How to Make my Instagram Private

How to Make Instagram Private

Instagram is a social media that can be accessed and used by anyone. But have you ever thought about locking your Instagram account so that it can’t be seen by just anyone? Take it easy, you can try how to make my Instagram account private.

Instagram is a very popular social media for all people. Instagram itself continues to strive to make this photo and video sharing platform comfortable for Instagram users to use.

One of the most popular complaints from Instagram users is related to privacy. They want their Instagram account to be more private and not visible to everyone.

If you are one of the Instagram users who are worried about this, then you can use the features provided by Instagram.

This feature is able to hide all your posts, be it photos or videos for Instagram users who have not followed or followed your Instagram account.

With this feature, you can better maintain the privacy of your Instagram account from people you don’t want. Apart from that, there are several other reasons that Instagram users want to protect their privacy, and here are the reviews.

Learn How to Make my Instagram Private

Why Instagram Account Must Be Locked

Most Instagram users complain about interference from certain people or Instagram accounts. Because if your Instagram account is not private, then everyone can access and communicate with you.

In addition, there are other disturbances that are quite disturbing. Here are the reasons why IG accounts need to be locked or private:

  • Getting DMs with elements of cyberbullying, harsh words, body shaming and cursing language styles.
  • Posts taken by irresponsible people.
  • Often get tags from unrelated posts.
  • Avoid privacy that is too open to everyone.
  • Resolve spam comments or from unknown Instagram accounts.
  • Overcome stalkers who secretly visit profiles frequently.

How to Lock Instagram Account

Instagram provides a private account feature that aims to make your Instagram account more secure and avoid annoying people. You can activate this feature whenever you want.

How to lock an Instagram account is arguably very easy to do. In fact, there are 2 ways to do it, the first is using a mobile device such as an Android phone or iPhone.

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While the second method is to use a desktop device such as a PC or laptop. For more details on how to change an Instagram account to a private account, please read further below.

How to Create a Private Instagram Account on Phone

How to Make Instagram Private

You can change your Instagram account to private easily via the Instagram application on your Android or iPhone. You simply follow the following steps below.

Here’s how to turn Instagram into a private account using a phone:

  1. Open the Instagram application on your cellphone.
  2. Login using your Insta account first.
  3. Then go to your IG profile page.
  4. Go to the Settings menu > Privacy.
  5. Then select the Account Privacy menu.
  6. Enable the Private Account option.
  7. Tap OK to agree to change the account to private.
  8. Finished.

After that your Instagram account will change to a private account. But if you have problems because you don’t find the menus described above, make sure you’re using the latest version of the Instagram application.

How to Create Private Instagram Account on PC

You can also change your Instagram account to private via a PC or laptop. The method is also not much different from the Instagram smartphone application.

Here’s how to turn Instagram into a private account on PC:

  1. Run your browser like chrome, firefox, or opera.
  2. Then visit the website
  3. Log in using your Instagram account.
  4. Go to Profile then click on Edit Profile button.
  5. Click the Privacy and Security menu.
  6. Put a check mark in the Personal Account box.
  7. If a confirmation appears regarding changing account privacy, click OK.
  8. Finished.

After you have successfully followed the guide above, it is certain that your Instagram account has been successfully locked and turned into a private account.

What’s the Difference between Instagram Private Accounts?

After you already know how to change a public account to private so that it is locked through the guide above. There are several things you should know about the differences, advantages and disadvantages of a private Instagram account.

Advantages of Private Instagram Accounts:

  • Privacy is more maintained because posts can only be seen by followers.
  • Can avoid data theft from your posts.
  • Overcome stalkers who often take content or posts.
  • Can avoid interference from Insta accounts that you do not know.
  • Can filter for Instagram accounts to follow.

Disadvantages of Private Instagram Accounts:

  • Every Instagram account that follows, must be confirmed first.
  • Someone who wants to see your Instagram account will be blocked.
  • A business IG account cannot be converted into a private account.
  • Not suitable for IG account types that aim to sell.

Instagram Private Questions

Can a locked Instagram Account be opened to public again?

The answer is yes, you can simply disable the private account feature in the settings in the privacy menu.

Will a locked Instagram account make followers disappear?

No, the process of changing your Instagram account to private will not have any impact on the number of your followers.

Who can see Instagram Private account posts?

Only followers can see posts from private Instagram accounts.

Who can like and comment on Instagram Private accounts?

Only followers can see, like and comment on private Instagram account posts.

Thus the article on how to make my Instagram account private so you can lock your Instagram account so that no on e can see your profile.

Before you change the privacy of your Instagram account to private, make sure you understand first what happens after you do it.