Free SSL VS Paid SSL, Which is Better?

Free SSL VS Paid SSL, Which is Better?
SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer is a cutting-edge security technology. In this technology, there is communication between a web server and a web browser that has been encrypted properly. There are two types of SSL, namely free or paid SSL.
When your website uses SSL, the website will be protected and protected from theft of data or files by hackers . Free SSL called Lets Encrypt. The function itself is almost the same as paid SSL such as Positive SSL, Comodo SSL, and others.

Difference between Free or Paid SSL

Free SSL VS Paid SSL, Which is Better?
Even though they have almost the same functionality, free and paid SSL have many differences if you look further. Here are some differences between the two that you need to know:

1. Compatibility side

In terms of compatibility, free SSL does not support older or unknown browser types . If you insist on using the browser , it will cause many problems, for example, such as Secure Connection Failed , SSL unreadable, or Connection is Untrusted .
Unlike free SSL, paid SSL actually has a very high browser compatibility level or above 99%, so there will be no SSL error problems in browsing . Apart from that, paid SSL also supports all types of browsers without exception.

2. Type of SSL

Free SSL only has one type of SSL, namely Let’s encrypt , while paid SSL offers several types of SSL. Starting from the Domain Validation Certificate , Extended Validation Certificate , and Organization Validated Certificate .

3. Validity Period

The free SSL validity period is only 90 days, while the paid SSL is valid for 1 year or a maximum of 2 years. When they expire, you have to do Reissue SSL or reissue. If not, the HTTPS of your website will be converted by the system to normal HTTP without any security system.

4. SSL Issuance or Activation Process

The free SSL issuance process can take 30 minutes to an hour without configuration issues. If you are having trouble configuring your domain name, configuring a DNS CAA record , or configuring a DNS server , the SSL issuance process may take longer.
Unlike free SSL, paid SSL is quite fast during the SSL issuance process, or about 5 to 10 minutes, especially for the Domain Validated Certificate type .

5. Security Insurance

Free SSL does not have security insurance, so there is no compensation if you experience loss or leakage of data, while paid SSL can cover compensation in the event of a data leak. The compensation amounts start at $ 10,000.

Benefits of Paid SSL

Free SSL VS Paid SSL, Which is Better?
Based on some of the differences between the previous free or paid SSL, here are some of the advantages of paid SSL:
  • Browser compatibility rate is above 99%.
  • Free to use all types of browsers without exception.
  • Has a type of SSL which tends to be very complete.
  • The validity period is from one to two years.
  • The publishing process tends to be faster, ranging from 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Get compensation starting as low as $ 10,000 at the time of the data leak.

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