how to know if someone restricted you on instagram

Millions of people around the world use Instagram as one of their favorite social networks. The application developed the Restrict tool, to control the interaction between two users. Even thousands of people have used it to avoid bullying, but how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram

Restrict feature on Instagram

Instagram and all social networks work hard to reduce cyberbullying. Until recently there was only the option to block and hide history from a user. However, the first one was not so useful, since the user could quickly notice that he has been blocked and take action on it.

To avoid, or at least reduce, this kind of inconvenience, Instagram created the Restrict tool. Using this tool it is extremely difficult for the other user to know when they have been restricted. This is because you will still see all the posts, and you will be able to send messages and comment on the photos.

However, despite the user being able to do this, all of these reactions will not show up on your profile. That is, neither you nor other users will be able to see the comments of that person. In addition, the messages that I send you will be in the Message Request section.

how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram

So now that you know how the restrict tool works, it is time for us to tell you how to know if you are restricted on Instagram. The first thing you should know is that there is no direct method to know if this happens. Because that is exactly the goal of the function.

You won’t get a notification when they do, and obviously, you won’t be able to tell from your profile. But, if the user has a public account, you can access their profile from a web browser using the URL. Next, you need to find a post that you commented on and search for your comment. If this appears, it is most likely that you are not restricted.

4 Ways to Check how do you know if you are restricted on Instagram?

To know if someone restricted you on Instagram, comment on their post and check if it’s showing directly on their post.

If it showed up, this means you are still not restricted. However, if it’s not showing, this means there is a high probability that you’ve been restricted. To make sure you can check and follow their activity status.

1. Check your comments on their posts

When you want to know if someone restricts you, and you’ve already commented on their post. The only way to know is to check if your comment is shown on their post.

Now, if you can’t see it, this means you are restricted. However, you can try other methods to confirm. But this one is enough to give you the first confirmation sign. There is another way also to find out if your comments are shown or not.

So head over to one of your friends or family members Instagram accounts. Then check your old comments on the user’s posts. If your comments aren’t available in public, and you can’t locate them, this means they’ve restricted you.

2. Try sending them a Direct Message

One of the common ways to know if someone restricted you on Instagram is by sending them a test message.

Go to your Instagram inbox and send them a message, then wait until you get the response. If you usually receive a response fast, this might be that you are restricted, but your friend don’t want to show you that they did it.

Now, if you send them a message and don’t receive a response as usual, your message might be transferred to their request inbox. This confirms that you’re restricted on Instagram.

3. Check if they’re still following you

If someone decided to restrict you on Instagram, they might unfollow you if they decided to.

Unlikely that they just decide to restrict you without unfollowing you, which is possible. However, when you check your following list, you can find out if he is on your list.

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Now, if you don’t find them on the list, it’s likely that you are restricted. But it can happen only that they unfollowed you. So you have to check also their activity to confirm that.

4. Check their account activity

Checking your friend’s activity also helps you to know more about what’s going on.

So this is another indirect way to know if you are restricted by someone on Instagram. It’s optional to check your friend’s activity to clear your doubts about the restriction.

However, you will not be able to see if they are online and active (Green Dot). Also, you can’t see if they were online before 5 minutes, for example (5 m).

So check their activity by following the last posted story or post. Which helps you to confirm the restriction.


What is the difference between blocking and restricting on Instagram?

When you block someone, they can’t comment on your messages. However, when you restrict one person, both of you can still comment on each other’s messages. This is the important thing. The comment made by the person you have restricted will only be visible to them.

What happens when you restrict someone on Instagram?

And you only if you touch on “See comment”. In addition, this person will not be able to see if we are connected or if we have read his messages. However, the restricted person can continue to view our content, leave comments (even if they are not visible) and send us messages.

When can someone on Instagram be restricted from seeing your posts?

They won’t be able to see your past or future messages even if you have a public profile. That is one of the ways to identify if you have been blocked. On the other hand, when someone is restricted, nothing changes in terms of feed and stories. The restricted person can still see your stories and posts from her.


Determining if you are blocked on Instagram is easy, but determining if you are restricted is much more difficult. Instagram designed the restrict mode to be difficult to determine. The whole reason for it is to limit a user’s interaction with the restricted user without them knowing.

Checking the comments is the easiest and most reliable of the three methods. Sending a DM or checking the activity status is not as reliable as checking the comments.

Use them as extra measures to figure out if you have become restricted or not. Now that you know if you have been restricted or not, you can determine the best path forward. If you have been restricted or blocked, keep calm and try to reflect on the events that led up to this situation.