[Emui Themes ] Peli Huawei theme for Emui 10 / 10.1 Emui11

Peli Huawei theme | Peli Emui theme For emui 10 / 10.1 emui11

Peli Huawei theme for Emui 10 / 10.1 Emui11
Hi Emui Themes Lovers.. 
Today I am going to share Peli Emui theme For EMUI Themes, for Huawei Honor Device. So get EMUI Themes now on your Honor Device without waste any time. Download Tonton Friends.hwt The theme for EMUI Theme. There are many changes in this theme. If you’re using a Huawei Honor Mobile, 
Huawei Honor emui is known for its customization ability in which you can use any EMUI Theme to change the look of your Huawei Honor Device anytime you wish. Today I’m going to share a very attractive and delightful EMUI theme for your Huawei Honor device.
EMUI PREMIUM Theme is a pleasing theme that comes with a completely new design and style that will astonish you. This EMUI theme features a very clean and decent layout throughout your device. The icons are amazing, the notification panel looks beautiful with a completely new status bar, Settings look better and other EMUI apps like Phone, Messages, File manager, 
Contacts and Volume panels have a similar layout which makes this theme more premium. This Huawei theme is completely free to use and you can easily download it on your Huawei Honor device,
All Theme Based On EMUI 11 Emui 10 Emui 10.1 & EMUI 9.1 Who wants to decorate his device with an Awesome layout and style.

  1. This EMUI 11 / 10 & Magic Ui Huawei Honor theme contains:
  2. Huawei lock screen
  3. EMUI 10.1, EMUI 11 New Icons
  4. All-New EMUI System Ui
  5.   and many more
  6. Minimal Design Wallpaper
  7. Huawei Settings Icons
  8. *Huawei Messages Icons
  9. New Mimicry and multi clock
  10. The Negative Screen Control Menu
  11. Charging Effects
  12. Quick App
  13. Dark Animation Lockscreen style
  14. Best Dark EMUI
  15. Dynamic Lockscreen Wallpaper
Theme Information 
Name: Peli EMUI 11 / 10/10.1 Theme
Format: Hwt, Huawei Theme
Designer: unknown
Compatibility: EMUI 11.0, EMUI 10.1, EMUI 10
Internet Connection Required to Open the Programme.
 Now it supports the Huawei EMUI 10/11 MagicUi2.1 version Please check your EMUI version before proceeding to Download{alertWarning}
The above theme is designed for Huawei EMUI11 9/10/Magic Ui 2.1, Please check your device EMUI version before installing it on your device
Some contents will not be visible on the Huawei EMUI 9/10/MagicUi 2.1 running device due to the latest updates, this update breaks some of the features of the theme

Peli Huawei theme for Emui 10 / 10.1 Emui11

Peli Huawei theme for Emui 10 / 10.1 Emui11

Peli Huawei theme for Emui 10 / 10.1 Emui11


Note: After Downloading File From Mediafire Rename the: Theme_name.hwt.zip To Theme_name.hwt, Just Delete (.Zip) Theme Size : 22.52MB You can download the Theme by clicking below on Download Button

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