how to change phone number on instagram

how to change phone number on instagram

Changing the phone number is one solution to ensure that our Instagram account remains safe. The phone number itself serves to verify personal identity because everyone has a different phone number.

For that, it is expected to ensure that the phone number on our Instagram account remains active to receive SMS if we need a password reset when we forget our email, username and password.

I myself often forget the password I used last time on Instagram, considering that I don’t only have 1 account but more than 10 Instagram accounts for business purposes.

So not infrequently I often use my phone number as an alternative to restore my account so I can still log in as usual.

Not long ago my phone number could no longer be used for several reasons such as my phone was lost, my phone number had expired, and also my phone number was damaged.

Therefore, I immediately changed my phone number on all social media accounts such as Google, Facebook, and including Instagram accounts.

But if your phone number is lost, damaged, or no longer active. Here I will explain 2 methods of changing the phone number on Instagram, both with an account that can still login or without logging in.

So for those of you who have the same problem as me, please follow the tutorial on how to change your phone number on Instagram with an account that can still login and also without a login, which Techpk summarized below.

How to Change Mobile Number on Instagram

Now we will try to change the phone number on the Instagram account in a very easy way.

Reset Instagram Password via Email

For Instagram itself, it’s actually not just a phone number. But most people enter / log in only using a phone number even though in our account there is already an email.

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So we can use email here as a substitute to be able to login first to our Instagram account. Then after logging in then we change our phone number.

Here’s how to reset Instagram password with Gmail:

  1. Enter Instagram Password Reset
  2. Fill in the Email that you have registered with Instagram
  3. Then open your email in Gmail.
  4. After that, check your inbox or message and follow the link or enter the verification code that has been sent by Instagram.

This method has proven to be successful in overcoming the problem of many people who want to change their phone number without logging in because they cannot login.

Finally, you can change your phone number according to the first method I described above.

Contacting Instagram

If the problem is not resolved, the solution I provide is to contact Instagram via the form provided.