How to increase merit in PUBG

PUBG merit falls below 60 and can’t play duo or squad? Here’s how to raise pubg’s merit back to 100.

In the PUBG Mobile game, Tencent presents a Merit system, with the aim of maintaining the integrity of the competitive game.

Each player is given 100 points of merit, and this value can go up and down based on the player’s behavior. Merit points that are too low will have a negative impact, such as reducing BP per day or being unable to play in multiplayer mode.

Adding Merit takes a long time. If your pubg merit points are low, here are some ways to increase pubg merit and prevent a decrease in pubg merit.

What is PUBG Merit?

How to increase merit in pubg

PUBG merit is a scale/value that is applied in the PUBG mobile system to find an opponent/match according to the player’s behavior towards colleagues. The goal is to separate toxic players from other players. 

To view pubg merit, all you have to do is go to your profile and click on “Tier Overview” or “Tier Scheme.” The Merit Value will be shown at the bottom left. 

These merit points fluctuate based on in-game player activity and peer reviews after finishing the match.

Each player starts with 100 Merit points. If you take the following actions, PUBG Mobile will reduce your merit points.

  • One team with hackers: If you accidentally cooperate with hackers, there is no deduction for merit points. However, if it turns out that you are on a team with the hacker within 7 days, there will be a reduction of 15 Merit/game. 
  • Using cheats: Players’ accounts will be banned if caught using PUBG cheat software. After the tires are lifted, Merit will be deducted by 60 points.
  • Team Kill: Every time you kill a teammate (and it is detected by the PUBG system), there will be a reduction of 10-30 merit. If your friends report, the merit will be reduced by 20-60 points. 

The PUBG Mobile system works automatically. This means that they do not know if the player intentionally or unintentionally took the action. So you should avoid the above actions if you want to keep your pubg merit points.

What is the Impact of PUBG Low Merit Points? 

Of course, merit is not just a value. The lower the merit (below 100), players will face negative impacts, including:

  • Below 100 Merit: Maximum Battle Points (BP) that can be obtained per day is reduced by 200.
  • 90-60 Merit: BP and exp points will be reduced by 30%. 
  • Below 60 Merit: Players cannot play multiplayer matches in Duo or Squad. BP and exp points will be reduced by 50%.
  • 0 Merit: Banding for 1 week.

How to increase merit in pubg

The only way to increase pubg merit is to play classic mode. If your merit points are below 60, change the matchmaking to SOLO mode and look for classic matches. 

Here are some ways to increase pubg merit:

  • +3 Merit: Finish the match in the top 10
  • +2 Merit: Finish match at rank 11-50
  • +1 Merit: Finish the match at the rank 51-100

This rule applies to solo, duo, and squad modes. But remember, for duo and squad modes, players must have at least 60 Merit. 

If you want the game to end quickly without effort, you can immediately die when playing solo. For example, accidentally falling from a high location (for example a tall building in georgopol, Erangel map), or jumping from a speeding vehicle. Of course, you have to do this repeatedly to increase your merit.

In essence, raising merit that has fallen below 60 points does take intention and time. Make sure next time, don’t bomb your friends on purpose.

(FAQfrequently asked questions About ( how to increase merit in pubg )

What is the cause of less merits?

When you have less than 60% of merit then you have to face some following problems.

  • As You can see this PopUp info is when you have less than 60% of merits.
  • You can’t play with your squad.
  • You can’t play TDM.
  • You can’t allow playing AutoMatching.
  • You have to play alone. (Solo Matches).
  • Your RP’s (Royal Pass) Can be affected.

Why did your merit go down?

Each player starts with 100 Merit.

Misconduct will affect Merit in the following ways:

  • Teaming up with a cheating player: no penalty on 1st offense, but if there are multiple offenses within a 7-day period, then each subsequent offense will result in a 15-Merit loss.
  • Killing Teammates (detected by system): 10-Merit loss on 1st offense. If there are multiple offenses within a 7-day period, then the 2nd offense will result in a 15-Merit loss, and each subsequent offense will result in a 30-Merit loss
  • Killing Teammates (reported by players): 20-Merit loss on 1st offense. If there are multiple offenses within a 7-day period, then the 2nd offense will result in a 30-Merit loss, and each subsequent offense will result in a 60-Merit loss.;
  • Cheating (detected by system): account banned, 60-Merit loss

How do I rank up faster on PUBG Mobile?

I am going to give you a method that is very effective for ranking up faster but it is boring many times and takes a lot of patience:

For this method choose a mode that does not have much competition like duo as squad mode has a lot of competition and you will end up fishing up.

Step 1: Try to land as far as possible from the plane and at a place where people rarely come.

Step 2: Collect as much bandage, medkit, and heals as you can along with a basic gun and some bullets.

Step 3: Follow the blue zone and stop and park the car just inside the zone and then slowly go a bit outside the stopped zone and take damage till like your health become 20% come back near the car and heal with bandages and medkits till you become full again and then do this again as much you can. As healing gives you ranking points.

Step 4: When around 20 people are left then go and get some kills at least 3 and try to die in the top 10 this will increase your survival time and you will get more points

For more bonus points you can knock down your teammate and then revive him and do this again and this will also help you in ranking up.

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