How to Delete Instagram Account

How to Delete Instagram Account 2021

Want to know How to Delete Instagram Account temporarily or permanently? Or want to restore an IG account that was deleted before? Then you will find all the answers in this article.

As is well known, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media today. On Instagram you can share important moments in your life.

You can share moments in the form of photos or videos to share with all Instagram users in the world. You can also delete your Instagram account permanently if you wish.

Deleting an Instagram account permanently is actually quite easy. You can do it easily and it only takes a short time.

In this article, apart from discussing how to permanently delete an Instagram account, you can also temporarily deactivate your Instagram account.

First Backing Up Instagram Account

When you deactivate your Instagram account, all photos, videos, comments and everything in your IG account will disappear. So before you delete your Instagram account, it is recommended that you back up your IG account first.

Back up Instagram account data:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your device.
  2. Log in and go to your instagram profile.
  3. Tap the three vertical lines icon in the top right corner.
  4. Then tap the Settings menu at the bottom.
  5. Go to the Privacy and Security menu.
  6. Then tap the Download Data button.
  7. In the field provided, enter your email address.
  8. The final step is to tap the Request Download button.

After that you have to wait within 48 hours. Instagram will send you a file containing your photos, videos and comments, profile data and everything else on your Instagram.

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If you have obtained a copy of your Instagram account, then you can delete your Instagram account.

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently

To do this, you cannot use the Instagram application. You must use a web browser application on a mobile device or on a laptop PC such as google chrome, mozilla firefox, opera, or others.

How to delete the latest Instagram account:

As you can see in the picture below

How to Delete Instagram Account 2021
  1. Go to the Delete Account page in a browser.
  2. If you are not logged in, you must login first.
  3. Then select the reason why you want the Instagram account to be deleted.
  4. Enter your Instagram account password in the column provided.
  5. Then click on Delete my account permanently button.
  6. Finished.

After that the IG account will automatically exit or logout which means your Instagram account has been successfully deleted. With just 5 steps, you have successfully deleted your Instagram account permanently.

Temporarily Deactivating Insw Account

You can also deactivate your Instagram account temporarily. When you want to do this, the instagram account will appear deleted if other people see it.

However, you can still reactivate the Instagram account at any time. So, you can take advantage of this feature to temporarily delete your IG account.

Just like permanently deleting an Instagram account, you can’t do it using the Instagram app but you have to use a browser.

Here’s how to temporarily deactivate your IG account:

Temporarily Deactivating Insw Account
  1. Open the site from a web browser.
  2. Then login using your IG account.
  3. Visit the Temporarily Deactivating Instagram Account page.
  4. Choose the reason why you want to temporarily deactivate your IG account.
  5. Then enter the IG account password.
  6. Finally, click on the Temporarily Disabled Account button.
  7. Finished.

Now your Instagram account has been successfully deactivated. You can reactivate the IG account at any time. But the thing to note is that you can only temporarily deactivate an Instagram account only once a week.

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That’s a tutorial on how to permanently and temporarily delete an Instagram account. If you want to permanently delete your IG account, make sure to make a copy of your data first so you can reuse it at a later time.