How to Hide App in Android

Various ways to hide Android app for all proven Android brands, both with built-in features and additional applications.

How to Hide App in Android

How to Hide App in Android

For some people the applications on their
Mobile phones are private or secret, where other people are not allowed to open or access the apps.
Say WhatsApp, where all chat activity is in this application, then some people want to hide the application from their Android phone screen. So, is it possible to hide apps on an Android phone?”
The answer is of course yes, there are several ways you can do to hide applications from your Android phone screen. That way, you can access it confidentially without worrying that other people can access it when they borrow your Android phone.
On some Androids, Privacy and Security features are already available that can be used to support these activities. So, you can easily hide apps on your Android phone. But what if your Android doesn’t provide this feature yet?
Relax, we will discuss various ways to hide applications on Android that can be used for all brands of Android phones. Here’s the complete way:

How to Hide App on Samsung Phones

On your Samsung Mobile phone, you can easily hide applications according to your wishes with the Secure Folder feature.
Secure folder is a facility provided by Samsung to store various files and applications confidentially, so that it is safe from the reach of others. Well, to hide the application via a secure folder, follow these steps:
  • Step #: Open Settings on your Samsung phone.
  • Step #2: Scroll and select/find the Biometrics and Security/Biometrics and Security menu.
  • Step #3: Find and select the Secure Folder menu. At this step, you will be asked for approval to activate the Secure Folder facility.
  • Step #4: Next, you will be asked to set a password in the form of a PIN/Password/Fingerprint to access the Secure Folder.
  • Step #5: After everything is ready, reopen the Secure Folder using the PIN/Password/Fingerprint that you created earlier.
  • Step #6: Then enter the Application that will be hidden according to your wishes.

How to Hide App on Xiaomi Phones

Similar to Samsung, Xiaomi is also equipped with a feature to hide apps without additional applications, namely App Lock. To use this feature is not too difficult, with just a few steps, you can already hide apps on your Xiaomi Android phone.
Here are the steps to hide apps on Xiaomi Phones:
  • Step #1: Go to Settings.
  • Step #2: Then scroll down and select the Application Settings menu.
  • Step #3: After entering the App Settings configuration, then select App Lock.
  • Step #4: Then click on the Settings button which is on the right corner of the screen.
  • Step #5: Then scroll down, search for Hidden Apps then enable the feature. 
  • Step #6: After successfully enabling Hidden Apps, click on Manage Hidden Apps. 
  • Step #7: Next you can sort and select various apps to hide.

How to Hide Apps on Oppo Phones

In terms of security, Oppo arguably has an advantage over Samsung and Xiaomi. How come? The reason is, here you can not only hide existing applications. But it can also give a password to the application according to your wishes.
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That way, the applications on your Mobile phone get a double level of security, and not just anyone can access the various existing applications.
The following is a sequence of steps to hide apps on Oppo phones:
  • Step #1: Open Settings on your phone.
  • Step #2: Then scroll down, find and select the Security menu.
  • Step #3: After entering in the Security menu, find and select the App Encryption feature.
  • Step #4: Next, you will be asked to create a security code or password to access the set up application.
  • Step #5: After successfully setting the security code/password, then you can set the various applications that you want to hide according to your wishes.
  • To be more secure, enable the “Enable Passcode Verification” feature. This feature is intended to enter a password every time you open/access the application to be run. 
  • Step #6: Next, to hide apps from the Phone/Homescreen, you can activate the “Hide Home Screen Icon” feature.
  • Step #7: After activating the feature, you will be asked to create an access code when you want to open/run the application you want to open.
  • Create the access code by starting and ending it with the character “#” (Example: #2407#)

How to Hide Apps on Vivo Phones

Just like some previous Phones brands, Vivo has also been equipped with a built-in feature to hide apps. In addition, this feature is also equipped with a password so that it feels more secure in “securing” the applications that you set.
Well, here are some steps to hide apps on Vivo Phones:
  • Step #1: Open the Quick Menu feature (Tap Bezel), to open this menu, do it by sliding the screen from the bottom up (swipe up).
  • Step #2: After the Quick Menu opens, the next step is to select the Hide Icon menu.
  • Step #3: Next you will be asked to set a PIN that will be used to access hidden apps. Set the PIN according to your wishes.
  • Step #4: After setting up the PIN, the next step is to enter the various applications that you want to hide. Choose the application according to your wishes.
  • Step #5: Then select/tap the Encryption Settings button, here you will be asked to enter the PIN that was set earlier. If successful, then you have successfully hidden the application from the Mobile Phone screen.

How to Hide Apps on Realme Phones

Even Realme, you can hide apps on this Mobile phone by taking advantage of the Privacy features that have been provided. It’s also easy to use it, follow these steps to hide apps on a Realme phone:
  • Step #1: Open your Phone Settings, then scroll down and select the Privacy menu.
  • Step #2: Next select the App Lock menu, and enter the password.
  • Step #3: Then select some apps you want to hide, then select Enable Password Verification.
  • Step #4: Next enable the Hide Home Screen Icons option. After activating this option, you will be asked to create an access code the same as in Phone Oppo, namely with a hash prefix and suffix ( # ). Example: #4#.
  • Step #5: After generating the passcode, then you have successfully hidden the app you want.

How to Hide App in Android with Hide App

For those of you who have an Android Android phone with another brand, or your Android doesn’t support various features/facilities as above, you don’t need to worry.
You can still hide apps from the Mobile phone screen. It’s just that, requires additional applications to hide the desired application.
First, we recommend the Hide App app. Why Hide Apps? Besides being free, this application is also easy to use to manage security or hide apps from the Android phone screen.
Well, here’s how to hide app in Android with Hide App:
  1. Download and install the Hide App app via the Google Play Store.
  2. After Hide App has been successfully installed, then open the app. If there is a “Check ROOT Available” notification, just ignore it by clicking Later.
  3. Next, click on the + icon in the lower right corner to add apps that will be hidden from the home screen.
  4. After clicking the + icon, all the applications on your Mobile phone will appear. Well, at this step you can choose the various applications that you want to hide. If it is enough, then click the Hide button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Then, the various apps that have been successfully hidden earlier will be displayed in the foreground of Hide App.

How to Hide Apps with Hola Launcher

In addition to Hide App, we also recommend one application that is no less popular, namely Hola Launcher. Similar to Hide App, here you can also hide apps as you wish.
Plus, Hola Launcher provides many other interesting features. As well as; You can customize the look of your Mobile phone’s front screen, you can also set interesting themes and wallpapers.
And last but not least, you can also hide apps through this Hola Launcher. Here’s the complete way:
  1. Download and install Hola Launcher app
  2. After the download and installation process is successful, then open Hola Launcher Settings on your phone screen.
  3. Scroll down, find and select Advanced Settings.
  4. After entering in Advanced Settings, find and select the Hide Apps feature.
  5. Next, Click on the Add button at the bottom of the screen to add the apps you want to hide. After pressing the Add button, all the applications installed on your Android phone will appear. Select several, then click OK.
The various ways to hide applications on Android above have proven to be able to run and work until this writing is released. However, use the methods above wisely without harming yourself and others.
If you have questions about the methods above, don’t hesitate to ask via the comments column below.

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