How to Create a Video with Images

They tell you that videos immortalize the magical moments in one’s life and generate leads and sales for businesses. But they don’t tell you that as a beginner, you need to learn the right steps to create mind-boggling videos and introduce them to your friends, fans, or prospects.

How to Create a Video with Images

And a great way to do so is by using images to create a video and tell a tale to your prospective customers. Transforming your photos into an aesthetically appealing video is not a new concept, and the best example is the slideshows that have been there for more than a decade. But the only challenge business owners and influencers face with slideshows is they cannot upload them on the social media platforms.

So, how will videos created from images benefit an influencer or a business? Learn the intricate details from the given narration.

Will Videos Created From Photos Drive More Likes And Increase Your Media Presence?

As an influencer or someone using social media platforms for the first time, sharing a horde of photos with your fans and friends can best get accomplished by compiling them into a video. That’s where the question arises: how will you make a video with photos?


Before we go into the depth of the details on creating a full-fledged video using multiple photos, you need to know an important fact. Around 20 million videos get uploaded on Facebook every month. 

Stats also clearly mention that by the end of 2022, 82% of content creation wi include videos. With these stats anticipated, it becomes clear that videos that use photos will drive more likes and increase your social media presence. So, if you wish to create videos from the best of your photos, let’s learn the steps first.

Step 1: Select the Appropriate Photos

When you choose pictures to create a compiling video, your images become the most significant elements of the project. So, you can never use poor-quality images, and your selection of photos depends on what type of video you want to create.

As an entrepreneur working on promotional videos, it’s strongly recommendable to use decent equipment. Invest in a tripod to be doubly sure of not getting blurry images during the post-production stage.

Step 2: Photo Editing Is Prerequisite

Creating a video is not about using a bunch of images together without maintaining any sequence. To give the photos the same feel and appeal, you need to ensure the video looks cohesive and not a junk of random photos. Even if you use photos taken on different devices, edit them in a similar fashion such that their filters look similar.


And please avoid using similar photos twice. Choose pictures so that your video has a tale to tell. The fundamental aspects to pay attention to are contrast, color, and saturation. You can use photo editors to leverage touching up the photos in just a few minutes.

A good example here is Plump It! For their social media video, they have made a crisp video with bright colors that immediately catches the attention of the people, especially those who want lip plumper!

Step 3: Determine the Purpose of Your Video

The kind of images you will use massively depends on the purpose of creating your video. Although you will get endless possibilities, the secret lies in your creativity.

If you intend to promote a new product of your brand, the video must feature best-selling products under that category. Ensure that you use HD images of the products. Alternatively, your approach is somewhat different when you work on a timelapse video. To understand it briefly, here’s an example.

Suppose you have a painting channel on YouTube and want to create videos showcasing how your drawing skills have developed over time. For this reason, you would require taking thousands of photos. While doing so, ensure your photos are from the same angle so that the timelapse work in your favor.

Step 4: Adding A Flavor to It

You must follow some specific guidelines to learn how to turn any Image to video with music . Music, being an important part of videos, will enhance the appeal and make it more impressive. What you need is to seriously avoid shooting and editing more images as that would delay the whole process of video making.


With that narrated, one more crucial aspect of any video is the musical piece. Your video would fail to impress your fans and prospects without the music, and videos that don’t feature music lack in impressing your fans. After all, there’s a reason why people put on their headphones to check out a new video on the social media platform.

But that does not mean spending days after days scouring online only to find the royalty-free musical pieces. That won’t help you figure out the best one! Instead, that will complicate the overall process of video creation. The best way to add music to the video is by uploading it from the media library of the video editing software. After finding out the right music, it’s time to get hold of a template. 

Step 4: Get an Understanding of the Templates

As a newbie in the world of video editing, using photos to create a video might be a complicated task for you! For this reason, you need to select any one of the templates available on the Internet. Ensure that your selection matches the search criteria. After selecting a particular template, all you need is to click on the “Use this template” button. You will get redirected to your video editor as soon as you do that.

To End With

If you think creating a video with images will greatly benefit your business or personal blog, it’s time to learn how to edit videos. Don’t worry if you have no prior experience in editing. At first, video editing might seem intimidating; but everything seems so straightforward after you embark on the learning journey. With the appropriate tools at your fingertips, you will be able to create videos out of your favorite photos in just a few minutes. As long as you concentrate on learning video editing, you can handle the work accordingly.

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