Different ways to convert PDF files into other formats

If you want to convert PDF files to other formats, here we will tell you all about how you can convert PDF files into other formats. In the past, it wasn’t easy to convert PDF files to other formats, but today you can easily do it with the help of online tools and technology.

Different ways to convert PDF files into other formats

PDF is the portable document format commonly used today for the presentation and sharing of all kinds of documents. PDF is famous because it is portable and can be used on all kinds of devices and platforms. PDF is a universal format that is being used all across the globe today. But you must know that if you want to edit a PDF file, you would have to change it in text or word format. Today there are many situations where you would have to convert PDF files to other formats. We would not get into the details of these reasons; instead, we would tell you about the different ways to convert PDF to other formats.

Different ways to change a PDF file to other formats 

Here we have discussed some helpful ways that can help you change PDF to other formats.

Use Adobe Acrobat for PDF editing and conversions 

Adobe acrobat is a very powerful platform that can help you manipulate PDF files. Here you should know that the tools offered by adobe are reliable because this is the very platform that came up with the idea of PDF format. So it is only understandable that you would get all PDF-related services from adobe. The conversion process is quite simple, and you don’t need to be an expert in using adobe to make any conversions.


To convert a PDF file, you need to open it with adobe. After opening the PDF file with Adobe, you need to click on the ‘export PDF’ button that you would easily find in the right pane. You would see different options in which you can export the file. You would find some common options are MS word, PPT, HTML web page, image, and even excel spreadsheet. You can find many more format options on adobe. You need to select your desired output format and click on the ‘export’ button. Adobe would complete the conversion in less than seconds. 

Use PDF converter mobile applications

Many PDF Converter & editor applications are available on Google play or the application store of your iOS devices. These PDF converter apps can help you change the format of your PDF files on your mobile phones. If you are looking for a simple and free solution to convert PDF files on your portable devices, you need to use the online PDF file converter apps. Today you can find hundreds of PDF converter apps that would provide you free access to dozens of PDF conversion and other manipulation tools.

You need to install the best PDF converter app on your mobile and upload the PDF files. After uploading the PDF file in the app, you need to select the output format and tap convert. The application would change the PDF files in your favorite formats in less than seconds. Mobile PDF converter apps also allow you to change other file formats to PDF for free!

Use online-based free PDF converters

To convert PDF files to other formats with Adobe, you have to install the software program on your desktop system. If you don’t want to install any additional software on your device, the alternate route is to use the online PDF file converter tools. Today, many websites offer third-party tools that can help you change PDF files to your desired formats.


Online PDF converter tools are very easy to use, and the best thing about using them is that they are free. You need an internet connection and your browser to help you through the conversion. You can find dozens of credible sites like ease PDF, candy PDF, duplichecker.com, and many other sites which would provide you with free conversion tools. You need to open the tool, which can change the PDF file in your desired format, for instance, PDF to word; after entering the file in the tool, you just need to click on the ‘convert’ button and wait for the results. You would get the new file format in less than a minute. The best thing about using online PDF converter tools is that they don’t tamper with the quality of your documents.

End words

These are the top three helpful ways of changing your PDF files to other formats and vice versa. Using any of the above-listed methods, you can convert PDF and manipulate its contents according to your requirements. All three ways are free and easy to execute for all kinds of users!

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