Don’t wait, iPhone will never have screen fingerprints (iPhone 13 fingerprints)

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From entry-level 30$ phones to top flagships, screen fingerprint unlocking has become standard in all price ranges in the Android market. But this technology is unattainable for IPhone fans. “The next generation of iPhone will use under-screen fingerprint unlocking technology” has been circulating since the release of iPhone X, and it has not appeared until today. With the exposure of the detailed information of the iPhone 13 series, Apple fans finally understand that they will pass the screen fingerprint again, and pin their expectations on the more changing 2022 iPhone.
Iphone 13 screen fingerprints
But is there really an iPhone unlocked by screen fingerprints? The answer may be no.
Apple is not completely without the idea of ​​adding screen fingerprints to the iPhone. As early as 2014, Apple started the patented technology reserve for screen fingerprint unlocking. A number of Touch ID patents appeared frequently. Apple even tested Touch ID on this year’s iPhone 13 series models, but finally gave up the use in iPhone 13 The technology. And this abandonment seems to mean forever, Touch ID may never return to the flagship iPhone, Apple will continue to focus on improving its Face ID technology.
Iphone 13 screen fingerprints
A few years ago, the highly anticipated iPhoneX was released, bringing not only Liu Haiping, but also a brand-new technology-Face ID. At that time, Apple positioned Face ID as the technology for the next ten years. Even if you don’t give up Touch ID, the minimum standard is that the two unlocking methods are parallel. It is impossible to give up Face ID because of Touch ID. This is why Apple is so obsessed with bangs.
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In the future, there will be two main ways to unlock the iPhone: one is to use the existing Face ID in Apple’s mid-to-low-end models, and the other is to use the under-screen Face ID in high-end models.
Iphone 13 face id
But Touch ID has been researched for so long, so naturally it cannot be discarded directly. Although there is a high probability that it will not appear on the flagship digital series iPhone, we can still look forward to its appearance on iPhone SE, iPad mini and other models. Touch ID and Face ID have their own advantages and disadvantages, and users’ evaluations seem to be different. So which unlocking method do you prefer?
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