How to Download YouTube Shorts Video on Mobile Phone

How to Download YouTube Shorts Video on Mobile Phone

YouTube users must have been aware of the presence of the shorts video feature. However, did you know that there is a way to download Shorts videos on YouTube so that they can be saved to the mobile phone gallery?

The YouTube Shorts feature is a feature that allows YouTube users to upload short videos with a duration of 15 to 60 seconds.

Similar to TikTok, YouTube Shorts is also equipped with additional text, filters, captions, and music for the video background.

The good news is that you can easily save videos in YouTube Shorts. You can even do this with or without the help of third-party apps.

With this convenience, YouTube users don’t have to worry when they want to download Shorts videos on YouTube.

Curious How to Download YouTube Shorts Video on Mobile Phone? Here Techpk will explain it clearly and completely in the guide below.

How to Download YouTube Shorts Video Without an Application

If you don’t want trouble, then you can try this method. The reason is, you don’t need to install additional applications to save Shorts videos on YouTube in this first method.

Here’s how to download YouTube Shorts videos without an app:

  1. Open YouTube, then search for the Shorts video you want.
  2. Then, open the YouTube Shorts video that will be downloaded.
  3. Tap the Share option which is next to Shorts video.
  4. Then select the Copy link option.
  5. Visit the site and enter the link for the Shorts video earlier.
  6. Select the video quality, then press the Download button.
  7. If a video appears, tap the three-dot icon and select the Download option.

After you have followed the guide above, then you have successfully downloaded the Shorts video on YouTube. You just need to wait for the download process to finish.

When the process is complete, the Shorts video on YouTube will be saved in your mobile phone gallery. Very easy isn’t it?

Download YouTube Short Video With Short Video Downloader Application

How to Download YouTube Shorts Video on Mobile Phone

If you are an Android phone user and want to save Shorts videos on YouTube, then there is good news for you. Because you can also use the application to download Shorts video.

  1. First, open the Shorts video on YouTube, then Copy the link.
  2. Then, install the Short Video Downloader application.
  3. If it is already installed, run the application.
  4. Paste the Shorts video link earlier into the column provided.
  5. Then press the Download button.
  6. Now, you just need to wait for the download process to finish.

Even though it is quite useful, there is no need to worry, because this application can be used for free and without restrictions. So, you can also download YouTube Shorts videos in large numbers.

The download process usually takes a short time, considering that shorts video only have a short duration. However, you must also use a stable internet so that the process can be completed quickly.


Well, that’s an explanation of several ways to download YouTube Shorts videos. By knowing this information, then you don’t need to be confused and troubled when one day you want to save Shorts video on YouTube.

If you experience problems, problems, or have questions regarding this topic, don’t hesitate to let us know via the comments column below.