How to increase internet speed

How to increase internet speed
Currently the internet is a major need that can no longer be replaced by anything else. No wonder if the internet is having problems like slow, it will look for ways to increase internet speed by all means.
Maybe you are also confused about what to do if the internet suddenly becomes slow and cannot be used at all. Therefore you need to know some ways that can be practiced when the internet becomes slow.
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Actually, there are many reasons why the internet you are using suddenly becomes slow and cannot function. If you are confused, you can apply several ways to Speedup slow internet on the following android:

Restart Phone

How to increase internet speed
The first method may be a bit common and many judges do not have any effect on the internet on Android. But many also practice this way the internet on Android becomes smooth again and not slow at all.
So when your phone is on for too long then there are already a lot of tasks running and making it strenuous. Well it turns out that when an Android phone becomes heavy, it will have an impact on a slow or slow internet connection.
The solution is also very easy, namely restarting your Android phone and using it again normally and checking whether the internet is slow or not.

Move position

how to speed up a slow internet connection
How to deal with slow internet on the next android may also be known to many people, but on average they still often forget to apply it. The trick is to move to another location until the internet is smooth again.
This place problem is usually very common when you are in a building with very thick concrete. Lots of Android users complain that their internet signal is lost and can’t be used at all.
If you are in a building with thick concrete, then find a place outside the building where there are no obstructions at all. Because the signal emitted by the provider will be blocked by the thick concrete.
Problems like this also often occur when you are in a mountainous area. For cases like this the main problem is because the signal from the provider is not able to reach very far locations such as in the mountains.
There are also cases where even though they are in an open location, the internet is still slow. This problem can occur because there are a lot of internet users in your location.
The effect causes the received internet signal to be divided among other users so that it becomes slow. Even in the open, try to move around until the internet can be smooth again.

Check VPN

How to increase internet speed
VPN itself can be one of the causes of your internet being very slow. Although many also use VPN applications to make the internet faster.
So indeed VPN cannot be the main cause, but you should check it and try to connect or disconnect the VPN. Then check again if this method can overcome your slow internet speed.

Check Other Web Performance

How to increase internet speed
Maybe you find the internet problem is very slow when you are accessing a web. Even though you have a full signal but the internet is slow.
To solve this problem, try to access some other websites maybe like Facebook, Twitter or other websites that you visit frequently.
If it can get into the web, then the main problem lies in your main destination web. This problem is very common and very few internet users know about it.
Then if indeed the other web also cannot be opened, then the problem is on the provider’s internet network.
Indeed, they usually disconnect the network for certain reasons such as network maintenance or because of an unforeseen natural disaster.

Removing the SIM Card

This method is also possible for many who think it will not really be able to restore slow internet performance. But it doesn’t hurt you to try it because many also after removing the SIM card, the internet becomes smooth again.
The details of this trick are almost the same as how to solve it by restarting the phone. So when your Android is turned off and the SIM card is removed, automatically the network from the SIM card will be disconnected and once installed and turned on again it will be connected and updated.
Usually, after that the internet can return to normal as usual. Overcoming slow internet on Android by removing the SIM card can be a powerful solution.

Changing to Another Network

Currently, most Android uses the 4G network and it is rare to use the network below it like 3G. This 3G network tap is very useful when suddenly your internet is very slow and can’t be used.
Try to change the network from 4G to 3G and check again whether the internet is still slow or not. If it’s still slow, you can also change to only 4G, so that the network doesn’t move and becomes more stable.

Contacting Provider

Well, if from some of the ways above the internet on your Android phone is still slow, then the last solution is to contact the provider. This way you can find out exactly what happened so that the internet is slow.
You can try to contact the provider in several ways, such as directly on the phone or via social media. One of the recommended social media to complain about problems to the provider is via Twitter.
Usually the provider is more active in responding to all network-related complaints via Twitter. You must provide complete information such as telephone number and also the location when you make the complaint.
Slow internet does make a lot of people upset and emotional. But once you know how to deal with slow internet then the problem can be resolved immediately.

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