how to clear cache on android

how to clear cache on android phones
In every activity that we run on our Mobile phones (Phones), whether it’s when we open an application or a browser, there is one small data that will be stored in our device memory. The data is called cache.
According to the online technology dictionary Tech Terms, a cache is a store of recently used information so that it can be accessed quickly at a later time. In addition to Mobile Phone, cached data is also usually found on computers.
Through the cache , we can load applications faster or open web pages in a shorter time, if we ever open them. Computers or cellphones will combine different types of caches to run more efficiently to improve their performance.
There are at least four types of caches that are commonly known. The four consist of browser cache, disk cache, memory cache, and processor cache. Their existence is often not realized by the user because the storage is done in the background (background).
Although it can speed up performance, it turns out that there is a downside to cache, especially for Android smartphones with less storage space.
Usually caches are small, but they can build up and get large if users don’t clear them regularly. As a result, the Mobile Phone we use will feel slower than the first time we use it.
Clearing cache basically won’t interfere with any data, such as downloaded files that you store on your smartphone . You are also recommended to clear cache data periodically, it can be once a week or once a month, so that your cellphone remains in top condition.
So, how do you clear the cache on an Android smartphone so that it doesn’t slow down? You can see the following tips.

How to clear cache on Android Phone browser

To delete data in the Google Chrome browser, which is usually the default browser for Android smartphones, you can simply do the following:
  • Sign in to Chrome
  • Tap the three dots symbol at the top right
  • Select ‘History’, then tap ‘Clear browsing data’
In addition to deleting the entire data, you can also delete certain cached data in the Chrome browser for a specific period of time. You can manage that specific cache via the ‘Advanced’ option.
How to clear cache in Android browsers other than Chrome has the same procedure. Although the steps and option names may be different, you can clear cache data through ‘Settings’ in the browser and select ‘clear cache data’.

How to clear cache on Android phone memory

Not only in the browser , the cache will also be stored in general on the internal memory of your Android smartphone. To clear the cache in memory, you can follow these steps:
  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Search for ‘Storage’, then select ‘Internal Storage’
  • Select ‘Cache data’
  • Select ‘OK’ to clear cache data
For the record, your smartphone may not have an ‘Internal Storage’ option if the device you are using does not have external storage such as an SD card.
The steps to clear cache can also be slightly different for each device, considering that each Android smartphone vendor has its own interface that makes options in different settings. However, in general, you will find the option to clear cache data in the Mobile Phone ‘Storage’ or ‘Storage’ option.

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