How to Change WhatsApp Number

How to Change WhatsApp Number
Do you want to know how to change WhatsApp number? Or are you still confused about the impact of changing your WhatsApp number? So take a closer look at this article to find out what are the effects of changing no whatsapp.
Actually changing the wahtsapp number will not delete the chat and make you leave the group. The method is very easy, you just need to take a few steps to change the WhatsApp number.
The most important thing is that you have to remember the number you use and prepare a new number that must be active in order to verify the change of whatsapp number.
Changing your Wahtsapp number will not delete your WhatsApp account and data. So you don’t need to worry, all chats and contacts will not be deleted as long as the contacts are still stored on the Mobile Phone or SIM card.
WhatsApp basically has provided a feature to change WhatsApp numbers. In addition, this feature also provides the option to notify all contacts and groups that you have changed your WhatsApp number.
Or if you want to use two WhatsApp in one Android phone, or often called dual WhatsApp. You can read how to use 2 WhatsApp which has been explained here.
Note: Although how to change WhatsApp number is quite easy, but it’s a good idea for you to back up your WhatsApp chat first to avoid something unwanted.

How to Change WhatsApp Number

You can change the WhatsApp number feature directly through the WhatsApp settings menu. So, just use the original whatsapp application or your favorite whatsapp mod .
How to change WhatsApp number without deleting contacts:
  1. Open the Whatsapp application on your device.
  2. Go to Settings by tapping on the menu at the top right of the app.
  3. Tap Account then select Change Number menu.
    How to Change WhatsApp Number
  4. How to Change WhatsApp Number Without Deleting Chat
  5. A confirmation page appears, tap the CONTINUE button.
  6. You must enter the old WhatsApp number in the column above.
  7. Also enter your new WhatsApp number in the column below.
    How to Change WhatsApp Number
  8. If you have filled it out, tap the Next button.How to Change WhatsApp Number Without Deleting Contacts
  9. You will see the option whether you want to notify your contact that you changed the number.
  10. Finally, tap the Done button.
Now after that you have to verify through the code that will be sent to the sms on your new number. That’s the reason why you have to use a new, active number in order to receive a verification code from WhatsApp.
After the verification process is successful, it is certain that the WhatsApp number has changed, very easy, right? Now you can use WhatsApp as usual.
Changing the whatsapp number with the guide above will not delete WhatsApp data such as chats, photos, videos or files that have been stored on Mobile phones that come from contacts sent or from you.
Then what are the effects if you have applied how to change your Whatsapp number through the guide above? Here’s a review of the questions that are often asked by most people.

What are the Impacts of Changing WhatsApp Numbers?

1. When you have successfully changed your whatsapp number, the contact you have blocked will reopen the blocking status. But you don’t need to worry, all numbers that have been blocked will not know that you have changed your WhatsApp number. In addition, you can still block the number again if needed.
2. Some people are worried about changing Whatsapp numbers for fear of leaving the group on Whatsapp. But actually you are still in the group and the whatsapp group will have no effect if you change the whatsapp number using the guide above.
3. Besides being afraid of leaving the group, some people think that changing no WhatsApp results in losing contact. But the fact is that contact numbers will still be stored safely if your contacts are stored in phone storage or external memory.
4. You can also return the new Whatsapp number back to the old number freely at any time. However, with the provision that the old number must still be active because SMS verification will be required.
5. Contacts who sent Whatsapp messages on your old number will not be sent to the new WhatsApp number. So your friends have to save your new number to be able to send messages on Whatsapp.
6. It is the same as if someone will call your old WhatsApp number. If someone calls your old WhatsApp number, it will automatically be transferred to a regular phone call.


So how to change the whatsapp number from the guide above will have no effect on chats, files, photos, and videos, and groups. Even if you’re a group admin, you don’t have to worry about your group, because it won’t have any effect.
Meanwhile, if people want to contact you via Whatsapp, they have to call you on the new number. So, it is highly recommended to activate the notification option to change whatsapp number to your contact list so that they can easily find out your new WhatsApp number.

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