how to get your instagram link

how to get your instagram link

Social networks currently handle a large amount of information from people without distinction of any kind. Simply sign up for the app and start interacting with other users around the world. Of course always according to the specific restrictions of each application. The more followers we have and the more video views, for example, the greater popularity. Therefore learn to how to get your instagram link.

What is the direct link to my Instagram account?

The URL is a resource locator that allows you to locate and retrieve specific information on the Internet.

Likewise, as a physical address of residence or commercial establishment is determined. In this way it is done with the address, URL or link of a web page, photograph, text, audio or profile in any social network. For example, Google’s URL is

Through these links we get to the place where we want without the need to use any other information, access or hyperlink.

Our profile in each of the social networks that we manage contains a single link. This allows you to invite friends, family, clients and even strangers to come and contact us.

By sharing this Instagram address, it will be much easier for them to locate us on the social network. And so you can see when we upload stories to Instagram Stories. Even more, if we manage some type of commercial information of our own business and it helps us to be known in a more effective way by observing our advertising.

What is the direct link to my Instagram account

How to see the link of my Instagram?

Instagram is a social network based on the publication of photos and videos, it can be used from a computer or from a Smartphone.

Instagram link from my Android or iPhone mobile

If you are on your mobile phone and want to obtain, copy and share the link, link or URL of your account on Instagram. It is important that you know that being inside your own account you will not be able to do it.

So, as an option to solve the need to share your link, you can ask for the help of someone who is also an Instagram user and can locate your profile from their own account. Selecting in the upper part the three points that are shown there to enter the menu and among the options that are presented, locate ‘copy profile URL’.
With this step you will be able to copy the link in the memory of the selected account, in this case yours. This way you can send it to you through any other application, or in that sense in the messaging option that Instagram also offers among the diversity of tools it has.

In this way, the fact that you cannot copy your link from your application itself is not a reason not to have it and share it with someone else.

Using this suggestion and having received the address of your link, you will be able to select it, copy the link and paste it in any text box of other applications and share it with everyone. Remember that it cannot be done from Instagram on your mobile phone.

Get the link of my Instagram with the web version

To get the link, link or URL from Instagram executed on your computer, it is much easier and simpler than in the previous case and although few users use this application on a computer and laptop.

Those who do can employ this procedure and get their URL very easily and in just a few steps.

We know that through the different search engines we can find what we want and that, moreover, at the top of our screen. Under the windows that we have active on our website we can locate a box called the address bar, where we can access the URLs or links that we want by writing the address there.

Similarly, in this address bar, the URL of any web page that is opened, executed and active on our screen will be displayed.

To get the Instagram link we must open the application, enter our account, and being already inside our profile we can see that some data is displayed in the address bar. That is the URL of our personal Instagram account.

get the Instagram link

How to copy and share my Instagram account link

Without a doubt, Instagram is a very complete application that is becoming more popular every day, managing to highlight the best photos and videos. Similarly, every day more users join this social network. As well as public figures who opt for Instagram, since it is more attractive and dynamic, to upload countless images and videos.

Likewise, it is important to emphasize that this App offers us a series of advantages and functions, including uploading longer videos on Instagram – Instagram Stories, it also allows us to copy and share the account link. The process to do it is really simple. So without further ado, let’s see how it’s done.

Copy and share Instagram account link

As mentioned above, this is a really simple process. And it doesn’t matter if you’re using this social network on your smartphone or computer, since the steps are similar and uncomplicated.
It is necessary to clarify that if you are going to copy the link of your Instagram account using your smartphone, the procedure is more extensive. Since it can only be copied by another account. That is, you will have to enter the account of another person and from there look for their profile. Then if you can proceed to copy the URL.

Because of this, it is important for you to know that depending on the equipment you are using, the steps may vary. And although it is similar, it has some other particularity.

Once you have these details present, what we must do is the following:

how to get your instagram link on phone

Normally this application is usually used from the mobile phone, if this is your case, you must do the following to copy the link:

  1. Open the Instagram app (remember that if you want to get the URL of your personal account on Instagram, you must access it through another user)
  2. Once there, log in to the account you want to copy (In this case, to your account)
  3. You need to click at the top of the screen. Where the three dots appear (the menu)
  4. As soon as you check this option, different options will appear.
  5. You should choose “Copy profile URL“, then where you want to share you should hold and press “paste
  6. And in this way, the link will be ready to share or copy wherever you want.

Copy Instagram URL from computer

Although this social network is rarely used from the computer, some users, on occasion, still use this method. So if this is the case for you, things get even easier. Starting from that the process is much faster and less complicated. So let’s see how it’s done:

  • The first thing you should do is access the official Instagram page.
  • Next, access your profile
  • Then select the URL that appears in the bar at the top.
  • Click on copy and you can now paste or share it on any of your social networks, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, among others.
Copy Instagram URL from computer

As you can see, on both computers, copying and sharing the Instagram account link is very easy and fast. It is important, however, that you keep in mind exactly what you want to copy. This will avoid sharing the URL of another publication or another profile.

How to share my Instagram account link with my friends?

Since we already have the URL of our personal Instagram account, so you can now share it with other people. We just have to locate ourselves on the address bar, select all the information and copy the link in case you are on a computer. If you are on your mobile phone from a mobile application, you can follow the steps mentioned above to get the link. And so we can share it with whoever we want or need. It is a matter of searching for the recipient and pasting the address to be sent from your mobile phone.

Share it on Facebook

If you are using Facebook on your mobile phone and want to share your Instagram URL with all your friends. Even if you are looking to share the Instagram link of a profile you liked in a post. You just have to open your Facebook app, go to the bar that says “What’s on your mind?”. Paste the URL you copied to share it in a post with your friends.

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Now, if you’re looking to privately send an Instagram profile URL from your phone, no problem. You just have to go to Facebook Messenger. Either by opening the app or using the shortcut that appears in the upper right corner of the Facebook app. Then you look for the contact to whom you want to share the Instagram profile. Once you find it, paste the URL you copied into the messaging bar. Of course you had to copy the profile link first.

Send Your Instagram URL by WhatsApp message

Has it ever happened to you that you want to share an Instagram profile that you saw on your mobile phone to a friend via WhatsApp?

Well here we will help you, first you must read the section above where it explains how to get your instagram link. Once you have read that section, you will notice that it is very easy. Now you just have to open WhatsApp from your mobile phone and find the contact you want to share the profile with. Then go to the message bar and paste the URL that you had obtained and send it.

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