how to breed horses in minecraft

how to breed horses in minecraft

In Minecraft how to breed horses in minecraft, horses are useful for players to travel around in the game. Naturally, it would be up to the players to come up with a horse breeding program, in case something happens to their horse during their travels. Even though players will see a fair amount of horses roaming around, having an in-house breeding program is always fine. It can serve as a backup for players interested in starting their horse ranch.

Horse breeding also has advantages as well. It can be used to improve horse stats to breed better performing horses. Horses can take greater damage, run faster, and jump higher if raised properly. Whatever the reason players choose to breed their horses, there are certain requirements to keep in mind. We will help Minecraft players to breed horses in this guide.

Where to find horses to breed?

Where to find horses to breed

To breed horses, you first have to find them. Horses can be seen in herds, of two or six, and are usually found in any of the following places:

Savannas BiomesPlains BiomesVillage Stables


It is not mandatory for every village to have a stable.

Because of this, players may take some time to locate horse herds depending on where they are and the player’s world seed structure. Horses come in many different colors such as white, grey, chestnut, brown and each with some unique markings. In addition to the savannah biomes and the plains biomes, horses can also be found in the stables in the village. Unlike the open field, players will have to steal one from a village.

Create A Horse in minecraft

how to breed horses in minecraft

If you want to breed more horses than you’ll need two horses to be the parents. Any two horses will do it doesn’t matter what color they are, unless you’re trying to obtain a specific color with the foal.

The only exception to this are Skeleton Horses and Zombie Horses. Neither of these variants are capable of being fed so they cannot breed whatsoever. The only way to obtain more of these horses is to use a spawn egg or find Skeleton horses in the wild.

What is needed to raise horses?

To successfully breed horses, players need the correct specific food resources. For this, having two golden apples or golden carrots will suffice. Players can get apples through random drops from any Oaktree, while carrots come through drops from zombies or farms.

The apple or carrot can then be combined with eight gold bars or gold nuggets to get their corresponding gold counterpart.

how to breed horses in minecraft

Two horses are needed as parents to breed new horses. All kinds of horses will mix with each other without a problem. If players are trying to get a foal with a specific color, then they would need to have the same colored horses as the parents. It is important to note that only sizeable horses can be bred. This means that players must find horses that can be tamed in order to breed them, so a wild horse cannot breed with a tame horse and vice versa. However, the newly bred foal will be wild and must be tamed at the right time.

  1. There are two exceptions to this:
  2. Skeleton HorsesZombie Horses

These horses cannot be fed, so they cannot be used for breeding purposes. If players really want to get more of these horses, they will simply have to find them by wandering around in the wild or use a spawn egg.

Additionally, horses can also be bred with donkeys to make a mule. The mule’s performance stats are anywhere between horse and donkey in terms of load and mobility. This makes mules one of the best mobs in the game to tame. The procedure to raise a mule is the same as a foal. Have a horse and a donkey in a paddock and feed them a golden apple or a golden carrot.

Use The Food in Minecraft

Use The Food in Minecraft

When you have two horses in the paddock, or a horse and a donkey if breeding for a mule, then make sure you have either two Golden Apples or two Golden Carrots and feed them to each horse. You simply need to have the food item equipped and trigger the desired animal.

You’ll know you did this properly when hearts appear above the animal. Do this to the other horse and it should also have hearts, when two horses have hearts above them they’ll enter Love Mode and the breeding will commence.

love mode in minecraft

love mode in minecraft

Once the horse-horse or horse-mule is fed its golden apples or golden carrots, players will notice hearts forming on the animal. When both animals have them, they will activate Love Mode. Voila! Breeding has started. In Love mode, horses only need to be within 8 blocks of each other before they can search for each other. Therefore, it is easier if they are kept in some type of pen with fencing to restrict their movement.

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The Love Mode trance only lasts 30 seconds, and then the horses will return to their original state if they haven’t searched for each other by then. If that happens, players will have to re-feed them to start Love Mode again with the golden apples or golden carrots.

Ponies in Minecraft

Once this is done, the horses will kiss and the foal will spawn. This marks the playback process as complete. After a successful breeding session, the parent horses or mules need a 5 minute cool down period before they can breed again. Within these 5 minutes, they will not re-enter Love Mode, regardless of what is given to them.

Players are advised to have multiple horses or mules to achieve a higher breeding rate. As soon as the foal is spawned, it will reach adulthood within 20 minutes. If the foal is fed sugar, apples, or wheat, it will reduce the time period by 10% for each food resource. Once they mature, players can tame, breed, and ride them. Foals can be fed until their maturity timer has dropped to a couple of seconds or proceed to be fed until adulthood. It is easier for players to have a fairly adequate sugar or wheat farm to speed up the ripening process.

As mentioned above, if players want foals of specific colors, then their parents must also be the same color. But this method does not always guarantee the desired results. It is reported that there is a 17.78% chance that the foal is actually the same color and performs similarly to the parents or a combination of both.

It is better to have large breeding operations and have multiple foals with different colors and speeds to get the desired results. Having a large sugar or wheat farm will make this process much easier, and players will be able to have their horse ranch in Minecraft.

There you go. Everything players need to know about horse and mule breeding in Minecraft. We hope this guide has helped you.

There you go. Everything players need to know about horse and mule breeding in Minecraft. We hope this guide has helped you.