How to Get Instagram Followers Free And Safe

How to Get Instagram Followers Free And Safely

Do you want to know how to increase Instagram followers automatically and permanently quickly? Adding followers on Instagram can be said to be difficult and easy. It all depends on the method you use to add Instagram followers.

Instagram followers are now something that plays a very important role in playing Instagram social media . If you are a business person, Instagram followers can easily market your products. And for personal Instagram, Instagram followers can also enliven interactions on your Instagram account.

Because of the important role of Instagram followers, many big business people take shortcuts to increase Instagram followers. They prefer to buy from the services of followers who basically don’t know whether the followers are real or fake.

Talking about fake Instagram accounts, it turns out that there have been 48 million fake Instagram accounts since the first launch of Instagram. You certainly can’t imagine the number of fake Instagram accounts to date.

The difference between fake Instagram followers and real accounts has their own differences. If you get genuine Instagram followers, then it is very certain that you can interact with them. However, on the contrary if your Instagram followers are fake.

And below, both of them will be discussed, namely, how to get Instagram followers for free, purely without an application and how to increase Instagram followers automatically and instantly.

How to Increase Instagram Followers

In this first method, it is highly recommended for those of you who want to increase Instagram followers.

However, this job may seem difficult and requires time and hard work. But it will all pay off when you have managed to get a lot of Instagram followers.

1. Create Interesting Content

how to get Instagram followers

This first method you must do to build an Instagram account to increase Instagram followers. This applies to all categories of Instagram accounts, whether it ‘s a personal Instagram account, an Instagram account for business, or an Instagram account for the community.

By creating interesting content, visitors who see your content will be interested in following your Instagram account. In addition, they will give likes and comments which of course other users will see so that it will indirectly make your content reach more people.

Create content that is interesting and different from others. Also, make sure not to post content that goes out of your way, for example, if you’re building a food Instagram account but instead send comedy content.

2. Consistent

Second is consistent. Not infrequently people who want to build an Instagram account stop in the middle of the road. You have to be consistent in order to keep building an Instagram account to increase the number of Instagram followers.

You are required to schedule posts when they will be sent. Because people will not be interested in following Instagram accounts that rarely post content and have been inactive for a long time.

3. Follow relevant accounts

The third tip is to follow the relevant Instagram accounts. For example, if you are a DJ, all you need to do is follow another DJ’s Instagram account. By doing that, you might get a followback from that account.

In addition, when someone also follows the Instagram account, it is very possible that your Instagram account will also appear in the recommendations section to follow as well.

How to Add Instagram Followers for Free

How to Add Instagram Followers for Free

The second method can allow your Instagram account to get followers quickly. However, this method is not recommended because it has quite a few drawbacks. There are several ways to increase Instagram followers automatically and quickly.

1. Instagram Followers Increase Application

You can easily find Instagram followers in the form of an application on the Google Play Store. Just type what you want, a lot of followers will appear. In this application you can get Instagram followers automatically, free and fast.

However, most of these Instagram follower applications apply a point system. You must have points from following / liking other people’s Instagram accounts first, or you can buy these points which you can later exchange with followers for your Instagram account.

2. Instagram Auto Followers Site

Auto followers websites are indeed able to increase Instagram followers automatically and quickly. These websites can be easily found on Google by typing these keywords.

The disadvantage of these Instagram auto followers sites is that they apply mutual follow-ups. So if you use the services of an Instagram auto follower site, and then your Instagram account suddenly follows and likes itself, that’s a natural thing.

And what you need to pay attention to before using the Instagram auto followers site service is that a service like this will make your Instagram account vulnerable to being hacked and suspended.

3. Buy Instagram Followers

Slightly different from the previous two. By buying services like this, you will get Instagram followers without adding to your following. But the downside of buying followers services is that you can get real, active followers or just inactive fake followers.

If you get active, genuine human followers, they can easily unfollow your Instagram account, so your follower count will drop quickly.

Meanwhile, inactive fake followers are bots that only increase the number of your followers. They can’t interact with you.

How to Get the Right Instagram Followers?

After you have read the several types of methods above, in your opinion, which way to increase Instagram followers is good and right? The answer is if you really want to build an Instagram account, then you should follow the first method.

Meanwhile, if you only want to change the number of your Instagram followers automatically, quickly and instantly, you can try the method in number two.

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The first method is able to maximize the content and content of your Instagram account. Followers will last longer and be more meaningful if you follow the method consistently and don’t stop halfway.

Because many followers but without interesting content can make followers unfollow and leave your Instagram account. Hopefully useful and good luck!