How to Leave WhatsApp Groups Without Knowing

Do you currently want to leave one of the whatsapp groups but are afraid of being seen by admins or group members? Don’t worry, because we will show you how to leave a whatsapp group without being noticed.
As we all know apart from being used to send and receive messages, WhatsApp also has a myriad of features related to communication via the internet.
One feature that is quite helpful is the whatsapp group, in the group you can interact with fellow group members such as sending chats, files, or so on.
When you join a whatsapp group, all group members will definitely know when that time is and also who invited you to enter.
This is because every member gets a notification or notification, so when you leave the group. Anyone will see and know it, but there is a trick to leave the whatsapp group secretly and politely so that other people don’t know it, as we share below.

How to leave a whatsapp group without being known by changing numbers

To leave the WhatsApp group without being noticed by others, there are 2 ways you can do it. One of the best ways is to change the wa number itself.
Although this method is somewhat complicated because you have to prepare a SIM card or a different cellphone number, this method is the most natural in our opinion. Because anyone would think it was someone else because the number was different and not stored on their cell phone contacts.
But the drawback is that you can lose all your WhatsApp data including chats that have been around for a long time, for that it would be better if you back up or backup WhatsApp data first.
Here’s how to leave a WhatsApp group without the admin and members knowing:
How to leave a whatsapp group without being known by changing numbers
  1. Make sure you have backed up your WhatsApp data.
  2. Use another number that is already active on the same cellphone.
  3. Please open the WhatsApp application on your Android or iOS phone.
  4. After that tap on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the application.
  5. Then select Settings.
  6. Tap on wa profile photo.
  7. Select on the phone section, and Continue.
  8. Enter the old cellphone number in the top column and the new number at the bottom.
  9. Later you will send a verification code via SMS to the new number.
  10. Leave the whatsapp group.
  11. Clear whatsapp app data.
  12. And re-enter the old number.
That way later your wa number has been successfully replaced, of course all contacts will be reset. They don’t save your new number, but they will get a notification that you have changed your whatsapp number.
When you log back in with your old WhatsApp number, you can restore all data, be it chats, photos, or videos, if you previously made a backup.

How to leave a WA group secretly without changing numbers

If you think you change the number just to get out of the WhatsApp group so you don’t get caught, it’s too complicated, here we will provide another alternative, which is to leave the wa group secretly without the need to change your cellphone number.
It’s just that this method has a drawback, namely if someone, either an admin or a member in the group, has saved your number in their cellphone contact, they will know that you are out of the WhatsApp group.
To make sure whether your friends or other people have saved your number, please read the following article: How to find out if your WhatsApp number is saved or not
Well if they haven’t saved your number, then you don’t need to worry because we only need to make a few changes to disguise the identity of our WhatsApp account.
Steps on how to leave the wa group without being caught:
How to leave a WA group secretly without changing numbers
  1. Open whatsapp.
  2. Then go to the settings page.
  3. Tap on your wa account.
  4. Change the profile photo then tap the pencil icon and select Delete.
  5. In the name section, please change it to a pseudonym.
  6. You can also fill in WhatsApp info as desired.
  7. Please save and leave the whatsapp group.
After leaving the whatsapp group that you think is not important, you can change your WhatsApp account data as before. In this way your WhatsApp data will not be lost at all like the first method.
In addition to the methods above, we also provide some suggestions that might help you if you intend to leave the WhatsApp group in a better way. Read more below!

Polite Ways to Leave WhatsApp Groups

Not only in the real world, when using social media such as whatsapp we also need to hold fast to a polite attitude when in front of people older than us.
Therefore it is not true if you leave a WhatsApp group secretly. Because this is the same thing as lying, so don’t forget to say goodbye first.
It would be better to start the message with greetings to all group members and admins before leaving the group. Also write down some reasons why you want to leave the group, for example, like your cellphone storage is full, and so on.
That’s how to get out of the WhatsApp group that we can share. If you’re not sure whether to leave or delete the group, you can just mute the chat notifications so they don’t interfere and appear on your cellphone screen.

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