How to Create a Poll on Instagram

How to Create a Poll on Instagram
If you want to interact with your Instagram followers in order to leave their footprints, then you can do this by making a poll or voting on Instagram stories.
To use the poll feature on IG, you can access it through your Instagram story. The poll feature will provide two answer options for your IG followers to answer.
Suppose you want to ask, what color clothes are suitable for you to use. Then you can provide two color options in the poll feature to be answered by your followers on Instagram.
Every Instagram follower or user who gives an opinion on the story will affect the calculation and percentage of answers. The Instagram poll feature is very effective for those of you who want to interact with followers.
Since it was first launched, many Instagram users have been enthusiastic about using this poll feature. But unfortunately, not a few of them still don’t know how to use the poll or vote feature on their Instagram account.

How to Create a Poll on Instagram Android

How to Create a Poll on Instagram Android
You must use the Instagram application to be able to create a poll on Instagram through stories. The method is very easy, even just passing a few steps.
Here’s how to make an Instagram story poll on an Android phone:
  1. Open the Instagram application on your Android phone.
  2. Then tap the IG story feature.
  3. Create a story in the form of text, photos, or video.
  4. Tap the sticker icon at the top.
  5. You must select the Polls sticker.
  6. Type your question and provide two answer options.
  7. Press the Send to button > Your Story.
After that, the poll will be sent to your instastory. Every Instagram user who sees the instastory can participate in answering your poll on Instagram.
The poll or vote feature on Instagram can also be sent to your group or DM your friends on IG so they can make an opinion on Instagram.

How to Use Vote on Instagram iPhone

How to Use Vote on Instagram iPhone
If you are an iOS or iPhone user, you can also use the poll feature in your Instagram account. The method is also no different from on an Android cellphone, just use your Instagram application, or install it through the appstore first if you don’t have one.
How to make a poll on instagram iphone:
  1. Run the Instagram app on the iPhone.
  2. Then login using your Instagram account.
  3. Create an IG story in text, photo or video format.
  4. Tap the menu with the sticker icon at the top.
  5. Select the poll sticker.
  6. Enter a question and two answers from your poll.
  7. Finally, send the instastory.
Now you have successfully created a poll on your IG. If the sticker menu is not in the instastory, then make sure that you are using the latest version of the Instagram application.

How to View Instagram Poll Results

After you make a poll sticker on instastory, of course you want to know who the voters or voters are and what are the answers to the opinion of the poll that you have made, right?
To see the poll results on Instagram stories, you just need to open the instastory and then tap the audience option at the bottom. You can also enable push notifications to show notifications for everyone who answers your poll.
And for the record, Instagram stories are only valid for 24 hours. So after the poll is sent, in the next 24 hours your poll will be automatically deleted along with information on the poll results and who the voters are.
That’s how to make a poll on Instagram and how to see the results to find out who the voters or voters from your poll on IG are. Hopefully useful and good luck!

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