deleting a WhatsApp account, all chat and WhatsApp group data will be permanently deleted.
Although classified as very simple and only requires a few steps. However, this WhatsApp account deletion feature is very useful for deleting WhatsApp accounts themselves and others.
This is an article on how to permanently delete a WhatsApp account. Hopefully by knowing this guide, you can add insight and be useful to your experience using the WhatsApp application.

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