How to find Instagram IP address & user location

How to find Instagram IP address & user location

Instagram is a social media that is devoted to sharing photos and videos that are uploaded on Instagram every day.

No wonder this application is a mandatory application besides WhatsApp which is installed especially by young people who like to take pictures and then upload them to Instagram in order to get likes and comments from many people.

Apart from being a photo and video sharing application, in fact this application can also be used by some people who have a lot of followers for them to promote other people’s goods and that person will get a fee from the promo.

Instagram is also an event for some people who have the creativity to create various kinds of interesting Instagram content and make themselves quite famous on Instagram, namely as a celebrity.

how to track instagram user ip address

In addition to these two factors, Instagram is also a place to find a partner which has been done by many people.

This activity is usually called stalking activity, where you continue to follow the latest updates about that person every day.

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But you also feel confused about where the person came from? For those of you who don’t dare to DM directly to get to know him, you can use this one method to find out the location of the origin of that person’s ig account.

How to Find Instagram IP Address and Track User Location

How to Find Instagram IP Address and Track User Location

To be able to do this, you can take advantage of that person’s Instagram IP to be able to find out where that person is.

You can use webtools available on the internet to track IP addresses and the location of the Instagram user that you are going to track, the steps you have to do are as follows:

1. The first step you have to do is find a photo of the person we are going to track on his Instagram.

2. Then you click the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of the person’s photo and there will be various menu options, then you click the copy link menu.

3. In order to be able to track the user IP of that person, we need to take advantage of the role of a third party, namely by using the webtool in your browser by typing which is a website to perform IP searches

How to find Instagram's IP address and user location

4. After the website opens, then the next step you have to do is click click create url.

5. Then copy the url that you copied from the Instagram of the person you want to track.

How to find Instagram's IP address and user location

how to find out instagram ip address

But you have to try so that the person you want to track is willing to open the link that you will provide.

You can do this by DMing the victim’s Instagram, then sending the person a link and of course that person will be curious and open the link you gave.

6. After the person opens the link that you have provided, the next step you take is to reload the web and the IP address of that person will appear at the bottom of this website.

Find Instagram account location

7. So until here you have managed to get the IP address of the person you are after.

To find out where the person is, you need to visit the site then submit the IP Address that appeared on the previous site.

8. After that, don’t forget to note the Latitude and Longitude that will appear after we submit the IP Address just now.

9. Entering the last way is when you need to use google earth to ensure the accurate location of the person.

10. If you have entered google earth then you enter latitude and longitude into the search menu, and don’t forget to separate latitude and longitude using a comma.