How to get iron in Minecraft

How to get iron in Minecraft

Iron in Minecraft is one of the most important materials that exist in the game, and although it may not seem like it, it is more important than gold.
Since with iron you can make tools, armor and weapons that last longer than gold.
In addition, iron is easier to find than gold, which makes it the most efficient material after diamond when crafting these objects. 
That is why here we will teach you the most important thing you should know about iron in Minecraft.

Different types of iron in Minecraft

Now if we go to the important information, if you know someone new to Minecraft, share this information with them as it can be very useful. 
First of all, you have to understand the difference between the different iron presentations that we can find in Minecraft, which are:

How to get iron in Minecraft

iron ore

We can find this naturally when we are mining either in natural or artificial mines that we create ourselves.

How to get iron in Minecraft

iron ingot

The Iron ingot is the block with which we can build most of the crafts that are made with iron, such as armor, tools, weapons, objects, etc. This is the most important presentation of iron.

iron nugget

The iron nugget is obtained when we decompose an iron ingot on the crafting table, or we can also find it in chests, it is used to make iron ingots and lanterns.

How to get iron in Minecraft

Iron block

The iron blocks are obtained when we collect 9 iron ingots at the crafting table, the main uses of which are to create iron golems, give more power to the lighthouse or store more iron in a chest.

What do you need to get iron?

What you will need to get iron in minecraft is the following:
  • Stone pickaxe
  • Oven
  • Patience 
This is all you need to get iron in Minecraft.

How to find iron in Minecraft?

First of all we must locate ourselves in a biome or place where there is stone, if we are in the desert, plateau or dry ice, finding iron will be much more difficult.
Since those places do not generate iron ores due to their nature, if we do not want to move from those places we will have to dig enough until we no longer find the materials on the surface.
This is what iron looks like in a mine when it is in its natural state.

Chop where there is rock 

Next we will have to chop diagonally where there is rock (that is, in the form of a ladder) downwards to prevent falling into lava, always trying to be on rock, if we find earth, sand or gravel we will have to chop in another direction to find iron.
Remember to take all the torches you can, since after 10 blocks you hit it will turn dark and you will not be able to see anything.   
In this way you will be able to find iron ores, once you find them with the pikes.

NOTE: Iron cannot be obtained with a wooden pickaxe, if you can chop it, but when you chop it it does not drop the iron ores. {alertInfo}

 NOTE: Iron ores cannot be used to craft weapons, armor, tools, or other important crafts unless you cook them. {alertInfo}


Make iron ingots in Minecraft using the oven

Once we have obtained a quantity of iron ores, we will go to where we have an oven and we will cook it,
For each cooked iron ore it will give you an iron ingot, when you have several you can craft different objects.
How to get iron in Minecraft

In what layer is iron found in Minecraft?

Unlike the diamond, the iron in Minecraft is not found in a specific layer, but it is recommended to be at a considerable depth to find it. 
How to make an iron block?
An iron block can be made with 9 iron ingots by putting them on the crafting table and we already have an iron block.
Uses of iron in Minecraft

Uses of iron in Minecraft

Iron in Minecraft can be used for many things, from simple crafts to huge houses protected with Iron Golems, but the main uses for it are the following:
Main uses of Iron

  • Iron armor in minecraft 
  • iron gate in minecraft
  • Iron Golem 
  • Iron swords and tools
  • Anvil 
  • lighters
How to get iron in Minecraft

Rail System and Villagers

If you have a lot of iron and you don’t know what to do with it, something very interesting you can do is a system of rails and wagons to connect your different houses or different towns. 
For example, after the waves came and wiped out all the villagers in a town, I made a rail system to bring villagers to that town and repopulate again
You can also bring villagers to your house and be constantly shopping with those who give you the best products. 
There is a villager who receives you zombie meat in exchange for emeralds, an irresistible offer.
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Conclusion on Iron in Minecraft

This is roughly how you can find iron and what to do with it, ultimately iron is useful in Minecraft to no avail. 
Even if you already have your iron or diamond tools and weapons, if you find large amounts of this material, do not hesitate to take it out since you can use it for many things throughout the game.
This is one of the few materials that will serve you in the game since it starts and during all the time you are playing, there are people who have been playing Minecraft for more than 10 years and are still using iron, that is the way to get it for these people surely either with iron farms.