how to add location on instagram bio

how to add location on instagram bio

Don’t you know how to add location on instagram bio? No need to worry, because to create an address on Instagram is actually quite easy.

Quite a lot of Instagram users are curious about how to make an address or location on their Instagram profile bio. The reason is, adding a location in the Instagram bio also has several benefits.

Besides being able to beautify the appearance of the Instagram bio because it displays the address. You can also create the address or location of your place of business so that you can develop your place of business.

Because as is well known, Instagram has now become a medium for marketing products. You can start a business or sell online just by using an Instagram account.

Creating a business Instagram account by adding a location address in the Instagram bio will also make your place of business look more professional.

So, there is no other reason not to add a location or address to your Instagram account. Here are some steps to create an address or location in your Instagram bio.

how to add location on instagram bio

To be able to add a location in the Instagram bio, you must use the Instagram mobile application, both on Android and iOS. Also make sure that the Instagram application is on the latest version.

Here’s how to add a location address on Instagram:

  1. Run the Instagram app on your mobile phone.
  2. Go to the Instagram profile then enter the Settings menu.
  3. Next you have to select the Account menu.
  4. Scroll down and tap the Switch to Professional Account option.
  5. Select in the Business section, then tap the Continue button.
How to Add Location on Instagram Bio
  1. Determine the category or type of your business.
  2. Then add your Location and fill in the Business address section as you wish.
  3. The last step, connect Instagram to Facebook. Or you can skip it by hitting the Don’t Connect to Facebook Now option.
How to Add Location in Instagram Bio
  1. Done.

Done, now your Instagram account has shown the location in the bio section of the Instagram profile. You can also change it through the edit profile menu.

Location in Instagram Bio Not Appearing

After you’ve followed the guide on how to add a location in the Instagram bio above, the location hasn’t appeared yet. That means you haven’t enabled it in the profile view section.

Here’s how to do it:

Location in Instagram Bio Not Appearing
  • First go to your Instagram profile page.
  • Then hit the Edit Profile button.
  • Then tap the Contact Options menu.
  • Enable the Show contact info option.
  • Tap the tick icon in the top corner to save.
  • Done.

Now the location of the Instagram business account has been confirmed to appear in your Instagram bio. If you want to hide it, just turn the option off again.

The advantage of the location feature on Instagram is that when someone tries to press the location, they will automatically be directed to the maps application.

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This is quite useful for those of you who want to develop a business place through Instagram. Because by adding a location in the Instagram bio, people will find it easier to find the location address.

So many articles on how to add location on instagram bio. Hopefully this article can add to your insight regarding the use of Instagram features. Good luck!

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