How To DM On Twitter [How to Use Twitter DM]

How To DM On Twitter [How to Use Twitter DM]
Are you new to Twitter so you still don’t really understand the DM feature? No need to worry, because Howto360 in this article will explain how to send, reply, and delete DMs on Twitter.
The DM feature actually plays an important role in social media because it can protect our privacy. That is why apart from Twitter, other social media such as FB and Instagram also have it.
As is well known, DM stands for direct message which serves to exchange messages to fellow Twitter users. This feature is quite useful because you can exchange messages privately.
In contrast to tweets, if you send a tweet then the tweet can be seen by many people. Meanwhile, DMs can only be seen by Twitter users who we send messages to.
So, it would be a shame if you still don’t know how to use DMs on Twitter. Below is a complete explanation.

How To DM On Twitter [How to Use Twitter DM]

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Sending a DM on Twitter

How To DM On Twitter [How to Use Twitter DM]
use the DM feature. You can exchange messages privately freely.
Here’s how to send DM on Twitter:
  1. First run the twitter application.
  2. Then open the DM menu (envelope icon).
  3. Hit the plus envelope icon to send a new DM.
  4. Type the twitter username you want to send the message to.
  5. Press Continue to go to the sending message stage.
  6. Enter a text message, photo, video, or sticker.
  7. Finally, hit the paper airplane icon to send.
Well, now you have successfully sent a message via DM on twitter. If you want to send media, press the photo icon to take a photo or video from the gallery on your phone.

Reply to DMs on Twitter

How to reply to a DM on Twitter is actually not much different from sending a new message like the previous guide above. But if you are still having trouble, here’s how below.
How to reply to a DM on Twitter:
  1. Run the twitter application on your Mobile phone.
  2. Then open the DM menu.
  3. Select which DM you want to reply to.
  4. Once open, type the desired text.
  5. If so, press send to submit.
  6. Finished.
After you already know how to reply to DM messages on twitter. Now you can exchange messages with Twitter users without any hassle.

Deleting Messages in Twitter DMs

How To DM On Twitter [How to Use Twitter DM]
DM on twitter also gives access to delete messages that have been sent. However, this feature is only a way to withdraw your own message so that it can still be seen by users in the Twitter DM.
Here’s how to unsend a Twitter dm:
  1. Open the DM menu on Twitter.
  2. Select the DM that you want to delete messages in it.
  3. Press and hold on the part of the message you want to delete.
  4. Then select the option Delete messages for you.
  5. Next, hit the Delete option to confirm.
  6. Finished.
After that, the message will disappear because you have successfully deleted it. But be reminded again, this feature can only delete messages for yourself only.

Delete All Twitter DM Contents

How To DM On Twitter [How to Use Twitter DM]
If you want to delete DMs on Twitter completely, then you can do that easily. The reason is, it is already available in the default features on Twitter.
How to delete twitter DMs:
  1. Open the DM menu on Twitter.
  2. Press and hold on the DM you want to delete.
  3. Next, select the Delete conversation option.
  4. Then, press the Delete option to confirm.
  5. Finished.
Pretty simple isn’t it? But unfortunately, this feature will only delete DMs for yourself so that your chat partner can still see them.
That’s a complete review of the DM feature on Twitter, starting from how to send, reply, and delete. Do you understand it now? May be useful!

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