How to create a Minecraft server in Aternos

Minecraft is one of the most important games today and creating a free server in its Java edition is one of the best ways to enjoy it with friends.

Next, you will learn how to create a Minecraft server in Aternos for free, the procedure to enter it, and some of its features.

Procedure to follow

To create a Minecraft server in this manager it is necessary to follow a series of specific, albeit simple, steps. In addition, a minimum of approximately 2 GB RAM is required.

Registration in the service

Registration in the service

The first thing to do is create an account or quickly sign in with Google. To start, go to the official Aternos page and click on “Play”, press here to be redirected to that site.

Once on the web, click on “Sign up” and proceed to fill in the requested information such as username and password. In addition, the terms and conditions must be accepted, as well as the privacy policy.

Create and activate the server

After registering on the platform, click on theCreate a server” button to start the process. On the next screen, the default address will appear, which can be modified, it is also possible to choose the edition of Minecraft that you want to host. Once the setup is complete, pressCreate”.

Now, the server has been created and you just have to pressStart“. Due to high demand, you may have to wait between 3 to 20 minutes approximately. To keep the server online, there must be at least one person connected.

modify parameters

Aternos has a series of configurations that can be modified to adapt the server to the game style desired by the participants. These parameters can be configured for free from the “Options” section in the menu on the left.

  • Gamemode or Game Mode: is where one of the 4 game modes (Survival, Adventure, Spectator and Creative) is chosen.
  • Whitelist: it is a list where the usernames are written for those players who are allowed to access the server. Any other player who is not on this Whitelist will not be able to enter to play.
  • Player Slots – Serves to limit the number of players that can enter the server. To avoid excessive “Lag”, it is advisable to place up to 10 players.
  • Difficulty: the level of difficulty that the game will have within the server is adjusted. You can choose between easy, hard, normal, and peaceful.
  • PvP – This setting activates player-to-player damage within the server.
  • Commands – Enables the use of commands that make it easier for administrators to perform tasks.
  • Allow Cracked: This option allows access to the server for those people who do not have the original Minecraft launcher and play from a cracked version.
  • Flight – Enables the ability to fly in the game using the Elytra wings and glide with a cape.
  • Nether or underworld enables or disables the dimension of the underworld or Nether on the server.
  • Villagers, Animals, and Monsters – These three options allow these types of entities to spawn on the server map.
  • Force Game Mode: If this option is enabled, the game mode cannot be changed via in-game commands.
  • Sound and Visual Resource Pack – Used to add a sound and texture pack to the game via a . ZIP file.
  • Spawn Protection – Assigns the protection number the character gains from reviving after a kill and spawning into the Spawn.

Note: The modification of these parameters can only be done while the server is disconnected or turned off. There are also other configurations that allow an improvement in the gameplay, such as the integration of MODs to the server.

How to access the server

Once the server has started, head over to the Minecraft game and create a multiplayer world. In the space that says “Add external server” enter the data of the server created in Aternos. This must be done within 6 minutes or the server will go down for non-use.

Note: it is important that the edition and version of the game that is installed match that of the server offered by Aternos.

Software to install on the server

Depending on the edition of Minecraft that is going to be used, different software can be installed that allows the improvement of certain aspects of the game.

Java Edition

The Java version has the largest amount of software that can be installed, among them are:

  • Spigot/Bukkit: allows adding plugins to the server.
  • Modpacks – Adds the ability to add a MOD that will completely change the game, increasing hours and improving the experience.
  • Forge – A plugin used to support server mods.
  • Paper/Bukkit: It has the same functionality as Spigot, but allows you to add plugins from a developer.
  • FabricGlowstone, and Magma(Mohist): this 3 software are added to implement and support different free development plugins and MODs that are present for both old and current versions.
  • Snapshot – This software allows you to install and test a beta version of the game on the server
  • Vanilla: It is the server without any additional modifications, the game is presented as it was developed by Mojang.

The bedrock for Windows 10 and PE

It has only 2 software to download and install on the server, which is Bedrock and PocketMine.

  • Bedrock: It is the original version of the game, without modifications and that is default to play.
  • PocketMine – A software that adds multiple features to control and modify the entire Minecraft server. Compatibility with plugins, implementation of MODs, control of all commands, protection, and blocking of hacks to objects and tricks within the game, among other improvements.

Atenos is a high-quality and completely free service that allows you to create a Minecraft server by following a few simple steps.

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