[Emui Themes] Gravity Sensing Clocks HUAWEI Theme For EMUI 10 EMUI 10.01| EMUI 11 Theme

Gravity Sensing Clocks HUAWEI Theme For EMUI 10 EMUI 10.01| EMUI 11 Theme

Gravity Sensing Clocks Theme For Emui 10. Emui 9.1 Emui 10.1 & Magic Ui

This is a Best Theme for third party theme lovers The colors backgrounds LockScreen and icons of this theme are So amazing And Beautiful, 
This Emui10 EMUI 10.1 theme is made for Huawei & Honor mobile phones It can be easily installed on all mobile phones running Emui10. 10.1 Emui9.1 & Magic Ui

What’s New in this Emui 11 theme?

In this theme you will find 150 new icons With A new Style Dynamic lock screen New Pont Style New wallpapers & volume buttons Colorful dialer Settings Menu calculator itc….
What’s Modified In Gravity Sensing Clocks Emui Theme For Emui10 Emui11/10.1 & Mag Ui,
  • Icons Lockscreen
  • Notification Panel
  • Settings
  • Filemanager
  • Dialer
  • Contacts
  • Messaging
  • Homescrern
  • Gallery
  • FONT.style
  • Calculator
  • Contacts
Previews Of Gravity Sensing Clocks Emui11 Emui10/10.1 & Magic Ui Theme.
Gravity Sensing Clocks HUAWEI Theme For EMUI 10 EMUI 10.01| EMUI 11 Theme

Gravity Sensing Clocks HUAWEI Theme For EMUI 10 EMUI 10.01| EMUI 11 Theme

About Gravity Theme
Theme Name: Gravity Sensing Clocks.
Size : 50.41.MB
Compatibility : Huawei Honor. Emui11 Emui 10. Emui 10.1 & Magic Ui,
You can download the Gravity Theme by clicking below on ‘Download Button 👇’

Note: Internet Connection Required to Open the Programme. Now it supports the Huawei EMUI 10/11 MagicUi2.1 version Please check your EMUI version before proceeding to Download How to Fix Common issues? Battery issue? Restart your device{alertWarning}

Guide to install .hwt EMUI Themes on EMUI Huawei-Honor phones

1. Firstly, you need to download a third-party theme which you want to install on your Huawei / Honor phone. Make sure the theme file is in .hwt format.
2. Once done with download, you need to transfer the same file to device internal storage under “THEMES” folder.
3. Next, come back to app drawer and launch Huawei Themes App.
4. Go to “Me” section of the Theme app. Here you will find .hwt theme file which you have downloaded and save it to internal storage.
5. Simply, select the theme and tap on ‘Apply’. This will start applying the theme. 6. Once done, you need to restart your device for the theme to take full effect.
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