How to Get the 6 Digit Facebook Confirmation code

How to Get the 6 Digit Facebook Confirmation Code

The 6-digit Facebook code has an important role in account creation. The existence of the 6-digit code is used as a security configuration so that the account creation process can be completed quickly. However, if you are having problems not getting this code, you need further handling.

You must be able to do it correctly so that the code can be accepted and the Facebook account can be used normally. Even though Facebook now has several competitors, some people don’t want to leave this social media.

I Didn’t Get Facebook Confirmation Code to My Phone

The case that often occurs is that the confirmation code cannot be received which indicates that a problem has occurred. Of course, further action must be taken. Here are some of the problems that we have summarized as the reasons why the 6-digit Facebook code does not appear.

These are some of the reasons why I don’t get the facebook confirmation code to my phone

Number Not Verified

In creating a Facebook account, you are required to enter a phone number that is still active and currently inserted into the Phone SIM Card. The number must be verified first so that later the Facebook code with 6 digits can be sent to that number.

A number that has not been verified will make Facebook confused about sending the code because there is no one to address. So this is the reason why the 6-digit Facebook confirmation code doesn’t reach you when you create a Facebook account.

Number Inactive Or Has Been Used

Before filling in the phone number, make sure that the number is still active. Numbers that are no longer active of course cannot receive any messages and the code will not reach your hand. So, check first before using it.

Another case that can happen is that the number has been used to register for Facebook before. Of course, one number can only be used for one registration, so that number can no longer be used.

Wrong Email

For those of you who use email to verify, then make sure the email is correct so that the code can be sent easily. If the email is indeed wrong, it’s only natural that the code is not sent.

However, there are also cases that the email is correct but the code never appears. If that’s the case, please check the spam email section because the message may go to that section. Therefore, first check the spam section.

There’s a problem from Facebook

If you feel that the number or email listed is correct and is still active, but the code has not been sent, then there is another problem. The disturbance can be caused by the direct Facebook party who may be experiencing system problems.

There are problems that may occur on the Facebook side, it often happens when at that time many are asking for a 6-digit code. The system will automatically down so you have to wait until the system returns to normal.

Facebook will usually provide clarification if there is a problem with the system so that all users will know. Check on the official Facebook website to find out if there are any disturbances so you don’t feel confused anymore.

How to Get the 6 Digit Facebook Confirmation Code

Anyone who wants to get a Facebook confirmation code need not worry because there are several alternative ways that can be tried. Each of these methods also provides convenience so that you will not be difficult to do. Check out some of the ways below.

Get 6-Digit Facebook Configuration Code Via Mobile Number

This method can be done if the phone number can still be used and has also been verified prior to registration. The steps you can take are presented in the information presented below.

  • At first, first open the Facebook application that is already installed on the cellphone
  • Haven’t installed the Facebook app yet? Get it immediately from this link.
  • After that open the application
  • Login using your Facebook account
  • Immediately click on the Account Settings provided
  • There are several menus presented in the Account Settings section
  • Immediately select the Forget Password section
  • Its function is to be able to send a Facebook confirmation code
  • The code is what we’ve been waiting for
  • Enter the Phone number that has been prepared previously
  • Fill in the forget the password section
  • Don’t stay at this stage for long
  • Make sure you get the code soon
  • Type the Phone number correctly
  • Then click Send Configuration Code
  • Wait until the code is sent
  • Usually via SMS
  • Sent to Phone used
  • Done

By following the steps above, the code should have been sent to the mobile number you entered. But if it hasn’t been sent yet, please select the Resend Code option.

How to Get 6 Digit Facebook Generator Code From Email

The problem with the code that has not been sent via the cellphone number can be solved in another way, namely using the registered email method. Curious about the steps? Follow the tutorial that will be presented below.

  • First you can open the Facebook application first
  • If there is a problem, please open Facebook via a browser
  • Enter the username and password
  • Make sure you can login to your account
  • Look for the Facebook Settings section
  • Click the Settings menu
  • Its function is to make the desired settings
  • More to settings to get code
  • In the Phone number section, fill in that the number is wrong
  • This needs to be done
  • Its function is so that the code is not sent via Phone
  • Instead, please fill in your email address
  • Make sure your email is still actively used
  • Its function is to receive a code from Facebook
  • Wait until Facebook sends the code via email
  • Done

After setting up the code to be sent via email, there is usually a notification that appears when the email has been sent so you won’t miss it.

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How to get the 6-digit Facebook code is very likely to be applied by you because it is not too complicated. Please try the method by paying attention first in detail the steps that have been explained. Good luck.

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